Monday, June 29, 2009

K2 Extreme 2010 twins Schizo

The one problem with twins, was where to mount them. They come with a guide on the side, but how can you ever be sure? Well, now there is no need to worry with the Marker schizophrenic binding. with the turn of a screwdriver, you can move the binding forward and backward depending on your mood.
Pull it forward for playing in the park, and roll it back for freeskiing in some POW. This is simply AMAZING. Once you see this system, you will wonder how you lived without it. I
It is available on all the high end twins from K2 this season. The extreme ski comes back virtually unchanged from last season. dimensions are 118/85/109. Great waist size for both east and west coast riding. The system is going to sell around $800. Not bad for a ski and binding that can do it all, and look rad too!

Lib Skate Banana assorted 2010 Decks

It's back! the famous skate banana from our good friends over at Mervin Manufacturing. Great graphics on this seasons assorted color selection. All sizes are in stock. This deck sold out for us 3 times last season. Get yours today.
Hand made in Seattle Washington, Lib is constantly pushing the envelope with creative graphics and crazy shapes that shake up the industry. One of the best park decks on the market, the banana is also good to just cruise around the mountain. Alpine has been a lib dealer for over 15 years and always has the hotness.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Oakley Sunglasses -New Colors

New colrs in some great styles arrived in Alpine's Oakley case the week. Up top are the fives, and underneath them are the Gascans. All glasses are around $100, and many are below. Let Alpine help pick out the right pair for your face, at a price that's easy on the wallet.

Mike Graham Spring 09 Sponsor vid

New sponsor vid from local skater Mike Graham. Keep em' coming.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Thule Boxes are back in stock

If a summer vacation is on the books, then a box is just what you need to make room in the car. 4 new boxes came in today from Thule (pronounced tooo leeee). 2 Ascent 1700, 1 Atlantis 1200, and an Atlantis 1600. At alpine, we put the box on your car in 5 minutes at NO ADDITIONAL Charge. Pick one, pay, and you can be out the door in 5 minutes flat. We make shopping for boxes extremely simple.

Nimh Shima V2 Skates

The V2 is back in stock, and this time with the new Grey soul plates/. Same formula one frames and Nimh branded wheels. Limited sizes available. The Nimh is quickly gaining in popularity. Stop in and see why,

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lib Tech BTX C2 T Rice 153 2010

"say hello to my little friend". The 153 Lib Tech T rice model is in stock (as well as other sizes). Super early this year, this was on of the Hottest decks last season and we have no reason to believe it wont be the same this year. It is coming with the NEW C2 banana design. For info on this check out Alpine has been on the Lib Train since 1995, and have always believed in American made snowboards from the great Northwest. Stop in and get your hands on these before the season even starts. More Gnu and Lib to come on the blog. They are all here!

Eulogy Cloth and Urethane

Matt is modeling the new summer Eulogy t. It has graphics from all the past wheels and all sizes are available. Above are the 2 new sizes to arrive at alpine. The Blue wheel is the JC Rowe pro model 56/88. The purple wheels is Austin Paz's 57/89. Eulogy wheels are by far Alpine's #1 selling wheel. For more info check out Isaac's blog on our sidebar.

4 X 4 Shima Wheel

4 X 4 has a new graphic out. Here is Shimas new 58/88 wheel. 4 X 4 makes some great wheels and they're team cannot be beat. Put some new wheels on your skates today.

Powell Super Reds Bearings

What has Powell Done? They took regular Reds bearings, the best selling bearing in the world, and made them SUPER. Now at Alpine is the new incarnation of bearings. Powell Super reds are here and word on the street is that these are FAST. Stop in and check these out.

Element wheels,wood, and completes

Element, element everywhere. New twigs decks for the groms looking for the right sized deck. We also got a ton of new wheels in all sizes and flavors. And everyone loves a great complete for under $100. The Muska Rad complete comes with abec 3 bearings,element trucks and wheels, and is on SALE for $89.99. These go fast so hurry in.

Keith Meek autographed Slasher

Here is your chance to get a limited production autographed Slasher deck. Rumor is that there are only 200 of these available. Alpine got 2, but 1 already went out. Only $79.99! Pick this up quickly and add it to the collection.

Old School Powell Peralta McGill Wood

Got a craving fro some Dope wall art? Now is your chance to pick up that Mcgill you've had your eye on since you were 14 checking it at out at sunshine House. The re issue of the original Mcgill is just as cool now as it was back then. Sure you could skate it, but then you couldn't stare at it everyday. Now available at Alpine.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Street artist Bambrick pro Wheel

Don gets 2 great sizes, a 56 and a 58mm from our friends over at street artist. Great urethane and great graphics, look for these to drop within the next 2 weeks. Alpine will be one of the first to have these.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Alpine/Razors Cultiffany Preview

Here's a sneak peak at Alpines own Cultiffany Skate. Stop into Alpine to pick up these custom made Cults. Retail will only be $219, and these will be extremely limited. First come, first served. All sizes available today. Call or email with questions.
  • Turquoise Featherlight 2 frames
  • Cult 9 black boot
  • Abec 5 bearings
  • 56mm Razors wheels
  • Turquoise Razors Buckle
  • Turquoise laces
  • Great Razors Cult liner

Silver Trucks

Silver trucks are back in stock. All sorts of new flavors. The rogue staus Rob Dyrdek. The Gold P rods, and the Jereme Rogers Familia to name a few. Silver trucks are Alpines #1 selling brand. Stop in and set your deck up with a fresh pair of these for the summer. You will not be disappointed.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Omar Segovia Sponsor Vid

I remember when this kid came in a couple years ago and had just started skating. His tricks have improved greatly and he's still young. He could use some heighth and some speed, but the dedication is there. The kid trains every day. I give props where props are due. Can't wait for his next one. Stay tuned, in a couple of years, we may see something from him.

Plan B Pro Lite Wood

New Pro pro lite wood is now in stock from our friends over at Plan B!. these decks are crisp and clean. Lighter and stronger than ordinary 7 ply decks, these are sure to be popular this summer. This is Plan B's first offering of new technology. stop in and check these decks out soon. You will not be disappointed.

Arbor Longboards are Back!

3 New Arbor Longboards are in stock today. All have the beautiful hawaiin Koa top sheet. Top deck is the Blunt Koa 44" long with a 23.75" wheel base.
Next is Bug koa at 36" long with a 20" wheel base.
Lastly is our favorite: The Hybrid Koa at 38" long with a 21" wheel base.
All decks come stock with abec 5 bearings, Arbor branded wheels and Gullwing longboard trucks. Summer is here. Time to hook yourself up with some wheels for under your feet.

Street Artist Urethane T's

Matt is shown wearing the New Street Artist T's that just arrived in store. Great new designs and all sizes are available. Summer is finally here! get some new t's at Alpine today.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Never Summer Longboards Re Up

New decks arrived today from Never summer. Upper deck is a Norad. We have had a ton of this model.
The bottom deck is the descent model. We have never had this model, and I do not know why. It is SICK! It is a 39" twin tip flex deck. It is loaded with black 180mm paris trucks and 72mm Never Summer wheels.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ride Sasha Boa Coiler 2010 boot

Ladies boa boots sell like cabbage patch kids did in the 80's. I may be dating myself here, but you get the idea. This boot is clearly no exception. Coming with the famous coiler boa and an intuition liner, this boot is amazing. it is ultra light weight and extremely comfortable (fuzzy liner). 2 things that women look for in a snowboard boot. All this for only $189. WOW.

Remz OS3's are Here

The latest installment in the remz line has arrived at Alpine. The OS3 in all white is in store, and it looks super clean. Coming stock with the jug liners and the 1 piece soul, this skate is ready straight out of the box. the only color on this model is the grey backslide plates and buckles. Comes anti rockered with plastics and has a stock remz frame. Full size run available of these today.
Summer is here, get some new skates on your feet.

K2 Missconduct 2010 Ladies Twin

Is it really that time already? kids aren't even out of school yet, and we are unboxing 2010 product. Isn't it awesome. Here is a peek at the 2010 women's Missconduct twin skis. Designed for the female skier looking for her first twin. Nice and soft, this ski can tear up the whole mountain. K2 always does a great job on the ladies graphics. This one is sick.
This ski is 80 in the waist and 113 in the shovel with a 17m turn radius.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Eddie's BBQ Box jam edit

Alpine Ski Shop Box Jam from Eddie Chung on Vimeo.

Eddie is always making some fun edits. Check out bears ad for alpine while he throws his elbow out of its socket. Great day for skating.

Monday, June 15, 2009

BBQ Box Jam edit

BBQ Box Jam from Alpine Ski Shop on Vimeo.

Thanks for coming out!

2010 K2 skis are here

A shipment of K2 skis arrived today. What goodies shall we find in these boxes??? Stay tuned. Matt is busy unloading and checking them in. I think I see a new ski system with the Schizo binding below. More to come

Valo TV2 black and white

Alpine is back on the VALO train, and loving it. The fit is right on and they look amazing. The one thing I like about Valo is that they come with a flat set up. Sure it costs a little more, but I like it better than the plastics that other skates come with. Even if you ride anti, you have a back up set of wheels and bearings for a later date.
The liners have been much improved over the older models, and I noticed they were more comfortable immediately. Stop in and try some on today.

Valo Alex Broskow 1 Skates

WOW! It's all I can say about this model. It is super sick looking and comfortable as well. I have been seeing a ton of guys skating this model and now I see why. Stop in and take a look at it yourself. You will not be disappointed.
Valo is making some RAD looking skates. They are pushing the envelope on what a skate should look like, and it's working.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

BBQ Box Jam

It was a great day for a BBQ. It was an even better day to host out 1st annual BBQ box jam. Why I haven't done this sooner, I don't know. With help from Dan Breuer, we turned the Alpine parking lot into a small skatepark. It seems like the only time I get to see everyone is at contests. Well, we decided to throw a party for all the local inliners, and it was awesome. We grilled some dogs, chilled and skated. Couldn't ask form a better turnout and an even better day. This will not be the last. Thanks to everyone that came out.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Summer T's in stock

New Summer t Sale from Alpine Ski Shop on Vimeo.

New July 4th graphics From Santa Cruz

Super limited to 300 decks each. New Jason Jesee and screaming hand graphics. Santa Cruz is piling up some strong offerings for the summer. Be on the lookout for these soon.