Thursday, November 27, 2008


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All Complete skateboards $99.99 (No Longboards)
All Skate Shoes 30%off
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All Quiksilver and roxy outerwear at least 20% off.
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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tecnica Dragon 110 Ultrafit

This boot is SICK!!! Last season Sam Cook, The president of Tecnica, came into the store and told me some good things were ahead for Tecnica. He talked about how he was changing the upper end of the line and how they would fit and ski better than ever. Well, I hear this song and dance every year, but this time it is 100% true. The dragon boot blows the old Diablo line out of the water. From fit, to looks, to weight, this boot is simply amazing. Come in and try on one of Alpine's new favorite boots today.

Element Skate rails back in stock

Just in time for the holiday season, the element skate rail is back in stock. Put it on your list for santa, because these things are hot. 6 feet long and height adjustable, these are great for skating or snowboarding in the front yard. All black and easily assembled. 4 of these arrived today!

Monday, November 24, 2008

New Kontrol skateboard wheels

Kontrol makes some great looking skateboard wheels. We got a re up of the Imperial rollers. New to Alpine are the Ronson Lambert pros, the Risk's, and the booger. Think Alpine for all of your skateboard needs.

Arbor Longboard wheels

2 new colors arrived today. Blue and green Arbor longboard wheels in the 70mm 78a variety. These look great.

Arbor Long boards re-up.

Just in time for the holiday season, New arbors are in stock today! here is the Pin Bamboo. Next we have the blunt bamboo.

Lastly the fish Koa is back in.
Arbor decks look and ride amazing. This is a must have this holiday season.. Stop in and ask which one is right for you.

EMS Faux Sale!

Wow, I heard about this crazy sale going on at my competition across the street. So I looked into this to see what was really going on. Sure they said 20-50% off everything in the store. But wait til you see the stipulations.
20-50% OFF Everything – Online OnlyPercentage is taken off of the regular price. Merchandise priced as marked on line. Offer good from 11/24/08 thru 11/30/08. Sale starts in stores on 11/26/08. Sale prices will be honored for Quick Pickup orders that are reserved today. Not valid on repurchase of returned merchandise. Cannot be combined with other offers or coupons. Not valid on gift cards; rentals; 2009 Scott USA bikes; Tele/AT skis, boots, or bindings; snowboards, boots, or bindings; Merrell® or Patagonia® footwear; or Yakima®, Necky® or Ocean Kayak™ products. Other restrictions may apply.

Wow, that's more than 1/2 of their store that is NOT on sale. I wish I could get away with advertising like this. Hmmm... Maybe I'll try. Naw. I'll just continue to offer great prices and have REAL sales.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Ride Sigma MVMNT 09 Binder

I was organizing the warehouse yesterday, and low and behold I found these gems tucked away in the back. For all you ladies looking for a lightweight,dope looking binding, this is it. Great ratchets, and comfortable straps ,make this binding fit and feel great. Don't just buy it because it's olive and pink. That right there is a great color combination.

Razors Icons 2 skate

Hey look kids, it's a new Razors skate. How can you tell? Well it looks new doesn't it? Maybe not. It looks like every other razors skate to hit the market as of late. Sure it comes with the GC featherlight frames, and a new and improved Juggernaut liner, but it's dark grey and white. Don't get me wrong, I love Razors and they do skate amazing, but seriously with the black theme. It's getting so it's hard to see my skate wall with all the bland.
That being said, they are extremely comfortable and wicked light. If you're looking for a new skate to ask Santa for, this might be the one. Full size run available today.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Rossi Z series skis 09

Rossi's "Z" line of skis is in and they look and ski great. Oversize shapes and big sweet spots make these good in all types of snow. Shown here are the Z10,Z6, and the Z1. Each ski has different levels of VAS (Vibration Absorbing Systems) that dampens the ski at higher rates of speed while still maintaining liveliness. I am a big fan of these models after testing them last season. Stop in and see if one is right for you.

The Josh is doing some tuning.

The wintersteiger is humming as The Josh gets customers skis and decks ready for the snow. All local mountains are opening tomorrow. This is the earliest I can remember. Tuned equipment rides a lot better, so bring it in and let the man in the back make your skis and boots look like new again.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ride Beta MVMNT Rocker Pink 09

This binding is really Pink. It is almost neon. For details check the post below. Limited sizes and availability. Makes your friends "pink" with envy.

Ride Beta MVMNT white 09

These binders are part of the mobility series and are designed to be lightweight and super strong. Ride abandoned the old "roller " type buckle and these now come with a new power UL lever, which we at alpine LOVE. This has the great wrap around toe strap that really grabs the boot and holds it in the heel pocket of the binding. Colorway shown here is white. All sizes available.

Xsjado Stockwell Re-up.

Stockwell's Rooster boot is back in stock. Full size run available today. Good colorway in this model. Xsjado skates are super comfortable, and can be worn with any shoes. Easily adjustable and they have a huge soul area.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Chris Got a new Kit!!!

Big ups to the mighty Harrison and 686. this kit is little bit ridiculous. Never have I had the smarty outfit, and I must say, it's incredible. The jacket is the Rise above smarty in the grey stripes print. For pants, I went with the Smarty marker in gunmetal pinstripe. DAMN it looks good. And yes, I am wearing Mondrians on the feet. They are rad.

Burton GMP Cartel EST

There are a lot of letters and initialing going on over at Burton. So much that I get confused. 1st there's GMP- Green mountain projects. Personally I like white mountain projects, but I understand that using the word "Green" makes everyone all fuzzy and warm inside.
2nd, there is EST- which stands for (I had to go look it up) Extra sensory technology. This is only found on the binders. And it only works with the 3rd component which is-
ICS-which stands for Internal combustion syndrome. I may have made that last one up, but we all get the picture. Anyway, we were able to procure 3 pair of these new binders and they look dope on a couple if the ICS decks. Remember, if someone comes to me and says limited, I will buy it. I am a sucker like that. The Cartel is one of my favorite Burton bindings. It kind of does it all. Not too much and not too little.

Mechanics work starting early!

Alpine's mechanics are work at a feverishly high pace to knock out all the early mechanics work. Skiers and snowboarders alike are heavily anticipating a good and "Early" snow season. We haven't had this much work early in a long time. Keep it coming! The mechanics love running those machines and making those skis and snowboards run fast on the hill!

Nordica Super charger Jr Boot 09

Kids need good ski boots too. So Alpine is now offering the Nordica Super Charger Jr boot for those kids who need a little bit more power under foot. It is a standard four buckle with a great liner which has the ever popular "Fur" lined upper. Available in small sizes only and sells at $199. Great translucent shell.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Burton Hero Late release.

Burton has a new board to combat the "banana" craze. It is named the hero, and it will save yo from busting your ass doing butters down rails and boxes. Well, maybe not really, but it does help shred skate style on snow. It comes in 3 sizes, and alpine has all of them. 152-155-and a 158. Its shape is twin like and it comes with the superfly core With Dual Zone EGD. Rad. The extras on this deck are the "V" Rocker construction, pro tip, and pressure distribution edges. Be sure to check these out.

Burton Con Dom Late Release snowboard

Burton Late release models are in! We were only alloted on Con dom snowboard in a great 154 size. This is the dominant deck with Burtons new ICS system It comes in this hot pink with a great yellow base.
This deck is only available in 2 sizes- a 150 and a 154. It is twin in shape and comes with the parkfly core with dualzone egd. Some extras on this deck include new Freebase construction-Pro tip, and Infinite ride core.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Volkl Bridge 09 Skis

The bridge is back this season with brand new dimeensions. It's now 130/92/112. This works for both rocking in the park and skiing in the back country. The 92mm waist is perfect for just about anything you can throw at it. We have this ski in 2 sizes, the 169 and the 177. Volkl twins are getting strong reviews this season, and they are sure to sell out fast.

Volkl Attiva Fuego 09

The Volkl Attiva Fuego is a ripper for the ladies. It comes with Volkl's extended double grip construction, and the extended wood core light. This ski is designed for the woman looking for a ski that can hold an edge at high speeds and feel lively doing it. Just looking at this ski makes you want to tear up the mountain. It is the female counterpart to the tigershark line for men. All sizes available. Comes with a matching Marker performance binding.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Nitro "banana" Sub Pop Snowboard Sneak Peek

Nitro is entering the new "banana" Craze with its new Sub Pop Deck. This deck is an 09/10 model and is shipping as we speak. It is carrying a $420 price tag and is super slick looking. It comes with the combat core which is chemically altered to be soft underfoot and stiff at both ends. It also pivots underfoot,so it's wicked easy to get this deck up on edge.

Arbor Cadence 09 Womens deck

Arbor's premier ladies deck is the Cadence. It's versatile all mountain board for women who take park inspired skills to the whole mountain. It has a structural white erable wood top and inlaid red poplar birds. Progressive directional-twin shape,lightweight core, and softer flex supportspinn tricks,rail sessions, and slope style cruising. You need to see this board! It is absolutely beautiful.

Rossignol J Dub 09 Snowboard

Rossignol brings back the jdub yet again. Still coming with Magne traction and still with the blunted nose and tail, this deck is a park monster. This year’s holds an eerie psychedelic graphic. Rossi has held on to the J dub name even though it was named for John Jackson when he rode for Rossi. He left mid season last year to ride for Forum. Rossi kept the name Jdub and has made this the premiere deck in the freestyle part of the line.

We'll see how much longer Rossi uses Magnetraction after the marriage Of rossi,quiksilver and Mervin is now over. But for now, the J dub is a serious deck at a great price point, and it still has the world famous magne-traction.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

That's It, That's All In STOCK!

In stock today! 6 copies made their way to Alpine so hurry in and grab yours. Here's a trailer of the movie if you need to know what's up.

Shoe goo

Shoe Goo back in stock! SAVE YOUR SHOES! Clear color in available today.

Reflex Utilitool

Alpine now stocks the best tool available in skateboarding. Why is it the best you ask? Because of the axle re-threader on the end. No longer will stripped axle mean the demise of your trucks.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ride Crew Boa Focus 09

Ride boots have come a long way over the past couple of years. The Crew boa fits amazing and its weight is minimal. It is a stiffer model and perfect for the free riders out there looking for some beef to help drive the board into some hard carves. Stop by just to try this on. You will not be disappointed!

Lib Tech POW NAS snow skis 09

Check out these amazing limited edition skis. Lib offers a buy one get one free on these rippers. Pow Narrow ass snowboards with magne traction are handcrafted by lib technologies near Canada in the USA. Each ski has a completely different graphic and the base shot on these is absolutely beautiful.

Lib Tech Banana Asst 156

A new Banana deck arrived today. 2 156 Red BTX lib decks are in stock. This color is sick and it looks dope with the Union force binder in all red. Get these before they are all  sold out!

Monday, November 3, 2008

New Urethane company..

Looks like Adam Johnson, the man behind Vibralux and the KFC moniker, is bringing a new wheel company to the table. This is actually news, since there really hasn't been a new wheel company since 4X4 3 years ago. Wheels look good, and so does the team.