Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ride DFC Delta Movement

What you see is what you get ... no gym-sock bulge and no gimmicks. Delivering the ultimate in freestyle performance, the minimalist Delta removes all unnecessary materials for an ultra-light binding that offers super mobility and flex in every direction. This binding is super sick and super limited. Check out ride's DFC site for info on DFC product.

Ride Delta Movement

New Ride Delta Movement in The sunburst red colorway. This binding is simply fantabulous. Yes, I did just make that word up, but it is the truth. In the mobility line of bindings, it comes in 3 sizes. This is because of the new,lighter weight baseplates. Comes with the new and improved ultralight quick draw ratchets, and the landlite footbed for even more comfort than before. The minimalistic design of this binding has removed all unnecessary materials and it offers super mobility and flex in every direction. Check out ridesnowboards.com for info on these and other great binders.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Anon Realm Goggle

Alpine is proud to now carry Anon Goggles. Burton's goggle division is in stock and they look great. The REALM has spheric lens technology which is all the rage. Wicked comfortable and super rad looking, these are definite standouts on the hill. Check out anonoptics.com for more info.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Burton Mens Esquire Jacket

Burton's new Esquire jacket looks good. This colorway,True Black, has some great pinstripes. This can work with black,grey, and even white pants. The jacket is fully seam sealed and 10,000 mm waterproof. An extremely functional jacket at $200. New Anon goggles are adorning my face. The model is the Helix, and that amazing color is green. We love the Helix goggle at Alpine because it is super comfortable, it looks great, and it is only $50. Yes we also carry it in black, but come on. The green colorway is sick.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Fischer RX Pure Heat

Fischer doesn't just make nuts, they make sick skis. Sure their marketing sucks, but they still know what they're doing when it comes to making airplane parts and skis. They are dubbing the heat line,"RX on Steroids." Well, we all know that steroids aren't so good and can make you small in certain manly areas. So Alpine prefers to Dub these, "The first good looking skis Fischer has put out in a while." That being said, These heat skis ski well too. This ski is 72 under foot with a 14 meter turn Radius. Pretty much a do everything, go anywhere, all encompassing intermediate ski...Whew. That's a lot of words. It is coming with A FS 10 Railflex Binding with a DIN of 3-10.

Nordica Speed Machine 8 Mens

The Speed Machine 8 was overlooked by Alpine last season, and I am still kicking myself. This boots fit is incredible. It has a flex index of 100, Full micro- adjustable buckles, a big beefy power strap, and the salt and pepper colorway is great. This is a perfect mid to upper level performance boot. Treat your feet right this ski season. Boots do not have to be uncomfortable, and Nordica definitely proves that with this speed machine.

Salomon Falcon 9

Salomon Falcon 9 is back in stock. This boot sold out extremely fast last season. Its fit is on the narrow side and it has performance that is through the roof. It has an ultra light shell and a wicked comfortable liner. Last year, Salomon was sold out of these boots by early November. We doubled our order from last year to keep up with the demand. If you hav a narrow foot and crave a performance boot, this is the one for you!
Its performance last offers optimal driving precision along with the reinforced energyzer that provides a more progressive and responsive flex. The Falcon has all new features such as second skin shell, second skin last, sensitive liber, reinforced energyzer, and spaceframe shell profile.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

New Creature skateboards

Again with the green. We can't get enough creature wood in this store. The new cab board is sweet, especially at 8.26. I put the Strubing in the pic even though it is a Santa Cruz. It's green and amazing. All hail Rob Roscopp.

Ride DFC Deuce

Ride has a new DFC edition boot this season for men, and it is the Deuce. Call me a sucker for Kelly green, but I love this boot. It has a great fur lined upper and the inner liner is made of Body Active Foam. Ride says "no oven needed, the boot forms naturally with body heat. We tried this on, and the more you wear this boot, the more comfortable it gets. This, of course, is a limited edition boot. Grab them while you can.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Spyder Mini Challenger Jacket

What kid doesn't want to be rocking out this winter in Spyder apparel. These guys are loving the new Mini challenger jacket. Alpine is carrying this jacket for kids in both the blue and red colorways. Matching pants are also available for these ensembles. These jackets have the hidden stitch, so the hem on the arm can be lengthened. Great for getting 2 seasons out of these great jackets.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Razors G6

The Razors Genesys 6 dropped in store today. New colorway with black soul plates and Razors black frames. The light grey boot is easily "dye" able, and it comes with 56mm-90a razors wheels. Razors continues to bring out a new Genesys skate every 3 months. Look for a new boot design to come out in the coming months. For those of you that remember the the old Shima boot (cult boot with a soft top), Razors will be bringing that back in October.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Nike MF Doom

Yes, we got 1 pair of these shoes in today. It is a size 11. I was going to keep it for myself, but I am sure there is someone out there who would love this more than me. Give us a call if you would like them. They should be gone pretty quick. This shoe is super rad and it is definitely 1 of a kind in the Sneakerhead world.

Ride Havoc

New 2008 ride Havoc. This is dubbed the versatile do everything deck in the line. It is coming with Rides new 90a slimewall construction. It can handle both freeriding and Freestyle riding and at only $400 bucks, it is a great bargain. Check out Ridesnowboards.com for more info on this and other great decks.

Ride Englewood Insulated Jacket

Tyler is shown here modeling Rides newest Englewood parka. The color is called grey window pane. Alpine has the matching pants for the "kit", or you can play it safe with a pair of black cargos. It has an attached hood, 5,000 mm waterproofing and fleece cuffs for added comfort. Ride does it again this season with the complete package of hard goods and soft goods.

Flow Rival Boa Boot

Flow's new Rival Boa is in stock, and the fit is right on. The Rival has an Internal lacing harness, heat moldable liner, and of course the infamous Boa lacing system. Flow boots have come a long way, and they match up perfect with Flow Bindings. Price tag on this boot is only $165.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Palmer Snowboard Sales Contest Winner

Yes, Palmer snowboards held a sales contest and Alpine Ski Shop's own Curtis Coker was one of the winners. Curtis received a limited edition eyes Snowboard from Palmer and much heartfelt congratulations from the Alpine staff. You will be able to see Curtis ripping the slopes this season on this new deck. He hasn't figured out what bindings to put on it yet, but word on the street has it that he is leaning towards every ones new favorite, UNION.

Circa Terror T

Some people say that I love the camera. Those people would be correct. Do not sleep on this new "Terror T" from Circa. Perfect for back to school, or any day for that matter. This goes well with a pair of Circa Tre's and a slice of cherry pie. $27 and in stock-every size.

Volcom Dada Zip Hoodie

Yes, "Big" Pat McCoombs is modeling the Hot New Volcom Dada hoodie. This is a must have for the fall and winter season. Check out the volcom hit on the sleeve. This is a poly blend so it will not shrink and it will wick away moisture. Only $60 and all sizes in stock today.

Ogio LTD Pro Packs

New LTD production skate backpacks from OGIO. The first name you need to know in the skate-surf-snow-backpack world. These bags are super limited and if you don't snag them quick, they will be gone. More picks of the other different bags will drop this week. These are not even listed on Ogios' web page yet.
On the left is the P-rod pro backpack. We all remember this graphic from his first run of Plan B skatedecks. On the right is Kostons signature bag with his Girl graphic. Only one of each of these is in stock.

Eulogy Wheels

It's a big week for wheels at Alpine. Isaac is doing a sick job over at Eulogy wheels making some damn fine urethane with some amazing graphics. These wheels just fly off the shelves. Top left is the koi 54/88-Lievanos is next with a 58/90- Then Schrijn with a 55.5/89- Next is the bird 55/90 and last but not least is the grind wheel in a 47/100.
Schrijn's 55.5 brings me back to the heavy wheel days and BJ campbell pro 55.5 wheel. The team is strong and the wheels ride great. Check them out and ride them for yourself.

New Heat Wheels Line-up

New Heat wheels now in stock. T-rex wheel at 57/89-Stockwell at 57/89-Dean at 57/89 and the Oli Short Black wheel at 58/89. Looks like the guys at Heat really love the 57 mm size wheels. Check out Heats new updated web page. Well it is kind of updated. These wheels aren't on it, but others are.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Lib Tech Skunk Ape MTX

Lib Tech does it again with the "Skunk Ape" line of freshy snowboards. It's Magne traction in a wide do-everything board. Waist widths on these decks is 26.8 cm. It comes with the air core,power transfer internal sidewalls, and correct sandwich construction. What does all this mean? Who knows, but we know one thing-Magne-traction is amazing and riders with big feet want to ride a board called a skunk ape. Stop in to check them out.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Danny Kass and Nike?

Old news, but exciting none the less. Danny Kass has left the comfortable world of Vans to go to a company that doesn't even have a snowboard boot on the market. Alpine will still have his signature boot from Vans coming in a sweet red/white colorway. Yes one boot will be red and the other white. We won't know which is which til we open the boxes.For more info on his boot, go to vanssnow.com.
This kind of team switching happens all the time, but right before his boot drops in stores? Danny is also not endorsing Grenade goggles anymore. It seems he has switched to his podium buddies brand of choice-Oakley. Keep tuned in for more roster jumping news.

Ride EX Tang

New Ride EX binding in the amazing white/tang colorway. This binding gets better and better with each year. Now at only $149. Great features like the convertible toe-strap, Quick adjust ankle strap, aircraft grade aluminum base plate and easy to use ratchet buckles. I also love the Tang toe ramps and heel cushions.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Ride SPI Black

Ride has done it again this year with a new and improved SPI Binder. All aircraft grade aluminum, this binding is sheer excellence. Coming again with the convertible toe strap, aluminum ratchet buckles, and full cushioning on the sole, this binding has it all. The colorway for this model is antique black and will go with any board on the floor.

Burton Lodi ladies boot

Burton's new Lodi boot for women is a home run. It combines both comfort and performance in a mid priced boot. It has a hinged cuff which was a trend that really started last season. We sill be seeing this on many new boots for the upcoming year. The inner liner of this boot is fully heat moldable and the inner lacing liner cinches the foot in extremely well. This boot is very skate inspired and comes with back up pink laces.

Burton Womens Avenue Parka

Amanda is shown here modeling Burton's new Avenue parka. This is anew colorway for the big B named Green glass gridlock plaid. It comes with some sweet Burton pins over the heart, Removable hood,pass pockets,8,000 mm waterproofing and much much more. This print looks great with a chocolate pant, or Amanda's favorite--Orange pants.

Roxy Silhouette Snowboard

The Silhouette Snowboard by Roxy is a twin park/freestyle board that is for ROXY girls who want to charge the park, the pipe AND the slopes. These boards are coming out of the Mervin Manufacturing plant in Washington, which also delivers decks from Gnu and Lib Technologies. Be on the lookout for the Roxy women's team in this seasons X games and all the other Snowboard events.

Burton Clash

The new Burton clash for 2008 features the ever popular "all over graphic". Each size gets a different color combination. This is your do it all board on a budget. Supreme Burton quality with a not so high price tag will make this a must have this snow season.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Circa Allie 208

Circa's Allie 208 in the black,white,gum. Ultra lightweight and untold comfort make this a great skate shoe. Notice the "Thrasher" magazine motto, "Skate and Destroy" written on the heel and the tongue. Comes with back up black laces.

Plan B Wood

New Plan B wood in stock New to the the team is Jereme Rogers. All of his decks come with a free 2 year subscription to skateboarding mag. Now that's a welcome package. We have the all new "Axe" Series which is paying homage to old eddie van halen and his magical make-shift guitar.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Es' Square One skate shoes

The Es' square one skate shoe is in stock in color way grey/black. This is one of Es's best selling shoes. They took the ever popular accel and vulcanized it. This shoe is a nice mixture of leather and suede.

Es' Scale skate shoes

New Es' scale skateboard shoes. The lightest skateboard shoe on the market today. Comes with: Pig suede and synthetic upper with ventilating mesh
System Flo2™ high air flow breathable tongue
Elastic tongue-centering straps
Lower hidden lace loops
STI Foam™ toe lining for toe protection
Triple-stitched Ollie area and toe cap with thin rubber underlay
STI Evolution Foam™ full-length midsole with intergrated tread pattern
STI Foam™ Level 2 footbed cushioning system with integrated heel counter for stability
System G2™ heel cushioning gel insert
400 NBS stitched gum rubber outsole
Hybrid tread pattern for increased performance

Nike Air Max 90 Premium Medium Grey

New Air Max 90 in store today. Check out the blue plaid around the heel. Colorway is medium grey/P plaid/dark army/Obsidian. Wheew. That's alot of colors. Style #308856 color 031. We got a full size run of these in all the way up to 13.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Burton Cartel Binding Red

Here is a sweet colorway in the always popular Burton Cartel Binding. Retailing at $220, this is an extremely beefy binding that can clearly rock on the mountain.

The binding turned to by more Burton [and non-Burton] pros than any other enters the next chapter in freestyle mastery. Taking tech to new levels, the Cartel unveils the NEW canted Living Hinge Team Skyback II with DialFLAD. Sounds tech, huh? Benefits of this hi-back include less weight, more strength and increased adjustability.

Burton Cartel Binding Winterfresh

Who doesn't love the mismatch pair of bindings. Burton does it again this season with the Cartel in winterfresh mismatch. This again will be one of Burtons best selling bindings.

The binding turned to by more Burton [and non-Burton] pros than any other enters the next chapter in freestyle mastery. Taking tech to new levels, the Cartel™ unveils the NEW canted Living Hinge™ Team Skyback II® with DialFLAD™. Sounds tech, huh? Benefits of this hi-back include less weight, more strength, increased adjustability, and better yet, a balance of power, comfort, and tweakability never before seen in snowboarding.

Giro Encore 2 Helmets

2 Great new helmets arrived today.(Well 3 really, but who cares about an all black helmet.)
1st one shown here is Anti Autti's signature helmet. It is a matte grey with a grid design. The comic artwork is super clean and wraps around the back of the helmet. This might be my favorite helmet in the store.
Next, we finally have a great encore color for the ladies. The grey with pink circles. It is a gloss finish and the look is amazing. A portion of the proceeds from this helmet go to boarding for breast cancer.
The Anti retails at $80 and the girls silver is at $70.

Circa 205 Vulc Plaid

The 205 Vulc is shown here in DK chocolate/tan/plaid. The velcro strap on this shoe is removable. The brown leather on this shoe looks great and will only look nicer after it gets fully broken in. Plaids are still going strong this upcoming fall and winter season. Comes with the vulcanized sole that is all the rage, and this shoe fits like a glove.

Circa Tre Combat Division

Alpine is proud to announce Circa skate shoes to our ever growing shoe wall. This Tre is part of the Combat division, which is a line of Circa shoes only available in select skate shops. This Tre comes with 3 sets of laces, my favorite being this blue colorway. It has a vulcanized sole and extra re-enforcement in the ollie areas. Perfect timing for back to school shoe shopping, and at only $50, they do not break the bank.