Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Spy Targa Goggle

Spy goggles are now in stock. This is the Targa model which retails at a low price of $50. We also have it in a black frame as well as a white frame. This is the Blue yellow persimmon (my personal favorite color). Comes with great ventilation and dual density padding for more comfort.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Flow M9 Bindings

The M9 is the perfect blend of performance and versatility. Featuring an all-new lightweight M Series baseplate, ventilated hiback, and I-Flex Powerstrap, Flow is calling this binding a “stroke of genius.” Whether you’re tearing up the rails or laying down carves, this design has you covered.
Alpine has it in black and super rad orange. Yes, we call it super rad orange. We also love the Iron Maiden lettering on the side as well as the ratcheting upper buckles. Check out for more info on this and other great products!

Burton Lux Snowboard

The New Burton Lux snowboard for ladies is here. Looking clean as usual, Burton did not change this deck too much from last year. If it ain't broke.don't fix it. It comes with a directional twin shape, and it is the all around intermediate deck, that can do it all. Notice the non catalogued red deck that snuck in here. Burton has a habit of changing deck colors throughout the season. Be on the lookout for even more color changes.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Lib Tech Matt Cummins MTX

The MC Kink is in the House. Matt Cummins does it again with an amazing,over the top deck with our favorite, Magne-Traction. This deck has a wacky kinked tail, which helps float over obstacles and allows for easier landings on tech switch tricks. The graphics on MC's deck are original if anything and the board is still built with mervins super strong "morning Wood" core. For more info on all of libs great products visit them at

Skins Performance Equipment

This is no ordinary mannequin. It is a super mannequin wearing skins performance equipment. I do not call this long underwear, because it is so much more than that. It is a gradient compression piece, that increases performance through greater muscle support which improves circulation throughout the entire body. It is said to help reduce the "Burning sensation" us snow lovers get after speeding down a snow covered mountain. Learn more about skins at their official web page, and watch the great commercials they do in Australia.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Nike Air Force One XXV Premium Philly 2

Part of the 25th anniversary pack. This is the Philly premium edition.Style 315180 color 161. A great mix of red-white and blue. Check out the diamond logos on the outside heels of this shoe. Back also has a nice diamond logo.

Nike Air Force One XXV Baltimore

Nike Air Force one in Terra cotta/red. Part of the Baltimore pack. Super clean look. The new white pops off your feet.

Nike Air Force One XXV Premium Baltimore 2

You would think we are a sneaker shop with all of these fresh kicks dropping daily. Air force One Premium Mr Shoe Baltimore shoe. Style #315180 color 211. Mr box logo on the side of the shoe, chrome tipped laces, and keychain all in the box.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Union Custom Shop Binding

Union does it again, with the "Custom House" Binding. Very limited, only 300 of these bindings were made. It is named the Cee Em Walkay, and it is modeled after the best selling binding, the "Force". Hilarious colorway on this binding with the belt stripes on the back. Cee Em stands for "CMYK", which are the basic building blocks for color and design. Be sure to stop in and check them out for yourself.

Nike Air Force One XXV Premium Baltimore

Part of the 25th anniversary line. This shoe is part of the Baltimore pack commemorating stores that helped make air force ones the shoes they are. This is the "Mr Shoe" store model. Style # 315180 color 121. Great looking, and of course, wicked comfortable.

Nike Air Max 90 Premium Honey

New Air max 90 Premium in stock. Lt Chocolate/Wheat-White-Style #313650 color 271. The Skull and crossbones is embossed around the heel. Great detail work. Has an orange sole and orange laces. Perfect kicks for fall.

Nike Air Force One XXV Premium Philly

Alpine is proud to introduce Air force ones to its ever expanding shoe wall. This model is part of the 25th anniversary collection. This is the Philadelphia Premium edition. Style #315180 color 121. Nike commemorated 3 cities that helped to put Air Force Ones on the map. Be on the lookout for new premium shoes on Alpines wall.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Rossignol J-Dub Snowboard

With the Quiksilver acquisition, Rossi now has "Magne Traction". And they definitely put it on the right board. John Jacksons new pro model with Rossignol looks and rides great. This deck looks surprisingly like a LIB, because it is coming out of the lib factory. Magnetraction helps hold an edge in all types of conditions. Be sure to stop in and check out this wonderful deck

Nike Dunk High Premium Tweed

The new Dunk High Premium "Tweed" edition is in stock now. Style #306968 Color 003. Very reminiscent of the "SB" tweed dunk, this shoe looks amazing. If you were looking for a great fall shoe, this is the one. Sizes 9.5-13 in stock at $90.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ugg Kohala

New to the UGG Australia Surf Collection is the Kohala slip-on. Made with soft leather and suede, these shoes are extra comfortable with a leather covered Poron footbed. Detailed stitching and the Tasman braiding on the back make this shoes a distinctively stylish choice. Amanda says it will look good with jeans. I believe what she is saying.

Ugg Coquette Slippers

Ugg Coquette Slippers are in stock again for this upcoming winter season. Super plush and comfortable, any woman would want to have this on her foot. Shown here in sand, Alpine has a limited amount of this shoe. It comes in whole sizes and buy 1/2 size down. Retail is $75

Monday, October 22, 2007

Ugg Classic Tall Boots

Ladies, the Ugg Classic tall is now in stock, and supplies are limited. Ugg provides each store with an allotment of classic shorts and talls. Since we have been an Ugg dealer since 1995, our allotment is pretty good, but these will sell out before Christmas, so get in here quick. The shoe is super comfortable and warm. It is meant to be worn without a sock as the lambswool provides enough insulation. It is also water proof (to a certain extent). Retail is $150 and the color shown above is Chestnut.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Arbor Draft Snowboard

The Arbor Draft is a powerful twin tip deck that can ride the whole mountain. This board has an exclusive flex matrix which gives the deck a buttery feel while enhancing the longitudinal return and durability.Hey, I can't make this stuff up. It's written on the back of the board. What does it all mean? It means that this deck is sick in the park and looks dope too. Nuff said!

Quiksilver U-Ramp Jacket

Somebody I know might love the camera more than yours truly. Jonny B, famous blogger, stopped in yesterday to hook up his skateboard. We couldn't let him leave without a picture for the blog. JB is shown here wearing Quiksilver U Ramp jacket. This jacket is 5,000-5,000,with critical taped seams, and the low low price of $150. JB also loves Mervin MFG, so he grabbed everyones new favorite board, the T Rice with MAGNETRACTION. Perched on the face of this boy wonder is Anon's Figment goggle in red bandanna. This goggle is great because it comes with a back up set of orange lenses.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Es' Theory Mid Chocolate Shoe

Have I said how much I love collaboration kix? This shoe is just simply awesome. Justin Eldridge's pro shoe with the chocolate logo wrap around the sole has finally arrived. The sole also has a giant "C" on it, as well as a hidden "C" underneath the Velcro straps. Mid shoes are in right now, because they provide a little bit more protection for the foot. Colorway on this shoe is grey/green.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Es Square One "Game of Skate" Shoe

More collaborations. Yes, es' puts on the game of skate, so here is the game of skate "official" shoe. Who doesn't love an all red square one skate shoe. Certainly not me. Again with the sweet white vulcanized sole and g2 gel in the heel to help absorb shock.

Es Avers Skate Shoe Black

Wicked clean and super comfortable, es' again is bringing "The Hotness" to skateboard shoes. The Avers, shown here in black, is McCranks new shoe and it is of course of the vulcanized variety that is popular with everyone today. Go to for more info on these and other fine products from our Friends at sole technologies!

Es Avers Girl Collaboration

Collaboration shoes are all the rage. This Es' Avers shoe is absolutely amazing. The distressed leather toe and the girl logo around the shoe is just awesome. Es' is making some big strides in their shoes and it is clearly shown here that they are heading in the right direction.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Clouveil Four Pines Jacket

Tyler is looking fresh in Clouveil's newest insulated parka, The "Four Pines". It looks like a textured jacket, but is smooth all around. Alpine jumped on the Cloudveil train a couple of seasons ago, and we are super stoked we did. The gear they put out is simply amazing. All of their pieces are super technical, and they look great. Up top, Ty has on the matching Cloudveil hat and Oakley Shaun White goggles.

Yeah Dude! PBP

As promised. the teaser for the new video shown below. Enjoy!

Yeah Dude DVD

Videos are dropping so fast there is no way I can keep up. For your viewing pleasure is the new john decesare file "Yeah Dude". Poor Boyz productions does it again this season with an amazing new film. Look for the trailer up top.

Quicksilver Jump Claimer Jacket

Quicksilver's new Jump Claim jacket is wicked clean. The blue pinstripes with the brown leather trim make this jacket just pop. If you want to be wearing something fresh and different this season, quicksilver is providing the gear. The jacket is 10k,10k and has fully taped seams. This is the real deal, and it looks sick with chocolate pants. Up top I am wearing the Oakley crowbar with the ice iridium lens. I have to say, looking good never came so easy.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Lange Exclusive 70 Ladies Boot

Lookout Ladies, the Lange Exclusive 70 is in stock and it looks great. But besides that, the fit is unbelievable. It comes with a fleece lined liner and soft touch buckles that are easier on the ladies fingers. All metal micro adjustable buckles and the famous heel hold are all standard on this amazing boot. Don't just sweat it because it's white!

Union Force DLX Snowboard Bindings

To say this binding is simply amazing is an understatement! This bindings combines comfort,performance, and beautiful looks, all into one amazing package. The wood grain graphic along with the leather straps are top notch. It also has the urethane bushings,quick adjust upper strap, gas pedal adjustment, and easy to use forward lean. Be sure to check this binding out on your next visit. Pat says you must put this binding on the Arbor Element snowboard. I am going to have to second that opinion.

Remz 08One Inline Skate

The new Remz is in and it looks surprisingly like every single other Remz that has dropped. No matter, why mess with perfection. The new black/grey colorway is clean, and it is now coming with the much sought after one piece soul plate. The ground control frame looks great, and is a proven winner.

Union Cadet Snowboard Binding

The Union Cadet is the first price point binding in the line. But don't let that fact fool you. This binding offers a lot for the money. Coming in at under $130, the Cadet has easy to use metal buckles, a super comfortable strap, and a stiff aluminum heel cup. It also boasts an adjustable toe ramp, and a super clean forward lean adjustment. We also have this binding in black, but we had to show the super clean green.

Nike 6.0 Dunk October 07

New Nike Dunk 6.0 to drop this week. It looks like the staff at Nike has actually tried to make 6.0 look cleaner and fresher than they have in the past. The contrast orange stitching on this shoe looks great, and it is coming with back up orange laces that compliment the shoe nicely. Style #314142 color 212.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Seven Sunny Days Teaser 2

We put up that the video was in. Here is the teaser. Looks a little bit sick.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Circa Lopez 50 Skate Shoes TJ Print

New colorway for Alpine in the Lopez 50. This is just an amazing skate shoe at an unbelievable price. The Tijuana print is clean and just wild enough to wear everywhere. It is a vulcanized shoe with great board feel and it is super comfortable. At under $55, this shoe is one to pick up.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

DVD Seven Sunny Days

Pat is shown here giving a big thumbs up to this seasons matchstick productions, "Seven Sunny Days." Starring everyone that is anyone is skiing. This is going to be the most watched ski video this season. Matchstick continually ups the ante with each years movie, and this is no exception.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Nike Air Max 90 Leather

New Nike Air Max 90 in Black in stock. The alligator print is reflective and the flash makes it look more pronounced than it really is. Very few sizes left in this shoe. Style #302519 color 901.

Nike Dunk High Premium Barkley

New dunk high premium arrived today. I believe this is part of the Barkley pack. Yes, Charles Barkley in all his greatness gets some Nike shoes. Style #306968 color 002. Sizes 10-13 in stock. I have to say, this shoe is pretty fresh.

Burton Driver X Boot

You wanted the best,You got the best, Burton's New Driver X snowboard boot. After putting this on, you will want to annihilate any hill you can conjure up. It fits wicked snug and is stiff as all get out. New for this season are rubber toe caps for increased durability, and an imprint 3 liner that is comfortable and moldable. It is still coming with the famous Vibram sole and speed zone lacing.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Union Data Snowboard Bindings

Union bindings are now in their third year, and they are definitely doing something right. The Data, shown here in Canvas, has everything you need in a great binding.
Binding Features:
Premium leather straps, zytel highback, injected eva bushings, and a whole slew of other comfort devices.
I must mention that these bindings, besides being wicked cool to look at, are also amazingly comfortable. See why this is the fastest growing binding company on the market. Check out for more info on this great product.

Powell Skateboards

New Powell decks arrived today. Caballero is doing the graphics now on the Powell decks, so they finally have some shelf appeal. I am loving the Steadham re-issue in a nice 8.25 size. Also in are mini logo wheels, Powell bomber wheels, Randall longboard trucks, and Bones skatepark formula wheels.