Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Stephen Timms Got a Vimeo Account

Stephen Timms Minipipe 2008 from Stephen Timms on Vimeo.
That's correct. After I told him how great this site was, he went and downloaded some older footy on this page. The quality is way better then Youtube, and it's easy to use. It also embeds super easy into blogger.
So check out Stephen in his backyard as he trains. look for his new section to be dropping shortly.

686 580 Times 3 Ply Preview 2010

It's been a slow week at work with not much new coming in, so I have found some more shots to put up of the 686 New Balance collab gear. This is the Times jacket in 2 great colorways. It's 20,000 waterproof, and 15,000 breathable with fully taped 3 ply seams. It is a super techy jacket that isn't too heavy. I love this entire line-up, and you will see all of these in store this fall.

Friday, March 27, 2009

686 Killers T

After much prodding the 686 summer gear is making it's way onto the blog. And what better way to start than with this sweet 686 killers replica t. This is a slim fit made with that buttery cotton that feels so nice. This is a limited run so get your hands on these while you can. Matt is also sporting some sweet frogskins. Alpine has a great selection of these in stock today.

Burton Womens Divided Hoody

Kathleen is wearing Burton's Divided hoody. It is out of the summer line and is super cute. Perfect for the cool spring days ahead.
To accessorize she grabbed a pair of Oakley Gas Cans in White. White seems to be the hot color for shades this summer. These retail at only $100. The hoody retails at 57$. All sizes available.

Dakine Stomp Pads in stock

I know what you're saying. Stomp pads! It's almost summer. Well, we were out, so we got back in 2 of our favorite styles. The X mat and the Modular mat. So if you were looking for a stomp pad, stop in and pick one up. What kind of shop runs out of stomp pads. I mean really.

888 Helmets Re Up

Why do we love triple 8 Helmets you Ask? They have comfortable fleece liners. They have a matte color finish, and they ship to us in 2-3 days. This is why we love 888.
Stop in and check out all the great new flavors sizes. New to us in an XS size. The kelly green rubber is sick!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

RIP Shane McConkey

The world lost a great skier and even greater person today. Shane Mcconkey's chute failed to open on what was a normal everyday occurance-Jumping off a cliff with some skis and a parachute.
He will be missed by all. Rest in Peace huckmeister.

New Balance 580 686 Sneaker Collab

Here is the matching shoe to the snowboard boots shown below. This will be an extremely limited sneaker and only available to premier 686 accounts. The shoe has its origins as a trail running shoe from the mid 90's. Both colorways are extremely clean. Alpine has a limited size run of each color and should be in shop come mid September.

New Balance 686 snowboard boot Preview 2010

Here are the first catalogue pics I have of next seasons most anticipated new release. The boot is based upon the original mt580 sneaker. The 686 design team created this fully functional focus boa boot with a sneaker like fit. I feel this will be a strong offering on the boot wall for next season. This will be a limited release, and we will be one of the few retailers offering this boot.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Plan B Sheffey deck Re-Issue

I forgot they were doing a re issue of this deck until the email appeared in my inbox. Pretty dope graphic. Should be in stores within 2 weeks.

Welcome to Skateboarding (A convoy Sponsored Pyramid Jam)

Well, the time had come. I was bringing my oldest to his 1st ever skate board competition. It was a convoy sponsored event at the famous Arlington Skatepark. It was a beautiful sunny day and a crisp 55 degrees. Bradley was overwhelmed with the amount of activity happening all around. He just wanted to give prizes away. He was also worried about hos clothes. His jeans had a rip in the knees. I told him all skateboard kids have jeans with rips. After seeing everyone at the event, he saw he had nothing to worry about.

After finding a seat and watching kids huck themselves off everything and anything, a skater broke his board in front of us. He then began to spout the usual profanities, so everyone would look at him. It's a common occurrence, and one I have seen multiple times. But it was Bradley's first look at the temper tantrums that occur. He just looked at me and with wonder said, "What's he going to do now?" He had a general concern for over-acting skater. He wasn't fazed by the profanities like I thought he would be. I told him that he would either go buy another board (Yeah right), or borrow someone else's and do the same thing.

When the comp began, I told him he could help me judge, but he didn't want to do it. He was afraid of messing up and giving the wrong kid the prize. I told him there is no perfect way to judge a comp, and just tell me who he thought did the best. So he watched the craziness and felt sorry for the kids that fell.

Watching a skate comp through a kids eyes is pretty cool. I ask all of you, if you have the chance, to do it. Some people forget about the fun and the craziness and take it all for granted. Don't worry about the bad words and the smoking and all the other stuff, kids don't even pay attention to that. They just want to make sure everyone is OK.

Arbor Wasteland -A frame Preview 2010

Another page has been taken from the Arbor Catalogue. Next seasons Wasteland is absolutely SICK! Followed by the A-frame then the Super Beefy Abacus. Click on the image to get a close up look and read the write ups.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Patrick Melcher Joins Index Inc

Index Ink Welcomes Patrick Melcher to the Family
"Uniting Creative Minds!"
LAGUNA HILLS, CA - March 24, 2009 - The Index Ink brand has many personalities with no intentions of exhibiting the norm through their eclectic channels of influence. Index Ink proudly welcomes Patrick Melcher to the Family. Patrick fits the part, exemplifying his undeniable creative style of skate, which reflects who he is, not only as skateboarder, but as an artist.

"Working with Index is rad, it's refreshing to not feel held back by a thoroughfare bureaucracy and checks-and-balances. I feel like the central element of an art based company needs to remain creative and promote that same creativity out into the world. That's just what Index does." -Patrick Melcher
Patrick Melcher is originally from Rockford, Illinois and currently tears the streets of Los Angeles, California. Since discovering the likes of skateboarding in the late 80's, he has progressed into the ranks as one of the many influential Pro's in the game. Patrick's style is unique and fresh. He seeks out to find interesting obstacles and new ways to do old tricks, which highly represents his interests and passions. Combining timeless classics with refreshing innovations at a high-speed aggression!

" Joining up with Patrick is the perfect mashup. He skates the way I paint, out of the box. The Boundaries, Borders and Stereotypes get checked at the door with us. Our goal to unite creative minds around the world is well on it's way. Ink the world."
-Chad Carothers(Index Owner/Artsit)

About Index Ink-

Deeply rooted through Art, Skating, Music, Riding, Pop Culture and connected with those who see and share our vision. Most importantly, united by creativity for life. INK THE WORLD.

Wakeboard section is up and running

After much hard work the waterski and wakeboard section is completely set up. Stop in and see what Alpine has to offer. Alpine carries wakeboards from Hyperlite and skis from HO sports.

New Razors Backpacks and T's

New Razors Humble 3 backpack above. Below is the new jug backpack.
Razors Icon t in all sizes available.

Convoy Summer T's

With the threat of summer comes the fact that you need new t's. Alpine just got a fresh batch from everyones favorite local skate company, convoy skateboards. I especially like the Yo convoy t. All sizes available today.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Capita Indoor Survival Preview 2010

Reverse Camber done right. Here is a preview of next seasons Capitaaaaah Indoor Survival deck. This is your true twin, radial sidecut, reverse camber, park slaying machine. Super sick graphics on this deck for next year. Alpine will have a full size run of these come August.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Oakley Frogskins

Trying to get the Hottest sunglass on the market just got easier. Come in to Alpine to check out all the flavors of the vintage Oakley Frogskins. These retail at only $100-$120. All styles above are in stock as this is being written. But Hurry in, as the waiting list was long for these.

Oakley Ducati Gascan

Oakley Ducati Gascan's are now in stock. This is a limited edition glass, and it comes with the red o and a mirrored lens. Very clean and only $110!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

New Plan B Kingston series

New graphics from Plan B dropping next week. The red,yellow, green kingston series is back. Plan b's team is second to none. These are all super clean.

Creature - Flip Re Up

New NHS wood arrived today! Sweet decks from Creature, Santa Cruz, and a now Flip. The skate wall is looking strong. Should be a great weekend for skating.

Street Artist Urethane and Cloth

Street artist wheels are now back in stock. The first batch sold out quickly. Also we now have street artist t's. Only $20. All sizes available!

The Triangles are gone.

After 10 long years the triangles that held everything from skates, skateboards, boots and bindings, are being dismantled. These 2 triangle slatwall displays were made by non other than Eddie Bunch when he was helping to design the interior of the Sterling shop. They served their purpose well. What will replace these works of art you ask? Stay tuned....

Lib Preview 2010 snowboards

Please dis regard my scribble scratch all over the sheet. These are the retail numbers. Notice the Cygnus x1-btx at 1800$. Wow! I'll take 5 of those please.
The skate banana gets a slight modification. The t-rice goes super clean with the hawk graphic. And Jamie Lynne's sock puppet is back. All in all a solid line from the hottest company in snowboarding.

Salomon Boot Preview 2010 Impact

Here is a page from the Salomon Boot catalogue. This is from the impact line which works on the 100mm last which is so popular. You might notice that Salomon is bringing custom shell to "The Masses", so to speak. We see it now coming all the way down to the Impact 8.
Having made some custom shell boots this season, I am very happy to see this. The shell is able to be blown out to a 106 last. It's easy and fast, and the fit is phenomenal.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ride Crush Preview 2010

As I continue to get to love my scanner, I have uploaded the Crush page from Ride's catalogue. The Crush,Once reserved for us DFC dealers, is now inline product,
It comes loaded with lowrize rocker,85 a sidewalls and a membrain topsheet which is super lightweight. It also has color changing graphics. Be sure to do the read up on the 7th grade class collab. Pretty slick.

Capita Quiver Killer Preview 2010

As noted earlier in the blog, this deck was one of Matt's favorites at the snowshoe demo days. Alpine is happy to be bringing Capita back into the store, and the product looks and rides better than ever.
The Quiver Killer is the do everything deck. From freestyle, to freeride, the Killer can handle all these with ease. One of the best things about this deck is the cost. These decks are the best high performance product for the price, industry wide.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Arbor Snowboards 2010 Preview

Here is a quick view of 4 new models from Arbor's 2010 line. 1St thing you might see is that the element is coming with a graphic for next year. The 2 heads actually have skulls in them that can be seen when tilted in the light. We are seeing more graphics this season, but the canvas is still the wood backdrop that arbor is known for. Arbor is moving from the GST factory, and they are all being made in the Elan factory now. It seems as thought they were able to cut some costs while still maintaining the quality that you come to expect from this great brand.

Line Afterbang 2010 Preview

As I reported earlier, here they are in all their glory. The skateboard skis from line. True twins with a 115-88-115 shape, and 7 ply skateboard deck construction. Check out the SICK graphics done by one Jimbo Phillips. Looks like they have been working on this design for 4 long years and next season these will make their much anticipated debut. Talk around town is that these skis slay in the park. Be on the lookout as Alpine has 7 pair of these slated for arrival in mid august.

Lib NAS Preview 2010

Here is the first look at the LIB TECH NAS (Narrow Ass Snowboards) Line Sheet.
From Left to right- The POW NAS which is only available in a 191.
Next is the Freeride NAS which comes in the 178 and a 188.
3rd in line is the re curve Jib which comes in a 172 and 178.
Last in line is the Pipe NAS. This comes in all the great sizes-154-166-178-181.The first 3 models are coming with re-curve. Here it is described below. Lib is simply hilarious. Buy 1 get one free with Steak Knife technology. Who comes up with this stuff. We will be one of the few dealers carrying these skis. I personally have a pair, and they ski great. Edge hold is spectacular and the graphics are wicked cool.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Ride DH2 2010 preview

New Ride DH2 photos. Scanned directly out of the catalogue. I will get the hang of this scanner business soon. It only took 2 hours to get this image up online. Anyway, notice the bottom corner with the DH limited releases. 3 separate graphics to be doles out during the season. Even yours truly doesn't know what they will look like. Alpine has 12 of these coming in next season. Hells Yeah!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Snowshoe Demo Days

It's that time of year. Time to head out to beautiful west Virginia and ride on some of next years product. So Ty and Matt loaded up in the Nissan Murano and made the beautiful 4 hour trip up to Snowshoe Mountain. After the long trip,Ty sat down to what was his first large meal of the day. "You can't fully test a pair of skis on an empty stomach", Ty was overheard saying. He proceeded to slay this huge plate of grub.After a nap,The boots were put on. And the testing was about to begin.
The first person Matt met up with was everyones favorite C3 rep, Brad Bradley! And the crowd goes wild. He is showing off the Quiver Killer with the SUPER DOPE Green Forces. Hells to the Yeah

Ty is shown here jumping on the K2 Apache Recon. Nice and wide to push through the mashed potatoes.

Matt next tested the Arbor Del Ray. His favorite binding of the day was this pink and white Union Cadet. Nothing says hardcore like riding a pink binder.

Matt rode some Never summer love next. This turned out to be his favorite deck of the day.

Ty ran over to the guys at volkl and found an AC 30 that was much to his liking. He proceeded to carve some turns at mach speeds. Notice the sweet new Giro goggles adorning his face. SWEEEETTT!

Tiger Sharks!

Here's Matt's next assignment. The lib BTX TRS jibber jabber. One of the hottest decks on the mountain. Lib propelled the banana craze, and this is just the deck to be riding. A ripper that can hold an edge at high speeds but still kill it in the park.

Is that a Bern Elmer Fudd? Oh Yeah, Rock that with a ride Machette with low rize rocker, and you got yourself a good day. The Machette is ride's newest rocker creation. Super clean everywhere and easy to ride. Matt was also a skeptic of the Contraband binders, but after strapping in to them, he soon fell in love. Easy to use and comfortable.

After some strong riding Ty and Matt stopped for lunch.

Matt found himself a cold Bud light and represented with a 686 t'.

Then the pizza came.

Then the pizza was gone. It was that fast.

Snowshoe was looking good and had some great coverage considering the warm spell that hit the east coast.

Thanks for a great time. Good riding. Good Food, Good Company, and most of all---Great Beer!