Thursday, January 29, 2009

Line preview 2010

I talked earlier about the skateboard skis from line. Here they are in all of thier glory. All 3 graphics from world famous artist Jimbo Phillips. As you can see, these are simply SICK!

Last Night at Batistas hole in the wall

Well it was dad's last time in vegas so we had to go out to our favorite italian restaurant, Batista's hole in the wall. The line to get a cab outside the hotel was long, but it moved pretty quick. Everything in vegas moves pretty quick. They know how to move lines. All the menus are written on the wall and as you can see they all come with all you can drink house wine.
So we saddled up to the bar and ordered some cocktails. It's a small operation, but the service was top notch.

I can remember this guy from my first trip to this restaurant back in 1988. He has always been a staple and comes by your table, asks where you are from, and plays a ditty. He may be old, but his fingers fly on his musical contraption.

Mmmmmmm, delicious all you can drink wine!

All in all it was a great evening.

We were extremely lucky to be met for dinner by none other than Peter Clifford. You may know him as one of the greatest reps ever to grace these halls at Vegas. Thanks again Batisitas for a fabulous meal.

Burton Hero 2010

We all know this to be Jonny's favorite deck. this upcoming year it is coming with a seal and I guess it's supposed to look like a beach ball. no matter, we all know how well it rides. 2 different versions of this deck will be available. One inline and one in the smaller coalision line. It didn't go away, it just shrunk considerably and says Burton on it.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Burton Dominant 2010

New Shark in the water graphic from the monster company that is Burton. Great freestyle deck in a clean graphic. Notice the slider system on all the new models. We told you it was coming.

Mervin day and more....

Just another day in Vegas. I was lucky enough to get to meet the Famous Zach Leach. You might remember Zach from the Gnu snowboard called "Riders Choice". Yeah, that's what Zach Rides and Alpine carries it. Speaking of Gnu Mervin is looking strong and the booth was hopping. Lots of yellow and lots of banana traction. Front and center the Jamie Lynn sock puppet and blue girl return in next years board graphics.
As I walked out of my meeting I was lucky to run into everyone's favorite entrepreneur, Olympic Medalist, X Games champ, Fuel TV star and snowboarder: Danny Kass. He informed of his great line Grenade and implored me to go take a look.

So I snuck over to the booth to take a look. Looks like Grenade might be a staple in Alpine next season. Thank you brad decker, and Danny for getting us on board.

Capita Horrorscope FK

The horrorscope is reverse camber done right. It is a true twin jib park specific deck. It has sidewall construction, a radial sidecut, and a centered stance. It comes with the world famous Flat Kick camber story which makes every rider look and feel like a rock star. And This deck will retail for under $350

Capita Quiver Killers

How lucky was I yesterday that Johan, the man himself, took me through the Capita line. I have to give it up to him, it looks absolutely awesome. Shown here are the Quiver killers. These are coming in at $379, and are a directional freestyle deck. Graphics are sick.

Sessions Preview

Lots of blues and lime greens out there. Check out the denim with the Plaid jacket. Sessions is rolling strong into next season with some loud colors and strong prints.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mervin Preview 2010

Mike Olsen is in full Gear as he is proudly showing the New Line of Gnu and Lib. Why wouldn't he be happy with the number one selling board. And next seasons look even better.
Riders choice BTX
Box scratchers.

New Skate Bananas.

The Barrett pro. Again with a deck for her.

Ed Hardy rumors true!

Rumors proved to be true. Ed HArdy snow is in the house. Boards, Binders and clothing. Wow is all I can say.

New Atomic 2010

New Atomic Nuke 70 boot in the B tech mold. Great for park riders at only $299 2 New twin graphics on. Patent with the owls and a 95 mm waist at $499. The Punx is red at $449.

2 New twins at the $399 and $299 respectivly. Sweet graphics this season from the guys at Atomic.

Union Binders 2010

Hot Hot Hot

Monday, January 26, 2009

Ride Agenda 2010

The new agenda has some sweet updated graphics. This is a great deck that will retail at $309 next season. Be on the lookout for the matching EX binding.

Ride EX Franken

Ride binding has everything but the kitchen sink in this crazy colorway. Comes with the new convertible toe strap and the 1.5 wedge. Behind it is the white colorway.

Tecnica Agent boots 2010

The agent series from Tecnica has been nothing short of amazing. The fit is right on, and the graphics are super strong. Below is the new agent 80. This boot will sell around $349 and comes in a 102 mm last. The top of the line is the agent 130. Super stiff and has a 98mm last. Purple is a strong colorway this season. Look for it to be everywhere. Boot will sell somewhere around $750.

Full Tilt Seth Morrison model 2010

We may not be a full tilt dealer, but I know hotness when I see it. Seth Morrisons pro boot is simply awesome. the graphics are sublimated into the boot and the accents are great. It's the boot he's been skiing in for 20 years and now he has his own model. Pretty cool.

Line preview 2010

Check out the art by "Jimbo Phillips" on this skateboard designed ski. Super Rad does it NO Justice. This is the first of its kind ski designed like a skateboard. It is a seven layer canadien maple twin that has the look,feel, and design of a skateboard deck.
The New Pollard series.
Check out the sweet 70's graphics on this season Anthem. NICE!

Ride Fleetwood 2010

Graphics have been pretty tame on the fleetwood, ride's budget wide deck, over the past couple of seasons. This years offering is way better. With a deep rich graphic, this deck will fly off the shelves. New this season to this model is Slimewalls. Ride has brought slimewalls all the way down to this model and the control.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ride Snowboards 2010

Hell's Yeah is right. This is the DH2 with Lowrize rocker technology. Ride will also be doing a mid season release of the DH2 with alternate graphics for the months of October,November and December. Graphics will remain a secret until the arrival dates in store. Pretty coool! Matching Hells yeah contraband Limited binder.
This is the New hottness from Ride. The new Machette snowboard with lowrize at a $429 pricepoint and it's a collab with Morning breath

Ride Crush with Lowrize rocker and color changing topsheet. In under 60 degree weather the topsheet has different drawings that pop out. Done in collab with a 3rd grade class in Seattle. True story. Beware of the Panda puss!

Ride kink in hot green and the Slackcountry backcountry board done in a schmidt beer collab. Ride looks SICK!

New Volkl skis 2010

The new thing to report from volkl is a new women's line. it has new binding technology that lifts the toe piece putting ladies in a more athletic stance. It also reduces the risk of knee injuries. They also narrowed the tail to allow the ski to come out of turns easier. Great new graphics

Here are some of the new twin tips.On the left is the girls Aura at 130-94-113. Next is the girls cosmo at 130-92-112. And last is the girls pearl at 111-84-111. Girls twins is a fast growing segment. More girls are being attracted to the wider shapes and cooler,hipper graphics.

Here's some quick shots of the mens twins. up first is the chopsticks. This is a favorite of "the Josh" and comes with a slight rocker and a 148-128-148 shape. The Kuro is next to it with a 164-132-139 shape. Lastly is a great ski, the katana, which has a aluminum topsheet and the graphic is painted on it. A first of its kind. 141-111-131

Marker bindings 2010

Remeber a couple of years ago when ski bindings weren't even relevant? I do.But then twin tips took over and now it's the fastest growing segment in the ski industry.
Marker saw this and came out with some exciting new technology over the past few years and now have the hottest ski binding on the market. Here are some quick picks of next seasons Jester and griffon binding.

Kolon Sports?

Seriously? didn't someone at the board meeting put their hand up and say maybe we shouldn't call it something that reminds people of the rectum? You got the whole fist up there doc?