Monday, July 30, 2007

Nordica Olympia Beast 10

Nordica brings this boot back for yet another season. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it", definately applies to this boot. Ehen I first heard that Nordica was going to name a womens performance boot the "BEAST", I thought no woman in her right mind would want it. Chalk one up for Nordica. They were right on this one. Again coming with the BOOSTER strap, and the comfort fit liner, this boots fit is amazing. This years blue translucent polyether shell is also a nice touch to a well fitting performance boot.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Lib technologies Skate Banana MTX

Go bananas-b-a-n-a-n-a-s. Lib is constantly pushing the boundries of snowboarding, and they have now created the Skate Banana Magne traction. Banana Technology replaces camber with rocker "banana" Between your feet. When you stand on this board, pressure is applied inward to the edge area at and between your feet as your weight presses out the rocker. Magne traction improves the edge hold on this board. Impress your friends with a bright yellow board that butters like no other, and at only $430, you can still have some money to buy a lift ticket. Visit Lib's home page for more info.

Bonfire Mens Volt Jacket

The Bonfire bolt jacket is shown here in what we like to call the "salt and pepper" colorway. This was Alpines number one selling jacket last year at under $150. Bonfire is salomon snowboards clothing line. Great fabrics and great colors are what drive this brand. The volt jacket comes 7,000 mm waterproof and critically seam sealed. Hoodside toasters to keep the ears warm with the hood on, and Velcro pass pockets are some of the cool features incorporated into this piece. Be on the lookout for more great colors in this jacket.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Gnu 11-Up Magnetraction Snowboard

Big footed fellows need boards too. That is the Mantra behind the 11-up. Coming with Magne-traction, this deck is seriously off the charts. With a geat freeride flex, this deck can do it all. Whether it's hitting the steeps or playing around in the park, the 11-up will not disappoint. Comes in 3 great sizes (158,162,166). This years graphic has a matte grey finish and a simple design anyone can love. Alpine does have 1-162 in a black gloss finish. Only a few of this colorway were made.

Burton Element jacket 3D print

New Burton Element Jacket. This is the color 3D print true black. Truly an amazing looking jacket, and at only $170, it's easily within reach. 5,000 mm waterproofing, mesh lined pit zips, and critically taped seams. Brown pants would look great with this jacket. Amanda recommends orange or lime green pants. I can't disagree with her. Check out the hit on the sleeve.

Nike Air Max 90 Premium Urbano Cactus

New Nike Air Max 90 PREMIUM. Colorway is nick named the "Urbano Cactus." I don't know what this means, but the shoe is wicked cool. I have a soft spot in my heart for 90's. They are so comfortable and they always bring the hotness with all of their great colorways. Officially this is marine/bright cactus-metallic silver. Style#316357 color 431. Size run of 9-12 in stock now

Nike SB Blazer Premium Vanilla Ice

The Blazer Premium "Vanilla Ice". Part of the Fallen heroes pack and here at Alpine. Sizes 6.5-13 now in stock. This shoe has style written all over it. Old vintage style with SB flare. Style #314070 color 641.

Nike SB Pee Wee Herman Dunk High

The "Pee Wee Herman", is the latest addition to Alpines Fallen Hero Collection. This classic colorway goes a long way. Notice the red bow tie nike label. The footbed also ahs a great pic of pee wee sitting alone in a movie theater. Style #305050 color 004.

Nike SB Milli Vanilli Dunk

Dubbed the "Milli Vanilli", this SB dunk is part of the "Fallen Heroes" pack. Nike is notorious for making great packs, and this shoe is no exception. The Dreadlock laces this shoe comes with are great. Back up laces are crimson and the tongue holds a music logo instead of saying SB. This shoe dropped in February of 07. 304292 color 602.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Gnu Danny Kass Magne-Traction

The Vertigo series comes back again this season. Orange topsheet with an orange Magnetraction induced sidewall. This board is twin tip perfection. Danny likes the altered genetics AG 2 core, and he puts GNU's fastest sintered 9900 base on this deck. Definately a show stopper. This deck is sick.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Ride EX Binding 08

Ride's Famous EX binding is now available in 2 great colorways. Shown here in black, and also available in sand/black. This Binder packs a lot of features into a small price tag. Comes with Aluminum ratchets, Cushy ankle strap, Ultra light highback, Adjustable toe ramps, and a convertable toe strap. At only $149.95, this binding can do it all.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Dakine Super Tune Pack

Sick of trying to find everything you need to tune your skis or board. Now you can have it all and find it quickly. The Dakine Super tune kit is the answer. This large multi pocket case comes with:
-Adjustable temp tuning iron
-Edge tuning tool
-10" file
-Wire file cleaning brush
-Metal scraper
-10" wax scraper
-Pocket stone
-2 sticks of p-tex
-Scotchbrite pad
-Tuning tips booklet
This is a great gift for the skiier or snowboarder in the family.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Nike SB Premium Snakeskin

New Drop Today. Nike SB Dunk Premium. Style #313170 color 701. The red and yellow on this shoe is an amazing snakeskin. Midsole is a cream colorway and the sole is black. Back up laces are bright yellow. Colorway on box is Bright Golden rod/ Black. This shoe is sure to go quick. We were lucky to receive 30 pairs of these today.

Undercover Wheels

Alpine is proud to welcome Undercover Wheels to the Shop. Four different Flavors are Now available. The Richie Eisler 49 mm grind wheel. These remind me of the old Roadhouse wheels. Carlos Pia's 56mm Death wheel-Daniel Prell 56mm and Victor Arias -57mm. All wheels come with a cool mousepad except for the Eislers. They come with a dvd. Wheels are priced great at $26 a set. Hurry in Because we were only able to grab 2 sets of each wheel.

USD Sean Kelso Throne

After Months of waiting, The Kelso's are finally in. Only 300 pair made it into the country, so these are extremely limited. The new Kizer frame is super beefy. It is one of the strangest frames I have ever seen. It is a mix of alluminum and Plastic. The wheels are Genre and it has the Sifika "Pump Me Up" liner. It also has a cool cloth wrap going around the laces which gives it more of a shoe look. 5 pair in stock and good sizes. Hurry in.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Ogio Plaza Back Packs

Ogio Plaza back packs. Great pack at a great price. Come with: -Skateboard carry straps -Dual padded zipper pockets -Fleece lined top drop in audio pocket -Organizer panel $40 retail for the prints and $50 for the hemp pack.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Nike SB Dunk Mocha

This SB Dunk dropped in January of 07. Style 304292 color 229. Dark Mocha/Tweed colorway. Alpine has a full size run of these. The SB dunk, in my opinion, is one of the most comfortable shoes you can buy. This is a great staple color which goes with most anything.

Ground Control Feather Frames

Ground Control does it again with their new feather frame. Ultra lightweight. this is the lightest and least expensive frames on the market. At only $45, you can't go wrong. Haffey endorsed, this is the first new frame from Ground control in a long while.

Nike SB Dunk "Old Spice"

Part of the "gentlemans pack". Dubbed the "Old Spice", this shoe looks great. Comes with back-up blue laces that match the toe box of this shoe. Style #304292-Color 272. Full size run in stock today.

Air Max 90 Leather Red

Nike Air Max 90 Leather. Style # 302519 color 103. The Air max 90 is a great shoe with mad comfort. This colorway goes great with pretty much everything. We know this colorway had been seen a lot of places, but we are suckers for the air max 90. This is shoe is a workhorse, and it's comfort and style is unmatched.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Nike SB Dunk Puff N Stuff

This Nike SB premium Dunk dropped last fall. After some digging in the Nike warehouse, a few pair arrived on Alpines doorstep. Style#313170 color #341, This shoe is dubbed the Puff-n-stuff. If you missed this shoe when it dropped, now is the time to come pick one up. Like fine wine, SB dunks only seem to get higher and higher in price as they age.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Nike SB P Rod 2 "J" Rod

I am a sucker for the cement print Nike puts out. This shoe is just incredible. Could it look more like a Jordan? I think not. Alpine is happy to say that 27 pairs of these arrived today, and they are being gobbled up faster than you say, "parcheesi." This shoe is not only great looking, it is wicked comfortable. Nike knows how to put a sick shoe together.