Friday, September 28, 2007

Quiksilver J-Turn Jacket

Pat is shown here wearing quiksilvers limited run J turn jacket. This is all part of the new fabric revolution that is all over the snow industry.This model is 10,000 mm waterproof/breathable. It looks great with khaki and chocolate colored pants. Quiks new snow line-up is great, so be sure to look at it when you stop in.

Roxy Blaine Jacket

Amanda is shown here wearing the Roxy Blaine limited edition jacket. This Jacket is wicked cute and part of the new texture revolution. Very stylish and 5000 mm waterproof and breathable.. It has critically taped seams and inside rib knit cuffs for comfort and warmth. This jacket is a mere 185.00, and perfect for everyday wear.

Arbor Mystic Snowboard

The Mystic is Arbor's freestyle powerhouse deck. With a bamboo re enforced core, this board can pop higher ollies and shoot you higher off kickers than you ever imagined. Add that with a beefy sintered base, struc turn dimples, and a poplar core, and you have a wicked ride in the park. Arbor boards seem to be gaining steam at Alpine, especially with the "going green" initiative. Be sure to check out more decks at

Palmer Flash Snowboard

"I always feel like somebody's watching me", is not just a song from the 80's by cameo. It is what you will be saying when you're riding this sweet new Palmer Flash. The Flash is a new twin tip shape with a centered stance. The limited edition artwork of the eyes, is done by chase. Limited artwork and snowboarding go hand in hand. This deck retail at only $360. Check out more info on this deck at

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tecnica Diablo Flame 08

This years Diablo flame is much similar to last seasons. Why, you may ask? Because there is no need to mess with perfection. The boot is fully heat moldable and still has visco elastic rubber transposed in the heel to help eliminate unwanted vibration. It also has the full cork foot board,dual pivot canting, and my favorite hinged cuff for easy entry and exit. For the performance oriented skier, this is an amazing boot.

Burton P1 Binding

Where's the beef you ask? Right here. Burton's new P1 is in stock and it looks great. Coming of course with the fully padded gas pedals for extra power and the always loved toe cap strap, this binder can do it all. Chris loves the translucent red base on this model . Buckles are easy to use and the forward lean adjustment is strong. Be sure to check this model out for all your high end needs.

Salomon Falcon Gun Ski Boots

Salomon's Falcon line of ski boots are simply amazing. Going after the 98 lasted feet in America, this narrow fitting boot fits great. The Gun is the freestyle boot within the falcon line. It comes with a shock absorbing insole to help keep the feet happy when stomping those 20 footers at Whitetail. The liner is fully heat moldable and has skulls on it that you can see through the ever popular translucent shell. Remember, skulls = cool. It is a formula that is used throughout the action sports industry.
Check out Salomon's freeskiing page for info on this and other great products.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Salomon SPK Pro Boot

Park riders asked for it, and Salomon made it. The SPK Pro boot is in. Check out the fur lined collar, inner lacing liner, and the shock absorber heel. Add the sleek outer cover and you have this monster of a park boot. The fit on the boot is second to none and advanced park riders will love the quick response this boot gives to it's rider.
The SPK Pro Model is a contender in the great race to find the perfect boot for aggressive park and pipe riders.

Burton Twin Snowboard

Skulls are cool. I mean skulls are WICKED COOL. That's what Burton thinks, and we tend to agree. This years twin is made to honor the great flick "pirates of the Caribbean", or something like that. It comes well equipped Burton's Park Fly Core, infinite ride, and 10:45 sidewalls. What does all this mean you may ask? It means you will be shouting ARGHHH as you rip through the park, buttering all the rails in style. Ahoy my friends.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Ride DFC SPI Binding

The SPI is an all around great binding. PUT DFC colors on it, and this thing is amazing. Very limited in numbers, DFC bindings are only available at select retailers. We were happy to get 5 pair of these in today. It's a powder blue colorway and it has all the great features of the regular SPI binding. It comes with Rides revolver Ratchets and the convertible TL toe strap. It's full on beef at only $219.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

New Index Inc. Graphics

Chad has done it again. 2 great graphics on the new line Index Inc decks. The top deck is Chad's interpretation of the Iphone. It is sure to be a top seller, especially in this tech driven area. Below is Big Black Phenomenon, with a slight variation on the 2nd word. These decks should be arriving at Alpines doorstep next week. For more Info on Chad's other work, be sure to check out Chad worked at Alpine for 2 great seasons, and we here are proud of what he has accomplished and wish him all the luck in the world.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Fischer Habit Twin Tip

After Fischer is done making airplane parts for the fleets of the world, they go into their factory and make amazing skis. The Habit is a true twin tip at 111-81-111, with a nice soft flex for the developing twin tipper. Coming in at $299, this competes with the 1080 flyer,the invader, and the silencer. With all of these choices, there is no reason anyone that wants to ride park, can't get the skis they want. Check out for more info on the entire Fischer ski line.

Salomon 1080 Flyer Twin Tip

Salomon brings in the 1080 flyer for this season. 110-80-104- the numbers that matter. Check out the re-enforced tip and Rasta loving graphics. This is a big change from last seasons extremely tame graphic line. Salomon has been doing twin tips since day one, and they have a stacked team full of great riders testing and retooling skis each season. This ski comes with spaceframe technology keeping it light but not getting rid of the "poppy" feel the skis should have. At only $319 this ski is a tremendous value.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Line Invader Twin Tip

Who says twin tip skis have to be expensive? Line brings in the true twin tip invader at under $300. It's not wimpy either. It's 110 at the both ends and 83mm in the center. Line skis are no coming out of the famous K2 skis factory. So Line skis are made side by side with the best selling twin tips in the world. Jason Levinthal did a great thing by going over to K2. No longer does he have to worry about quality and shipping. The skis are in early and they look great. More line skis to pop up soon. Check back.

Burton Stigma Snowboard

Not all chicks want butterfly's and rainbows on their decks. Some want the park slayer known only as the "stigma". This is Burton's intermediate park deck designed for the ladies. Shown here in the 148, this deck can pretty much do it all. Nice medium flex and the lightspeed vision base help this deck straight up kill it on rails and boxes, while allowing it to cover the whole mountain in style.

Volcom Resistance Jacket

Volcom does electric blue justice. This is the Resistance jacket. Lightly insulated and under $200. 8,000 mm waterproof and 7,000 mm breathable, this is a great jacket. It has all the bells and whistles you expect from a great snowboard jacket. Pair this jacket with a jet black pair of pants, and you are looking good on the hill. Everyone loves the stone.
On my Head are the Anon Figment goggles in the doodle colorway. Only $95.

Vans Danny Kass V

Danny Kass's last boot with Vans is truly one of a kind. Right boot is white and the left boot is opposite red. Check out the "fur" lined collar. Pretty cool if you ask me. This boot is fairly stiff at first, and it's wicked comfortable. As many of you know, Danny has signed with Nike and will have a boot with them next season. If you want a boot that will set you apart from everyone else on the hill, this is that boot. Built with freestyle in mind, The laces end halfway up and there is a giant power strap for the upper leg. These are sure to go quick. Alpine only got 4 pair of these in today.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Shima off Razors

Shima is officially off the Razors team. Why you may ask? Here's the story. Razors Called Shima to ask him if they could put out a new Shima skate for holiday, Since Aragon's skate has been pushed back to a spring release. Shima said No, and it all came out that he is putting out a skate under Rat-Tail. Rat Tail of course is owned and operated By Shima and Elliot.
It will be named the nimh, after the childrens book, Mrs Frisby and the Rats of Nimh. The skate is going to be a Cult Boot With a skin over top and a vicious liner. This liner will be very similar to a razors liner, only it will have the vicious snake on it. So that is the short story. Razors will be unveiling a new rider soon. For now it's just murda-Aragon- and Dre.

Circa Lopez 50

Hey, Circa is committed to skateboarding. Wanna know how I know this? Well, they wrote it on the shoe. And if you missed it there, they also wrote it on the box. Pretty sneaky Circa. Pretty Sneaky. The Lopez 50 is shown here in the Black/Committed colorway. Great shoe at only $55.

Circa Tre Combat Division

New Circa Tre arrived today. This colorway is out of the Combat Division. It is only available at select skate shops. Yes, we are on of the lucky ones that can get this dope shoe. The contrast white stitching on this shoe makes it pop. At under $60, this shoe rocks.

Lib Tech TRS Snowboard

The Lib Tech TRS is back and it looks great as always. TRS is standing for Total Ripper Series. This is your do everything deck that can go anywhere on the mountain. Alpine is only carrying this deck in Magne traction, because MTX is awesome. Some features on this deck are:
  • Correct sandwich Construction for a low spin weight
  • Directional Progressive side cut
  • Magne Traction which turns ice into powder
  • Double Sintered UHMW sidewalls for extra toughness
Lib makes skulls look cool. Stop in and check these decks out. You will not be disappointed.

Burton Casa Boot

The Casa is the first price point ladies boot from Burton. Shown here in white/powder blue, Alpine also carries it in black. Ultra lightweight and soft in the flex, this boot is perfect for first time boot buyers, and intermediates on a budget. At only $110, this boot is the real deal.

Burton Tribute Boot

The tribute is Burton's 1st price point in their boot line. It is only $110 and it has a nice soft flex. At this price, Burton's Tribute doesn't cut any corners. The fit on this boot is great and it's also extremely lightweight. The black and white colorway looks good and it has an internal lace up liner.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Picture This DVD

It has arrived. The first snowboarding flick of the year. After much anticipation Mack Dawg's Newest film, "Picture This" is on the shelves and ready to ship. Featuring the likes of Jeremy Jones,Seth Huot, Jussi, Shaun White, and many many more. Mack Dawg never disappoints. Get your fix today.

Northwave N Boot

Yes, Northwave did it! They brought the "N" boot back. For those of you "in the know", Northwave boots used to go by the name N. This is the boot that brought them all the fame and glory in the mid 90's.
This new boot offers old style looks with a great new updated liner. Superior heel hold, and a strong flex makes this boot great for all types of riding. Coming in at only $169, this is going to be an awesome boot, and could help Northwave gain back some foothold in the snowboard boot market.

Four Square S4 Fabian Jacket

Sean Moran paid a visit to Alpine today. Just back from Tech, he is seen here modeling Four Square's S4 Fabian Print jacket. This print is completely one of a kind and perfect for the east coast. It's a super clean lightweight shell that's 5,000 mm waterproof and 5,000 mm breathable. It looks great with either brown or tan pants. Alpine has both of these in stock.
On sean's face are the Oakley Shaun White Goggles. The stripes all seem to work together.
This is Alpine's first year with Four Square, and we think it is going to be a great pick up for the store. check out for more info.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Alpine Ski Shop Sale

We don't like to "hate" on our competitors, but this is an exception. Ty had to give a thumbs down to this mailer.
Our mailbox had a so called "sale" flyer in it today. We looked over this piece of paper and noticed that Alpines prices were better on pretty much everything the both of us carried. Listen, If you want to go wait in a line to get poor service and O.K. prices, that's fine. If you want to shop in a great store with a great staff that wants to put you in the correct gear, Then you need to come to Alpine. Yes, we are tooting our own horns a little bit, but we've been around for 36 years. Sale dates for Alpine are September 28th-30th

Dogtown For Life Longboard

The Dogtown For Life is one of the best under 40" longboard decks we've ridden. At 39.5" it just squeaks in under 40" but is nice & wide at 9.25" with both nose & generous tail kick. Cruise to class & then hit the park with a Dogtown this fall season.

Nordica Super Charger Ski Boot

Don't buy it because it's green! Seriously people, this is a lot of boot. Disregard the color and look at the facts. We know it has a fur lined collar with tons of padding. We know it has the famous beast 101mm last. We even know that it has the twin driver energy driver strap by Booster. This is a serious boot with tons of comfort. YES, I did say comfort. Who knew the 2 went well together? Nordica did this boot right.
And Yes, I am skiing in this boot this season. Maybe because it's green. I do love green. It reminds me of a lifesaver, don't ya think?

Burton Freestyle Boot 08

The Freestyle comes back this year with a few tweaks. It comes with the new imprint 2 liner, which has great heat mold-ability, and super heel hold down. The new outsole is also 10% lighter than last seasons. Can I get an OOOOOOH and an AHHHHH. This model shown here (tan-brown) comes with rasta racing stripes which help it to fly down the mountain. But seriously, this boot is ultra comfortable and sickly lightweight. Burton does great snowboard boots.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Atomic Hawx 100 Ski Boot

The last boot Alpine carries in Atomic's great line is this Hawk 100. This boot has the 100 flex, and boasts a 45 mm power strap, as opposed the the 35mm on the other 2 models. It also gets a liner refinement. This comes with the custom sport liner instead of the custom comfort found on the lower models. It is a snugger fitting boot that performance minded skiers will most definitely prefer. Colorway on this called Panthero/Glitter. I might call it black and grey. The shells on all of these boots are a transparent ether shell. Transparent shells are all the rage these days, and I must say they do look pretty cool.

Atomic Hawx 90 Ski Boot

Here we go with the Atomic Hawx 90. Shown here in blue/ocean blue. Very similar to the hawk 80, but this boasts a 90 flex as opposed to, you guessed it, an 80 flex. The last on all of the Hawx boots we carry is an ample 101mm. The first thing you notice in these boots is that they are easier to walk in. The I flex allows the boot to have a re defined forward lean angle which allows the skier a more natural, upright and efficient stance. Of course it has all 4 metal micro adjustable buckles. The boot is a winner across the board.

Atomic Hawx 80 Ski Boot

Atomic ski boots are back in Alpine Ski Shop. After a 4 year hiatus, The HAWX boot line is here. For those of you wondering where Atomic ski boots came from, they got rid of the name Koflach, and voila, they had Atomic boots. A little known fact is Koflach is german for "crap". Atomic has rid itself of that moniker now, and "Hawx" is born.
The first thing you notice is the red elastamer in the forefoot of this boot. This is known as the "I" flex chassis. It does a lot of things, but in a nutshell, it supports the natural biomechanical foot function. The fit just feels great on this whole line of boots. This the 80 in Ti silver and blue. All Hawx boots are therm-ic prepared, so you can add a battery to this boot for instant heat. Pretty cool. More on this boot in the next post.

New Creature Limited Wood

Yes, Creature skateboards are bringing out 3 new limited edition decks. Yes, they are all large, and yes they are all green. Creature is always bringing out something special. In a world of bland, Creture couldn't be further from the mainstream.Be on the lookout for these to be on Alpines wood wall soon.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Vans Cirro Snowboard boots

Wow is all I have to say about this boot. I love dual Boa. This boots fit is amazing. The price tag is pretty good too, at only $269. The checkerboard black pattern is awesome. It has a full heat moldable liner, extra retention in the heel, and recco avalanche protection, what more can you ask for. Alpine is going strong with BOA lacing this season. It's quick, easy, and reliable.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Flow NXT AT Bindings

The NXT AT is soooperhot, Yes, I did use the word soooper. Aircraft grade aluminum baseplate, and ratcheting buckles make this an amazing binding. Flows convenience of entry is second to none. They had some bugs on this binding last season, but they fixed them all and these bindings are hot. I personally love the blue colorway. The newer "less is more" straps help keep the binding weight down, while keeping the boot to board feel perfect. Stop in and check these out. They sold out quick last season.

Northwave Legend SL2 Snowboard Boot

Northwave brings back the Legend this season with some nice improvements. Last season they introduced the Super Lace system. It worked well, but as we all know, it was a bit stiff and cumbersome. This seasons is way easier to use and the lock downs do not need any break in time. They have also streamlined the toe box for a sleeker look. The fit is comfortable and supportive. The contrast stitching gives this boot a great look. we feel that Northwave is on the right track, and building better and better boots each year.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Vans Encore Snowboard Boots

The Vans Encore was Alpines best selling boot last season, so we doubled our order for this season. Alpine is proud to be offering it in 3 distinct colorways. The white skulls shown above is the LTD color. It is only available at select retailers (like us). Next up is the brown tweed which is super clean. Lastly of course, we carry it in black. No pic, it's black. Boot has an inner lace-up liner, air bag in the heel. and the amazing BOA lacing system. We all tried it on, and this years fit is the best yet. It runs true to size and the comfort is out of this world.

Roxy Broadway Goggles

Alpine again has a great assortment of Roxy goggles for the ladies. This is the Broadway goggle, and we have it in 3 colors-white-black- and a great strawberry color. These of course match up to all of the Roxy clothing we have coming in. We at Alpine want you to look good from Head to toe, and these goggles can definitely complete an outfit. These goggles are all double lens and anti fog, and they are only $45. Who says looking good has to be expensive? Not Alpine.

Vans Hi Standard Mens Boots

Hello Vans Hi standard. We have been carrying this boot now going on 10 years. I have to say, this is my favorite. Of course you could get this boot in black, but seriously, this green is amazing. It looks like a $200 boot, fits like a $200 boot, and it's only $130. Classic Vans stripe, heat moldable liner, inner lacing, and superior comfort make this boot a must have. Don't just buy it because it's green.

Dogtown Jamie O'Brien longboard

I just love Dogtown Graphics. They take me back to when I was a kid and I sweated the Aaron "fingers" Murray deck. This is Jamie O'Briens pro model longboard. It is the pipe line pin tail and it is 8 X 33.5. It comes complete with grind King trucks, Risers, and Dogtown 60mm 95a wheels. Its Construction is 5 ply with fiberglass, poly mere composite weave. It has no concave, but tons of camber. Graphics are super clean and the ride is silky smooth.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Vans Kira Snowboard Boot

New in the Vans line-up this season is the Kira. This boot takes on a track shoe look, and adds the great Boa lacing system. Extremely light, and comfortable (notice the faux fur fleece upper), this boot has everything women are looking for. Alpine has it in this clean black color with the white outlines.
The liner is heat mold able and it comes in at under $200. Check out for more info on this, and other great models that Vans is offering this season.

Onboard Digital Magazine

Just got this in my mailbox. I thought I would pass it along.

Factory Media, Europe's leading action sports media group, announces its plans to launch the World's first-ever high frequency and digital snowboard magazine; aimed at North American markets. Under the Onboard Digital brand, the launch of the premier issue will be October 17th and will continue with a bi-weekly circulation for 12 issues. With a launch target distribution of 500,000, ongoing viral distribution and as a free – forever! – subscription; the product will reach a record number of snowboarders. As Europe's long established number one selling snowboard magazine, Onboard is confident in its ability to produce a relevant and exciting launch for the North American market, with the support of devoted shredder and seasoned editor David Sypniewski (ex-pro rider and Senior Editor of TransWorld Snowboarding 1997-2000).
"Onboard's established edit team from across the pond are excited about the new digital version for North America. Under the command of Dave Sypniewski, the mag promises to fulfill the desires of all riders across the Americas and beyond." – Danny Burrows, Editor in Chief, Onboard Magazine.
The magazine will be available online - with no extra viewing software required - at , and can also be dispatched virally amongst snowboarders as a completely web-based and free-to-view magazine.

Helly Hansen Granite Jacket

The "Josh" is modeling Helly Hansens new Granite insulated jacket. The color on this is light crystal/ebony. He has the Casper pant on in Ebony(grey). This is a great technical outfit that has some clean style. The jacket has all waterproof zippers and is lightly insulated with 2m thinsulate. It is loaded with pockets and pit zips. Helly Hansen is known for its high quality products.
The pants are super clean and at only $150, they do not break the bank.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Northwave Freedom Snowboard Boot

Northwave brings back the Freedom yet again. Alpine is carrying this boot in the Brown/gum colorway. Gum outsoles look fresh on brown boots. The fit on this boot is excellent this year. It has an internal lacing harness to hold down the heel and a moderate flex that works both well freeriding, and jibbing in the park. Looking at this boot up close, you will notice attention to detail that has been lacking in this company the past few years. We believe in Northwave, and this is going to be a strong year for them. Stop in and try this boot on; you will be impressed.
Check out northwaves new and improved boot site.

Flow Boa Assault 2 Boot

Alpine is super happy to be carrying this great boot. We have all tried it on, and the fit is perfect. We offer this park boot in the Boa recoiler model,(we call it Boa 2) so it is wicked quick to take on and off. This black checker colorway is slick. Notice the airbag on the heel. Couple this this with a flow NXT binding and you are set! Here is what flow says about this boot.
Back for a second season, the Assault 2 is highly improved and perfected --a top-of-the-line freestyle boot made of durable and hi-tech materials. The Assault 2 features the O2 outsole and internal harness for shock resistance and superior heel hold-down. The overall boot flex is forgiving and will allow you to stick anything in the park or pipe.
Be sure to check out Flows web page.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Bern Muse Helmet

New to Alpine is the Bern Muse Ladies helmet. Bern helmets have come on strong in recent months. It seems more and more pros are wearing Bern. The latest that comes to mind is Jake Brown, who fell 40 feet down in the X games Big air.
This is the first ever women's specific visor hard hat. It also has the removable ear wraps with a a soft fur around the inside. This piece helps prevent freezing fore head and looks pretty cool as well.