Friday, July 31, 2009

Bern Baker Watts Skate Helmet

We kill it with Bern Snow Helmets, so we thought we would bring in the skate versions. Already had a couple go out the Door. Tyler is too busy doing infoweb work to go outside for shots, so I made him put them on at the computer. Safety first we always say. Who need Virus protection when you are wearing one of these.
3 great colorways available today!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Arbor Longboard Shipment

Damn Arbor makes a great looking longboard. Back in are the Koa Pins, and the Koa Blunt. All come stock with Gullwing trucks, and Arbor Wheels. These all came with green wheels that look great on these. If you haven't ridden an Arbor, Stop in and take one for a spin around the store. they are awesome.These are a great value at only $179.
Below we also got in some gullwings and Arbor wheels.

Don Bambrick Wheels are here

Don's new Street artist wheel is finally in stock. This is the first time I can remember a pro getting TWO wheels at the same time. 2 different sizes--56mm and 58mm. Graphics are super strong, and we all know the urethane is great. Stop in and let Matt put a set of these on your skates today.

Congrats Robert Koss!

Robert Koss came out in support of a local skatepark at Herndon's Skateboard day. He was the lucky winner of a new Alpine skate shop deck! We would love to thank everyone who came out to support the town of Herndon, and we look forward to having a new skatepark in our backyard!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Powell Skateboards re-up

Powell sent us a package today with lots of great stuff. Above we got a restock of Americas favorite bearing. Also some Super Reds made their way into the box.
Below is the Bones 100's. all shapes and colors available here.
Powell wood is now back on Alpine's wall. These have Powells new Ligament technology which makes the decks stronger and less likely to break when missing big tricks. For more info check out

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Burton 2010 Ladies North Star Fleece

Kath stopped in the store this afternoon so I asked her to model this new Burton Hoodie. She put on some frogskins and struck a pose for me. This is Burton 2010 North Star Fleece in true black. Super clean pattern that is fun and goes with most anything. It has a cute Burton hit on the back and is a moisture moving piece. Perfect for cool evenings and as a layering fleece this winter.

Burton 2010 Freestyle boot white/elephant

Last year I made the mistake of ordering the Freestyle boot in the Basketball colorway. I learned my lesson. It was not received well, and is still sitting on the boot wall. (it's reduced if you are looking for a great deal!)
This season I ordered the freestyle in this BANGER colorway. The white elephant colorway shown here is absolutely sick. Reminiscent of some sneakers I have stacked in my closet, This boot is a sneakerheads dream. Oh, and did I mention it fits like a glove and retails for only $189.99? All sizes in stock

Monday, July 27, 2009

Convoy Deck Re Up

The Summer Stimulus package is blowing up. We can't seem to keep the Convoy completes in stock.$99.99 for a sick complete! Stop in a peep these great skateboards. Support local skateboarding. Support Convoy skateboards.

Never Summer Longboard Re Up

Never Summers are back in stock. At alpine, we cannot keep these decks in stock. 3 new flavors adorn the never summer rack today. The eclipse, the Assault and the tyrant. Stop by and cruise around the store on these decks and see how they feel. All come complete with Paris Trucks and Never Summer Wheels. For more info on these decks check out

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sneak Peak of the new Bailey from Valo

I sat on this photo for a while and waited til someone else ran with it. I've been in trouble before and I didn't want to be that guy. No need to wait any longer. Coming this Holiday is the new EB boot. Sick colorway. Check out the plaid on the liner.
Here's what's said from the heads at Valo.

We want to inform you that Jon Julio and our great company in Italy (Roces S R L) have collaborated on yet another super looking EB. 1 boot.
Look for these to be at Alpine this Christmas.

Herndon Skate day

The town of herndon did a great thing this past Saturday, by hosting a skate event at the rec center parking lot. Greg from American Inline came out with some of his skateboard instructors and set up his ramps. All this was done to show skaters in Herndon that the town is working hard to get the skatepark built for them.

Thanks to Everyone who came out and had some fun on a hot summer day. All the organizing of these events is done by Cynthia, who deserves as lot of credit. Email her at Tell her she's doing a good job, and volunteer yourself for any events the town puts on in the future. This skatepark is a great thing, and I can't wait for my kids to be rolling around the new skatepark for years to com.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Burton Stomps in stock

Burton Stomps, originally uploaded by alpineskishop.

I know, I know, it's summer---do you really care that stomp pads are here? Probably not, but you might remember come winter. 2 new flavors from Burton. And I guarantee that we will run out, just like we do every year.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

razors genesys jr in stock

razors genesys jr, originally uploaded by alpineskishop.

Back on the aggressive wall is Razors junior adjustable skate. goes from sizes 3-6 with ease. The black and white colorway os great, and check out those GC frames.

Matt Checking in Burton Product

Matt just got back from the beach, and what do I have him doing? Checking in 2010 Burton Gear. 10 boxes of new decks arrived today. Look for posts of the new stuff soon.

line afterbang 2

line afterbang 2, originally uploaded by alpineskishop.

Is in stock in the 177 size. The graphics from Jimbo are sick! Made just like a skateboard, this wood laminated ski is great for killing it in the park. Stop in to check out how sweet these look and feel.

New emerica Kicks for July

Can you feel the heat? 3 New Emerica models made their way into alpine today. Up top is the Emerica Francis in royal/black/white. This is my favorite of the 3. This colorway is simply amazing.
New Jerry Hsu high in Brown/blue. The Hsu model is one of Emericas top selling models. Comes with G2 gel in the sole and a superior footbed. Below is the sweet new Reynolds 3 in red/black grey. What sets this apart is that each shoe is different. They show opposite colorways for each foot. Very cool design in a solid skate shoe

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Alpine skate box

Doug Cupo Unity, originally uploaded by alpineskishop.

Doug cupo stopped by Saturday for a quick session on the box. I was busy building The New Boot wall, but took time out to take a few shots. The box is always availble, and who knows... You might get your poic up on the blog. The rest of the shots are on flickr here.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Element Make It count Movie premieres

Never count them out! Element is making some headway with their newest movie,"make it count". Check out the web blog that they are doing leading up to the premiere. Online premiere is August 1st online for free. Pretty rad.

South of the North Returns!!!!!!

I know. Too many exclamation points, but what can I say. It's good to see jonny back doing what he does best. Visit him here and comment on his amazing, inspiring posts!

Friday, July 17, 2009

New Convoy Wood

Convoy Wood, originally uploaded by alpineskishop.

Eamonn dropped by the store today to deliver us some new Convoy wood. We have been sold out of these 3 graphics for some time now. Support local skate companies.

Razors Dre Powell Wheels

New wheel from Razors, the Dre Powell. It's a 57/89 and we have 4 sets of these in stock. This is the first Razors pro wheel that I can remember.

888 Re-up

A big old box showed up today from 888. Full of new pads and helmets. We are now fully restocked on wrist savers,undercover knees, Undercover elbows, and the Matte White helmet. If you are going to woodward, or just skating around, Alpine has the pads you need to help save some skin.

Ground Control Frames in stock

Ground Control Featherlite 2's arrived today in 2 new colors. The Aragon white in sizes 2 and 3, and the red Horn in a size 2. These ground controls are the lightest around, and they are super strong. @ great colors to pimp out the boots.

Dompierre Pro trucks from Thunder

Nick Dompierre has it figured out. He's sponsored by his local burrito shop, No Problemo, and has his very own signature hot sauce. I back that. And he's one of the gnarliest skaters ever (Transworld cover????).

Rumor has it that when Nick heard what the 'highest ollie' was at whatever competition a couple months ago, he set up that same height in his driveway and did it no problemo...bad joke? Just watch this.

After seeing this (DC welcome video) and this (Skateboard Mag Minute), I can't wait to see his part in the REAL video. I mean, if this was his throwaway footage??

Anyway, Nick's signature Thunder truck The Speedway is in stock and ready to ship! A lot of trucks came in earlier this week (purple hollow light, MJ Darkside, Cole White Tiger) and the attached availability is looking good!
One last video clip then I'm going to wrap this up. One of my favorite clips of the Gonz is the Coconut Records video for West Coast. He took some of the clips from Cheryl Duns video, Back World for Words, and made the video. Pretty awesome!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

krooked wood

krooked wood, originally uploaded by alpineskishop.

Krroked wood is hee. Mark Gonzales art on deluxe wood. Who can ask for anything more. 2 deck designs in stock today.

Anti Hero Decks

006, originally uploaded by alpineskishop.

Alpine again has Anti hero decks on the skate wall. 2 great sizes 2 choose from--Big and Bigger.

Real Skateboard decks!

Real Wood is now available at Alpine. The team is strong, and the decks are even stronger. Come let us fix you up with a new deck today. All sizes and graphics available.

Deluxe Products now at Alpine....

Big Boxes came today from Alpine's newest distributor, Deluxe distribution. Deluxe handles Thunder trucks,Real-Krooked-and Anti Hero Skateboards-Venture, and Spitfire products. All of these are great, and we look forward to showcasing these in our skate section.

New Spitfire wheels, All sizes and flavors.
Venture trucks are back at Alpine. After not having a way to get them, we haven't had them in the case for over a year. But they are back and look as great as they always have.
New to the case is Thunder trucks. sick team and sick graphics all made in the USA!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Rossignol 2010 Jr snowboards

New Junior snowboards have arrived from Rossignol today. 2 great graphics. Above is the Scan which comes in smaller sizes-110-120-and 130. See the wood grain through the topsheet. This is a clean looking deck with a nice soft flex for the groms.
Below is the Alias, which comes in the larger sizes. It is also wider for the kids with those monster size feet. Medium flexing with strong graphics make this a great choice for "tweener" out there.