Friday, February 27, 2009

K2 Titan Re-Up

K2 titan with the dimensions of112/70/97. Great all around intermediate ski. Comes standard with the marker M2 binding. 3 sizes available--160-167-174.
All this at only $315! Holy mackerel! This is a sick deal. Hurry in, because at these prices, they are to be gone.

Another Day at Liberty

Is there anything better than being a kid and going out to the slopes? I think not. I was lucky enough that Tyler let me take the morning off so I could bring Brandon up to the hill. It was a warm 48 degrees, but we had a lot of fun and Liberty had tons of snow.

Union force, 32 lashed, Arbor Del Ray Product review.

Damn right it was a good day. Any day on the hill for me is just GREAT. I just received an awesome pair of red union forces the other day from my friends over at C3 distribution. Purveyors of such fine products as union binders,capitaaaaah decks and Coal headware.
I slapped them on my new Arbor Del Ray and hit the slopes. As you can see, this is one DOPE set up. First impression of the binder was super comfortable, and my second impression was awesome. This binding made it feel as though my feet and the board were one. I can't get over how great this binding is. For the money, the union force can't be beat. It made me feel like a rock star.
Next was the del ray which held an amazing edge and turned effortlessly. This is a true twin, and not what I would usually ride, but I felt right at home riding this deck down the slope.
On my feet are next seasons 32 lashed boots. We are new to the 32 boot program, so I didn't know what the boot was all about. It is about superlight weight and super comfort. Every move I made was instantly transferred to my deck. All in all, good equipment makes for a much more enjoyable time on the mountain. Thanks to everyone who made my day on the slopes great!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Es Square One's in Stock

Everyone's favorite es shoe is back in the stock. The Es' Square one in 2 great colorways. The silhouette is based on the accel with a vulcanized sole. It also has the patented G2 gel inserted in the heel for added comfort. These colors are both HOT. Full size runs available today at Alpine.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Emerica Braydon High

Wow is all I have to say. This is really a dope high top from Braydon. Notice the sweet grey and charcoal print on the sole. Colorway on this is called black/purple.

Emerica Ledge Green Gold

Note the return of the cup sole skate shoe. Emerica is also bringing back the gold. The Ledge is now in stock in this sick throwback colorway.

Razors G 7.1 complete

New Razors skate dropped at Alpine this week. The new Genesys 7.1. It is coming with an upgraded Jug liner and razors wheels. Always a great skate for the money.

Never Summer Longboards

Alpine is proud to announce Never Summer Longboards to its growing skateboard repertoire. Never summer, long known for making amazing snowboards, brings its technology and graphic story to the longboard market. These decks come with Paris longboard trucks, a known leader in the skate industry. Be sure to stop in and give these a spin.

Friday, February 20, 2009

New Plan B Wood

The Linotype is Plan B's new deck line. It looks like every other line Plan B does -It's safe and has lots of colors. I sense a pattern here. Still a great series. Look for it to drop soon

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Union Binding Re Up

Holy mackerel! New Union Binders are in at Alpine today! 25 new pairs from everyone favorite binding company, UNION. Looks like more colors in the force,-some data Pinstripes-2 more KFC's and some ladies Milan's. Hurry in-these are sure to go quick, and they are all on sale. I even think I saw some cadet dlx binders in black.

Kontrol Wheels Re up

Great new graphics and sizes from Dan over at kontrol wheels. Yes, you do see the imperial rollers back for one final shot here at alpine.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Never Summer 2010 Preview snowboards

Alpine is proud to announce that it will be offering Never Summer snowboards in its store next season. This is a sneak peek at some of what will be on our racks come September of this year. Super Clean graphic lines and USA construction are all found in the NS line. More to come.

Santa Cruz Corey O'Brien Purgatory deck Signed!

Oh Yeah. 1 Santa cruz signed Corey O'Brien deck made it into Alpine Yesterday. SICK! Only 250 of these are available . Relive your past with this original shape from our friends at Santa Cruz.

Vintage Powell T's

Retros skateboard shirts are in stock from everyones favorite skateboard company, Powell Peralta. The vato rat and the skating skeleton in all sizes. New skate stuff is arriving daily.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Vans skate Hi Bad Brains

This shoe is absolutely ridiculous. It commemorates Bad Brains, the great punk band out of DC from the 80's. It comes with 2 extra sets of laces, and they are shipped in a bag with the tape case on the outside.
The bag has both the a and b sides written on it. This is sure to be snatched up fast. Stop in and check these out.

Bones wheels are BACK!

Alpine's favorite skateboard wheels are back in the rack. The SPF from bones in all flavors. Their are slims, and regulars in all the sizes. Also some street tech wheels are making an appearance.

Independent and Krux truck Re-up

Great new colorways arrived today from our friends over at NHS> More black felt krux's as well as the flat black and the Gnargyle. Also some 30th anniversary 149 indy's mad their way onto the order. Check out the sweet shredwood as well as the green baseplate indy's.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Burton Custom Binding 2010 Green Preview

I am a sucker for anything clear or green. This little gem happens to have both of these fine qualities. So therefore it will be on Alpine's shelves next season. The Custom is a staple in the Burton line for good reason. it's light,comfortable and affordable. Be sure to check these out come August of this year.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Flow Era Preview 2010

This is super rad graphic on a great twin from flow for next season. This deck is designed around the I-Rock rocker technology. This offers added grip towards the nose and tail, but still offers the freedom to press without folding your nose. Comes in a 49-53-55-55w-58.

Skullcandy Smokin' Buds Headphones

Treat your head right with new Ear buds for your ipod. Skullcandy's Smokin' Buds are back in stock in 2 great colors-black and white. Only 30$.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bern Helmet Re Up

Everyones favorite visor helmet is back in stock. New colors are available and all sizes for men and women. Hurry in,because these sell out quick!

Rossi PMC 2000 Skis

Stop renting. Alpine just got a bunch of great rossi Pure Mountain skis with bindings that sell for only $329! Nice easy flexing fun ski. So ditch the rental line and throw these sweet skis down on the snow and rip. Remember, Alpine can set these up for you while you wait. There is still plenty of season left.

Seirus Boot toasters

Sometimes after a long day of riding it's a pain to pull out your liners to let them dry. No need to worry anymore, pick up some seirus Boot toasters and start your next day of riding with warm,dry feet. These plug in toasters safely warm and dry your ski or snowboard boots. Only $30.

Friday, February 6, 2009

"The Josh" has left the building

You heard correct, Josh Omwake has left us for a 2nd time and is in Utah as we speak. I just received word from him that he is looking at a fresh foot of snow at the canyons, and he is going to find the freshies. Good luck Josh, and have fun. We will miss him, and we will keep you updated as to his shenanigans. If you are heading out to Utah and want to ride with him, email us and we will get you hooked up.

Burton Hat preview 2010

New Burton lids for 2010. Show your Burton pride next season by rocking one of these fresh new lids.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Nitro Mills Preview 2010

Nitro is working this Guns and roses theme this season. Each rider gets a board that looks similar to this model. Based off the appetite for destruction covers, these all are pretty cool. The Mills is the only one I shot, but there were 4 or 5 more. Even a chick model. look for more pics to pop up soon.

Nitro Kooley 2010 Preview

Nitro is killing it next season with their graphics. This new Kooley model is strong. I remember kooley's cookie monster graphic back in his santa cruz days. Remember santa cruz snowboards? Where are they now? They sure weren't in Vegas. It was the brand with all the killer riders who left them to go onto bigger and RICHER pastures.
Sure chicks and bikes are cool; I still miss the cookie monster. MMmmmm Cooooookies.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Burton Malolo 2010 preview

Burton's free ride machine is shown here with next seasons hottest color binding. Purple looks to be the new orange. The Malolo is meant for free riding down the slope at high speeds, and is now coming with ICS. Super clean graphic on this model.

Union Binding Preview 2010

Found this pic hidden deep in the computer. Check out the rasta data, and the black pinstripe. lots of rasta colorways from everyone next season. I am still a HUGE fan of the Kelly Green Force seen at the end. First shot is of the new Force SL in a black chrome color. Could Union Binders be any Better?

Lib Tech skis Preview 2010

4 new models from the banana company. Alpine loves lib, and is proud to have the skis on our wall. Great graphics on some sick skiing skis. Model names to be given later.

Vans Snowboard Boot Preview 2010

New Vans line-up. One notable includes the Jamie Lynne pro model in the center of the pic. That is correct, he is back. His boot looks sick. The Encore returns in a couple of staple colorways. More on the other models later.

Mike Elias Denial 10 Year T

This just arrived via email from the guys at denial. Has it really been 10 years? Here's the press release.

I don't think the rollerblading community fully appreciated Mike Elias. That devil skated with more power than anyone I had ever seen. He hated filming yet managed to put together a few sections only to refuse to be payed for rollerblading. He always stood up for himself and his friends and was never prohibited by intimidation. He kicked bikers out of ledge spots, unchained his favorite rail, refused would-be muggers, broke parking barriers and laced the illest true spins anyone has ever seen. No matter what activity he picked up he was a natural and I'm sure, this spring, he's going to be a great father. Mike Elias was one of the original riders for Denial Clothing and for our 10th Birthday we're going to celebrate the riders that made Denial strong. First up will be the rerelease of the Mike Elias tee with proceeds going to Denials first father to be! It takes a large amount of Denial to survive 10 years in the rollerblading community and we aim to keep bringing it. Congratulations Mike!! From all of us here in Philadelphia – A. Sereni

Ride Strapper Keeper Preview 2010

Rides newest freestyle boot is the strapper keeper. It comes with an intuition liner and has graphics that tie back to the crush. Graphics done by Pam Nethercott's 3rd grade class.
This is actually a good story. The guys at ride told me that they went to their art department and asked the artists where they learned to draw. All of them said they began drawing in school as far back as they could remember. So Ride went to the local elementary school, which is underfunded in art, and gave them supplies and a mission. To draw a snowboard graphic. Well you can see the art all over the Crush snowboard and it ties back to this boot.
A great story, great art, and great product. this boot reminds me a little of the vans danny kass back in the day. Lower lacing and 2 Velcro straps up top.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Burton Saphire 2010 Preview

New colorway in Burtons great fitting Saphire ladies boot. Notice articulating cuffs and a nice rose pattern on the upper. Sure to be a favorite among women riders.

Burton Girls Preview 2010 Boards

Here'sa quick shot of 2010 girls Burton snowboards. 1st is the Gtwin. Notice the slider system is coming on more and more models next season.

Santa Cruz skateboard Summer Images

New Longboard images from santa cruz Look for these to be popping up everywhere after tax day!
New Screaming hand varieties. Will we ever get sick of Jimbo Phillips graphics? I think not.

Santa Cruz Corey O'Brien Purgatory deck

Corey O'Brien Purgatory deck dropping soon. You know how I love the Limited releases. All hand signed and only 250 produced. Nice work Santa Cruz.