Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sleaze Trailer

Movie in stock today! Here's the trailer if you haven't seen it.

Vicious Team DVD Sleaze

New fruitboot DVD in stock today. We haven't had a new inline DVD in stock in a long time. This one is produced by Jan Welch, and the vicious team is pretty stacked. It looks to be a good one.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Gnu Park Pickle 09

PTX is in the house. That is correct, Alpine is the proud owner of 4 new Pickle technology decks from gnu. What makes these different from the lib skate banana you ask? It's the heel side edge. There is a defined heel side edge on this deck that has a deeper side cut, so it's easier to hook up turns. Only available in a 156 for the moment, this deck is pretty sweet. Stop in and check these beauties out. They will not be around for long.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Convoy Team deck

Great new team model from convoy. Not everyone can get their own team model, but convoy was able to put out a great deck with every ones name on it. All sizes available from Arlington's favorite skateboard company. For more info on Convoy visit them at convoyskateboards.com.

Bones Skatepark Formula Wheels

New shipment of my favorite, the SPF wheels, from Bones skate wheels.

Bones 100 wheels

New shipment of black bones 100's arrived today. Just in time for those Christmas completes!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

"The Josh" got a new kit!

Big thanks go out to Jonny Burns from the Southofthenorth.com, for hooking up "The Josh" with this sweet new kit. He is rocking the Andreas Wiig jacket from vans and pants to match. Look for "The Josh" out at the local mountains up until Jan 30th. Then he will be making his trek out west.
You heard right, he is moving back out to Utah and will be killing it come February 5th. I am sure he will make some turns with you if you head out there.

Ride Agenda Snowboard 09

Need some good wood cheap? No this is not a pick up line, (But feel free to use it if you like). Rides agenda deck is twinish in shape and super rad looking. It only retails at $299 and it rides amazing. Whether you are looking for your first deck or a replacement park board, the agenda is ya great choice.
If you buy this deck with a binder, alpine will knock 10% off the deck price. That's a savings of 30$. Ask any of the guys at alpine to see this great board. All sizes available today!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

686 Kids Clothing re-up

Great new line up of kids clothes are filling 2 4 ways at alpine. Come pick out a sweet new kit for the cool kid in your family. 686 makes some great clothes and they are alpine's best selling brand.

New Burton Hero Colorway

I have never seen a white Hero? One showed up today from Burton in a 155. Super cool colorway in a limited deck from Burton. As you know, we sold through the first batch quickly. Christmas is right around the corner..

Friday, December 12, 2008

Burton Hero Re-up

Alpine sold out of its first batch of heroes quickly. 2 more showed up today in a 52 and a 58. Burtons new rocker board is off the chain. Yes, I said off the chain.

New Plan B wood

Yes, everyone favorite "Rock Star" skate company has delivered us 20 new decks. Just in time for the Christmas season. All flavors,sizes and colors available today. Let Alpine build your next complete.

Matt got a new set-up!

Yes it's true. Alpine's own, Matt Ebner, received his board and binders today from Rossi. He is going to riding on this seasons rossi one MTX in a 156, with Rossi Jeremy Jones binders. Pretty sick set up. So if you see him whipping down the mountain, stop him and ask him how it rides.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Razors Mini Ramp Competition

Get your submissions in. I would love to see someone from this area win. Razors is doing a great job of promoting the bitter cold showdown.
Last year Alpine had one of it's riders (CatFood) make it pretty far.
Get those edits in

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New Dakine Rack!

Alpine got a new Dakine rack! Hoooray! Thanks mike. It was much needed and it displays all your products well. Stop in and see how it is now filled with the best in ski and snowboard gloves and hats. Alpine carries the largest array of Dakine merchandise in the DC area.

Oregan Scientific Helmet Cam

Want to video yourself and all your friends shredding down the hill? (Yes I said Shredding). This is the perfect gift. Attach this to your helmet and follow everyone around. Hit the park, the pow, or the bar. You can record everything in a great digital format and even watch back what was just recorded on the small screen.
Easy push button recording as well as a remote. Now you won't miss a thing and you can easily transfer it all to youtube. Be the star of your own snow movie.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Boot Dryers

We have experimented with different boot and glove dryers over the years and we always fall back on this one. It plugs into a wall and is easy to pack in your luggage. They only retail for $30 and I never have anyone come back and tell me they broke, or they didn't work. Buy one for the rider in your family this Christmas. It's money well spent for happy,dry feet.

Independent Truck Re Up.

New flavors of the world famous Indy trucks are back in stock. Rowleys,30th anniversary's, Reynolds and more. The green ones look dope on creature wood.

New Santa Cruz Decks

Yep,new Santa Cruz decks are in. some old graphics, and some new ones. Powerlytes and powerplys are all available. Santa Cruz has been making great skateboards since as long as I can remember. I learned on an sc skate 5 ply back in 86. Enough about me. Get on a new deck this christmas.

New Creature Wood

New black and green wood adorns alpine's skate wall. We love the creature wood here. All the great sizes are available. New designs in the great neon green colorway.

Powell Santa Ripper

Look what popped into my inbox today. Looks like Powell is bringing in a limited amount of this Santa "Ripper" deck for the holidays. Pretty cool design.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Independent Pint Glass

A strong favorite among shop employees, the pint glass from Independent is great. Buy one for the skater in your life. I know of no person who has seen this glass and not wanted it. Limited supply. Buy em' quick!

Index wood and Urethane

New Index products arrived today. Index now has urethane and it looks amazing. New colors that POP off the wall. New graphics and new sizes in stock today. visit index's website @ inktheworld.com , or view their blog on our side panel.

Creature Wax

Finally back in stock.What every kids wants in their stocking. Creature coffin wax. Don't buy it just because it smells so good.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Anon Goggles make the perfect gift

Shopping for that skier or snowboarder in the family? Don't know what to purchase? How about ANON goggles. What self righteous snow lover wouldn't want to adorn these on their face? None that I know. Alpine has a great selection in all price ranges. Let one of our staff help find the right one for you!

Tecnica Vento 95 HVL 09

Got a wide foot? Need a performance boot? Tecnica has blended both of these traits together to bring you the Vento 95 HVL. HVL stands for High Volume Last. AVS (Anti vibration system) is built into the heel to give this boot a super smooth ride. All metal micro buckles and a translucent shell top this performance monster off.

888 Helmets back in stock

What parent won't buy their kid a new helmet for Christmas? None that I know. The rubberized Triple 8 helmet is back in stock in 3 great colors. All sizes available, so hurry in and protect your dome.

Mike Graham sponsor me clip.

I love sponsor me videos. When I was a kid, there was no way of ever making something this cool. From your name at the beginning, to dubbing in music, to editing tricks. Just fantastic. Keep bringing these in, and I will share them with the masses.
Keep skating mike!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What happens in Italy....

These pics were sent to me from my Union/Capita/Coal rep. He is in lovely Italy right now getting line presentations from the head honchos. That is one hell of a stocked bar.
This time of year is when reps from all over the country gather with their respective companies to see the direction the company is heading.

Union is now entering year five, and have a ton of steam behind them. They are possibly the fastest growing binding brand in the country, and for good reason. The product works, the team rocks, and they look DOPE. So here's Martino talking abouut year 5.Could we be seeing a Flintstone themed binder??? We'll have to wait and see. Be prepared, because in the upcoming weeks, we will be seeing all of the 2010 product leaking it's way onto the infoweb, and I will do my best to get you great shots of what Alpine plans to carry next season.

Until then, go ride. Enjoy the winter. Liberty opens Friday.

Circa 99 Vulc

This is by far the best looking Circa shoe Alpine has ever offered. Amazing color for winter and the orange laces set it off. Comes with back up chocolate laces. This shoe is a must see. Full size run available today. This shoe is going to be on a lot of Christmas lists.

Circa Allie 208 vulc

This shoe is part of the Thrasher Collab with Allie. Tongue and side says "Skate and Destroy". Sick colorway with the orange stitching. It also has lace covers which helps laces last at least on kickflip longer.

Circa Allie Cobra Orange

Winter colors and higher shoes are all around. The new Circa Allie Cobra in black/white/orange in stock today. Mid skate shoes are all the rage and this is one of Alpines best sellers. All sizes available.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Gnu Park Pickle 09

I must say that I like getting my info direct from the rep and feeding it out, not the other way around. I heard of this deck a couple of months ago from my rep. I kind of forgot about it until I saw it on Shay's blog post. I called my rep immediately and told him I needed this deck. He was allotted 50 to sell along the east coast. I was able to procure 4 of them. They will only be coming in one size, that is a 156. Since it's BTX, it can be ridden a little smaller.

This board will also utilize a steeper side cut on its backside edge; something Santa Cruz has been using in its twins for years. This board should be in before the first of the year. I will keep everyone posted.

Salomon Idol 8 Ladies boot

This is a great ladies model. I ordered this boot after I looked at our boot wall, and noticed I had nothing for my wife. This is a light performance boot with a tight heel pocket, and a 100mm lasted toe box. Perfect for the advanced lady skier who seeks a cushier ride, but can still throw it down a mogul slope.


Here it is in all of its glory. The limited edition "Shop Only" DFC DH. That sure is a lot of letters, but this board is amazing. By far the premiere freestyle deck in the ride line-up, this deck has tons of snap and pop and is super stable flying down the hill. Only one in stock in a 159. It matches the limited Contraband binders perfectly. (See Below)
When Ride makes a limited board, they spare no expenses. Alpine is the premiere Ride dealer in the Northern Va area. Stop in to see this and everything else ride has to offer.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Ride Contra Band LTD First Peek

Here is the much Ballyhooed 4th colorway in this years new contraband from Ride. This limited colorway is available only to shop employees and is much sought after. It ties in with the limited DH deck. It has gold and red tones, and the toe strap is all red. Only 1 pair of these in stock.

Emerica Francis Suski Collab

Holy Hotness! Do you feel the heat emanating off of this great shoe? I do. The Francis is one of Emericas best selling shoes, and this colorway is super sick. All sizes available.

Emerica Jerry Hsu Skate Shoes

Jerry hsu's new shoe is in stock, and it looks great. We love collab shoes, and this is no exception. The tongue says enjoi skateboarding, and the panda theme runs across the back. The pandas are also on the footbed. Sole of the shoe is a bright yellow. Mid cut shoes protect against ankle bite and are super comfortable. All sizes available.