Sunday, June 29, 2008

Wakefield Skate Comp

Wakefield's First skateboard comp in almost 2 years went off great. A big thanks must first of all go out to CONVOY Skateboards for showing up-donating prizes and helping out with the judging. The skating was great and everyone had a great time.

The Intermediate group was large with 20 kids participating. It was a tight race, but when it came down to it, there was a clear winner.
  1. Ryan Herron
  2. Brad Ellwood
  3. Nathaniel Chen
  4. Kevin Willsher
  5. Greg Russell
The Advanced division was skating strong. After 2 90 second runs each a jam session was scheduled, but with a storm approaching, it was an all out pull the best trick with everyone on the course.
Advanced results
  1. Evan Grice
  2. Tyler Vitello
  3. Reid Mene
  4. Nathan Dally
  5. Matt Robic

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Razors Cult 8 Inline Skates

We love Razors inline skates. The cult series is amazing and this 8th installment is no exception. The liner is super cushy and the white boot is clean. It is continuing with the softboot top and it has the old standard backslide plate. Razors frames and wheels come stock and can be easily replaced when worn through.
And this skate also has an add on worth mentioning. It is coming with a FREE copy of Uncloned. This was the razors full video put out a little over a year ago. I don't want to take credit for this, but I will. I have been asking Sunshine to put a video in the skate boxes for a couple of months, and damn if Mac didn't make it happen. Be on the lookout for upcoming skates to be coming with alternate lace colors in the box.(Another suggestion by me).

Santa Cruz Skull Beach Longboard

SkullBeach is finally back in stock. This great Santa Cruz longboard is coming built with krux trucks and Road Rider 65mm 78a wheels. This is an awesome summertime cruiser and the graphics are strong.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Dew Tour Re Cap

It was a beautiful day to be in downtown Baltimore. The parking was only $20, the crowds were sweaty and large, and the smell of wendy's filled the air. Ahhhh. the allure of large skatepark venues. The skating that went down on the other hand was simply spectacular. You can't say that the Dew doesn't put out a great product. Amongst all the advertising thrown at you, you were still able to witness some incredible skating. Here is one of my favorite skaters showing off for the crowd. The amazing P-rod looks great. I think he's lost a bunch of weight and got all his hair cut off. His skating sure looked good.
The street course was overfilled with fans and they had to cut people off from being able to see it. I must thank Jonny from for getting me a press pass at the last moment, so I could take these great shots. Lutzka was showing some great style in his signature Fedora.
The camaraderie between these contestants was just great. Here you can see Sheckler and Lutzka sharing a laugh between runs. It looked as if everyone was loose and having a great time on the course.

The winner of the street course was the crowd favorite. Senor' Sheckler. I must say, he is pretty ridiculous at street. He most definitely won. P-Rod was 2nd and newcomer chad Ortiz was 3rd.

Leaving the street comp was slight debacle as the hordes all left at the same time through an extremely small gate into a vast wasteland of even more people.

But there was no reason to fret as there was always cold Mountain dew for sale at a moments

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Go skateboarding day at Arlington

Saturday,June 21st,couldn't have been any nicer for Go Skateboarding day. In it's 3 rd year, this event has really built up some steam and looks to only be growing. The crowd at Arlington skatepark was electric,and it was only growing by the time we left. (Jonny and I had to make it to the Dew tour. More on that later)
Convoy skateboards was holding a competition all day long. They had a live band and a dj spinning music. They are holding down the DC scene, and doing it well. I was lucky to be able to do some skating with blogger Jonny Burns.
Jonny was slaying the pool on some crazy big anti hero deck. Be sure to visit his great southofthenorth blog.

Skateboard Competition June 28th

Alpine is throwing it's first ever skateboard competition. Come out to Wakefield and have a great time. Tons of prizes and giveaways for all. Even if you don't enter, come on down and say hi.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Alpine's Skate Camp Flyer

Sign up soon. Spots are filling up! Learn the ropes and have fun doing it.Alpine's own Matt Ebner will be the instructor. Call Ida Lee rec Center for more info.

Alpine Wheels Are Here

Our friends over at Kontrol helped us make our first skateboard wheel. These tie into the graphics coming on our decks soon to be arriving from Plan B. These are made with Kontrols skatepark formula and they are great. 54 mm is the size and they are coming in at $30. Don't buy them just because they are black.

Index Inc Wood

Finally new wood from Chad over at Index inc. His stuff always looks good and it skates great as well. All sizes and colors are now available. We would like to thanks Chad for donating prizes for next weeks skate comp.

Bones Medium Bushings

Hands down,
Bones makes the best bushings. We highly recommend putting these in if you need new bushings. Finally we have them back in stock.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Go Skateboarding Day SHOE SALE!

Put some fresh new kicks on your feet for go skateboarding day, this Saturday, June 21st. Plenty to choose from and great sizes still available.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Burton Emphasis Pack

Burton has shipped backpacks early this season. This is the Emphasis pack. Notice the skateboard straps on the outside. Lots of room, this pack retails at under $50. More packs to debut soon!

Ride Canvas snowboard TokiDoki Collab

You probably saw these pics here this past March from the SIA trade show in Vegas. Well, here is the board now, and it's in stock and for sale! This is sure to be a quick seller this next season. As far as collaboration decks go, Ride is on the cutting edge doing one from Tokidoki as well as JB classics for the guys. This deck is a 150 and it retails at $500.
Be the first girl on your block to own this masterpiece.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Razors G7 Inline Skates

Limited size run of Genesys G7's arrived in store today. Coming in the salt and pepper colorway, this skate is super clean and one of Razors most popular models. It's selling at under $200. Summer is here, get some new skate on your feet.

Razors Aggressive Wheels

Razors is actually putting graphics on their new line of wheels. A nice size inm a 56mm 90 a durometer. At only $22 you can't lose.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Final Element wood drop

These are some of the last styles we received from Element this week. Sadly the Darrell Stanton board has sold, but all others are still available. New drops daily at Alpine. Summer is HERE! Get a new deck under Yo Feet1

Powell Old School Wood

The Vato Rat deck was one of the first boards I can remember wanting to own. Sunshine House used to have it on display as soon as you walked into the store. They had a complete that came with powell 3's and Gullwing trucks. So when I saw Powell had re-issued this graphic on a new shape, I had to jump on it. Also we got in the Ray "Bones" Rodriguez skull and sword deck. This was my brothers first deck.
Both decks are over 8.1 and are simply amazing.

Bones Swiss Bearings

You wanted the best, you got the best! The best damn bearings in the world. These are Bones Swiss precision bearings and they are hella fast. These come pre lubricated with speed cream. You will notice a difference when you put these in your wheels!

Bones SPF Wheels

Bones SPF (Skate Park Formula) Wheels are back in stock. These are the wheels I have been skating on for the past year and they are simply amazing. If you are skating pools or primarily a concrete spot, these wheels have amazing grip as well as slide ability. Alpine has them in 3 great sizes. 56,58 and 60mm for your big boys!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Element Logo Wood

New Element Logo decks. Great new graphics from one of best suppliers.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Element Tiled Series Decks

Tony Tave and Bam's tiled decks are in stock. The Tave is a 7.75 and Bam's is 7.5. These are part of the featherlight series of decks. For more info check out element

Element Wheels

Element wheels have found there way to alpines skate cabinet. Bam's black and white wheel looks great. Also the Chad Tim Tim wheel along with the featherlight are strong.

Element Aviary Wood

New wood is arriving daily at Alpine. Here is the new Aviary wood from Element. 2 new decks from Brent Atchley and Mike V. The Atchley is a 7.6 and Mike's is a 7.8. These are part of the Helium line which makes decks both lighter and stronger.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Silver A Class Carbon Fiber Trucks

Not really made of carbon fiber. That would just be silly. Much better with the Carbon paint job. Silver base plate really sets these off.

Silver Yellow S Class Trucks

Check out the detail on the newest color of Silver trucks. This is the model that Nyjah Huston will be rocking in all his new video parts.