Saturday, August 30, 2008

Lib Tech NAS Pipe Skis 09

Lib skis are in stock and they are SICK!!! Coming with world famous Magna traction, you have to ski them to believe them. I have been on a pair for the last 2 seasons, and I absolutely love them. Lib does not call these skis, but narrow ass snowboards. Brilliant.Super thick sidewalls and brilliant graphics only add to the hype behind these great skis.

K2 Pabst blue Ribbon Brewskis

Tyler got a new pair of skis! You heard correct. Every ones' favorite owner, Tyler Bunch, is the proud owner of a very limited pair of 179 k2 Brewskis. These are rumored to be limited to 500 pair worldwide. The ski is made in the Maiden mold and is a simple red white and blue pattern. The tip rivets have been made in the great shape of a pull top can. If you are in the store ask Ty to pull them out of the back for you. They are worth a peek.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Vans High standard 09

Sure you can ride in a black boot. But why would you do that when you could be rocking this sweet high standard with all this color. This is a great boot and an incredible price. Here's what has to say about them.

The all new Trifit Asym-X thermal liner provides a truly amazing high performance heel fit without sacrificing the comfort and warmth you’ll need to shred all day. Three distinct materializations using a variety of synthetics and textiles keep the stylin’ steezy, while the dual density EVA footbed and airbag dampening keep the ridin’ easy.

- NEW Trifit Asym-X thermal liner with heel-holding technology, center tongue construction, and closed seam brushed fleece upper cuff- NEW double-posted stainless steel checkerboard lace hooks
So don't just buy it because it looks so rad. Buy it because it rides awesome!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Es Spring Sneak Peek

3 New shoes willbe dropping in the near future at Alpine. well, maybe not the near future, but sometime in january. First is the square one in green. Check out the es' hit on the heel Nest will be the square one in yellow. This is a great color in es's soon to be number one selling shoe.And a new mid will grace our walls. The new cessna mid in black red. This shoe looks sick!

check the blog for the drop!

Burton Blender snowboard 09

Burton has put out a sweet new womens twin tip. Surveys say that ladies love polka dots, so Burton listened and put dots all over this deck! Perfect for buttering,jibbing and shredding. Deck comes in 141-145-148-151-154. Be sure to stop in and check out all the latest that Burton has for the ladies.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ride Deuce DFC Boot 09

Holy Butt Ugly Boot! Simply amazing. If you want to stand out in the crowd,do we have the boot for you! This is the DFC version of the inline deuce. The big difference is that this model is a BOA Recoiler model!. Here is what has to say about it.
Light and Easy While UndercoverFront board a park bench or climb into your tree blind. Either way this boa coiler equipped mother trucker has got you covered. Complete with mud flap girls and camouflage, leave it to the Deuce dfc to make you blend in and stand out.

Ride Society Snowboard 09

The New ride Society is in stock and it looks amazing. This board is graphically enhanced through a collaboration with JB classics lab. See more below.
This is presumably the lightest ans smoothest freestyle deck around. It has ride's famous slimewalls and a fusion 4000 base. Here is a pic of the shoe which is done in the same graphic as the board. These kicks are super limited to 276 pair. We are lucky to have pair #86 on display.
For more info check out

New Eulogy Wheels

It seems like just last week I was putting up a post about getting these wheels in. The last batch sold out, so here we are again with 3 new wheels. Sizes and pros are above. Check out for more info. Eulogy makes the best wheels in the inline business.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Burton Custom Binder 09

I am a sucker for anything see through and limited. This is by no way limited, but the frosty clear colorway is simply awesome. The custom comes with burtons toe cap and great aluminum buckles. This binding has everything you need at a lower price point. Retail on this model is only $149, and it looks good on pretty much any deck we have in stock!

Ride's cube of Goodness

Yes, ride hooked us up with a sweet orange cube to sit on while fitting snowboard boots. No more sitting on the ground for us! Thanks Ride!

Stephen Timms With new wood and more....

Yes, Alpines favorite skateboarder Stephen Timms stopped by to pick up some new wood and to show off his new ride. Yes, the Sk8zuki is sadly gone. After T boning a truck that pulled out in front of him, the suzuki was totalled. But now Stephen has a reliable car that gets 35 miles to the gallon! Pretty rad, and you can't beat that blue color.

Roxy Leilani ladies Boa Boot

The Roxy Leilani was one of the best selling ladies boots last season, and this year it comes back stronger than ever. Ultra light weight and super clean this boot offers both comfort and performance with the famous BOA lacing system. Only $179 for this great boot. Roxy boots are made side by side with DC snowboard boots, so the quality is great!

Tecnica Agent 80 09

New Tecnica Agent 80 is in and it looks and feels incredible. The colorway on this particular model is super clean and it has all the necessary bells and whistles. All metal micro buckles and the hinged cuff are some of the valuable features. The toe box is generous and the comfort level is through the roof. Whether you playing in the park, or freeriding, this boot delivers. It has a softer flex than the 100 and 120, so it is designed for the intermediate skier looking for value and style.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Plan B Sneak Peek Fader Series.

New Fader series graphics from our Friends over at Plan B. look for these to be hitting shelves in the next 2 weeks. Perfect for back to school. Nothing starts off the school year better than fresh wood!

Alpine Wood coming in 4 great Colors

Here they are, in all of their glory. Alpine's first shop deck. The wait is over. Stop in and check them out,you will not be disappointed. Each size is a different color. Plan B is making our decks so you know that their good.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Alpine Wood is Here!!!!

Matt is shown here holding up the first ever Alpine complete, (Which he designed).All sizes available from 7.375-8.125. Four color options as well. These decks are on SALE now at Alpine for the low price of $39.99. Hurry in. At these prices they will not be around long.
Alpine decks are brought to us by our friends at Syndrome Distribution. You might know them as the makers of Plan B wood.

Remz 08 One Re Up

We just got a re up of Remz 08 Ones. Great colorway in this model, and it's on sale now for $249. Full size run of 7-11 available. This skate goes virtually unchanged with each model. Usually just a color shift and the newest GC frame. Black and grey is always solid!

Circa Cero Combat Skate shoes

New Cero colorways arrived today, perfect for back to school. This brown colorway is sick. It has the green bowtie and also a green footbed. Comes with green and black back up laces. All Circa combat shoes come with 3 sets of laces. All of this for the low price of $50! SICK!!! Black and white always looks fresh. Good size runs available today.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

KRUX Kickflip challenge results!

It was a beautiful day for the Krux Kickflip challenge. This was the first time Alpine sponsored this event and it couldn't have gone off any smoother. Lot of people competed, but the strong winner was Stephen Jefferson with a whopping 107 kickflips. He had speed and style on each and every one. Here he is collecting his prize batch of 2 sets of Krux trucks, some t's, a free pair of Lakai shoes, and a DVD.
Dylan Anderson had a methodical approach and stunned everybody with 73 kickflips. We were very lucky to have Chris from Convoy skateboards in attendance. And need we mention our outstanding judge Jonny Burns? Perhaps you've heard of him. He's a big time blogger for and

After the kickflipping was over we decided to have a high ollie contest. Jonas Durney (Newest rider for Convoy), managed a sweet 6 deck ollie to capture the prize.
Alpine would like to thank everyone who came out, and especially Krux for helping out skateboarders everywhere with this fun comp.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Lib Banana??? What?

Who would put a banana on a snowboard? Coming Sooner than you think!!!! Call for details.

Burton Cosmic Delight Jacket

New Burton Cosmic Delight jacket. This is one we loved form the White collection. White collection you ask? Yes, the fabled Shawn White has his own clothing line. Who knew? This jacket retails at $199 and is worth every penny. The Cosmic is 10,000 mm waterproof and wicked stylish.

Krux Kickflip Challenge TOMORROW!!!

Sign-ups are from 10-10:45. Look forward to seeing you here. Krux kickflip challenge at Alpine.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ride Rapture Snowboard 09

Ride makes some pretty amazing women's boards. This is one of the better graphics I have seen on a women's board, and it only retails at $299. It is a center stance twin tip with a radial side cut. It is very easy to ride and rolls into turns with ease. Check out the sweet die-cut base on this model. All sizes available today.

Burton Bonded Fleece 09

Pat is shown modeling this seasons Bonded fleece in tru black from Burton. Super clean, this is always a top seller at alpine. All sizes available. Perfect for back to school, or anytime for that matter. It is a fully wicking fleece and doesn't shrink in the wash.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

USD Realm Black/White Sneak Peek

New pics have surfaced of the New USD Realm. This skate, as you may know, comes from the old Fila skate mold which USD bought. They have done some re-tooling and this is the newest offering. It comes flat with Undercover team wheels and a Kizer clean frame. This skate will retail somewhere around $160.This is a great deal considering it comes flat rockered and has a brand name frame.

Oakley Red Camo Crowbar

This is a rad colorway in this goggle. Red and black camo with spherical lens technology. The lens on these has a 3 base curve which creates less distortion and gives a cleared view of the slopes. All colors available now in this great goggle.

Oakley Crowbar Tanner Hall

Tanner Hall has put his signature on this great Oakley crowbar. This is the number #1 selling model within Oakleys spherical lens line. It has the extension arms to help it fit better around helmets. Tanner also has put rasta colors as well as a lion on the outside strap. Great looking and functioning goggle.

Monday, August 11, 2008

New Santa Cruz Graphics

Here is a sneak peek at the upcoming Santa Cruz graphic line. Look like they put the Save -us series together with some old school Phillips graphics. These look strong. Santa Cruz has done a great job recently graphically, and their team is stronger than ever.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Nordica Supercharger Boot 09

Wow is all I can say. This Boot ROCKS! At $349 this boot has it all. It reminds me of the beast boot with a softer flex (70). The man fur at the cuff is extremely comfortable and the toe box is generous. If you want a boot with both performance and comfort, this is the one!. All metal micro adjustable buckles and the easy slide in feature make this one of my favorites.

Eulogy Wheels

3 New Eulogy wheels arrived at Alpine today. Finally some smaller sizes. Graphics are beyond good. Isaac has outdone himself on these wheels. Eulogy is Alpine's #1 selling aggressive wheel.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Circa Shoe Sale!!!

It's back to school SALE Time. Hurry in before the back to school rush wipes us out!

UGG Classic Short Chocolate

Wow these shipped early. Last year these did not show up until almost Christmas. All sizes in stock in this color. These are sure to sell out well before the holidays, so get yours here today.

Ugg Classic Cardy Brown

Remember this shoe last year? It was the one Oprah put on her "Favorite things" list. We had them in store all of 2 days before they sold out. New stock in today. They will be a hot item this holiday season. Color shown is brown, and retail is $140. Buy early and save the fighting for them come Christmas.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Oakley Seth Morrison Crowbar Goggle

New Oakleys arrived today. The first one to catch my eye was the new Seth Morrsion crowbar. It has Matte Skulls around the frame and comes with a plaid cleaning cloth. The box is even cool looking. It's the main reason I opened this one first.
The strap matches the red and skull theme. This is going to be a hot goggle this upcoming season.

Line Skis mid Season Release-Spirals-Octoland

My inbox had some news today from our friends at Line skis. 2 New late release twins. First up is the Octoland. Next is the spirals. Eric Pollard is one of the few skiers respected world-wide not only for his forward thinking and creative skiing style, but also for his artwork. So when it came to needing unique graphics for a limited edition release of one of our most popular freestyle skis, it was a no-brainer to give the project to Pollard. Eric has created 2 new graphic versions of the original Anthem. The construction is the same, but the graphics are as one-of-a-kind as Pollard’s skiing. With less than 150 pair, per size, per model world wide, they won’t last long and will be in high demand.

Technology: • 4D Fibercap Construction• Butter Zones • 100% Symmetric Flex and Geometry• Center Mount• Fatty Base & Edge • Maple Macroblock Core Specs: Lengths: 161, 171, 178cm Shape: 119-93-119 Sidecut: 18.5 (178cm)