Monday, August 31, 2009

32 Heiro Crew Fleece and Beanie

32 makes great boots, and they make some sick clothing. Show your 32 pride by picking up this great fleece. No hood, just pockets. Up top, Matt is wearing a Molson beanie. These hoodies and beanies are super clean and can be worn everyday. Snow season is right around the corner. Get in and grab some snow gear for fall.

Burton Bonded Hoodie Wordmark jailhouse 2010

The Bonded Hoodie from Burton is one of Alpine's best sellers. It is 100% Polyester, so it doesn't shrink and it acts as a wicking layer while riding. The new jailhouse colorway is clean and simple. Show your Burton pride and pick one of these up today. Only $79.

Plan B Prolite decks and Superthane

The new model from Plan B just arrives, and with it came The new superthane wheels. Great sizes available in the new Prolite wood. These graphics are super clean, and the wheels look sick too. Let Chris,Matt or Tyler put a complete together for you today.

Convoy Wood and Urethane Re-up

We can't keep these goods in stock. The Convoy completes we put together fly out of the store. Matt has been busy building these ever since the new wood arrived. All completes are now coming with genuine Convoy wheels and a Convoy T. Get yours today. All sizes in wood and cloth available now. There's still plenty of summer left.

Vans Ladies Encore Snowboard Boots 2010

Check out the latest vans encore women's model. Now coming with the super fabulous boa coiler system. These are wicked lightweight and comfortable. These have a much better look than last seasons model and are sure to please. If you are tired of tying up your heavy old snowboard boots, these are the answer to all of your problems. All sizes available in both colorways.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Vans Aura Mens Snowboard Boots 2010

Remember when you would walk into a store just to pick up a 32 boot and "wow this is light". No longer will you be doing that just with 32. vans has come to the plate with ridiculously light boots. the new Aura model is no exception. Notice it is also Focus Boa. SICK! The price tag on this boot is ridiculous as well. Only $239 for an Uber light focus boot. Both colorways look great. Fits snug at first, but wear them around for 5 minutes and you can feel them break in. All sizes available today. (yes even a 15)

Dakine Ladies Boot Locker

Need a place to put your boots after a long day of riding? Need a carry bag that goes to and from the mountain keeping your boots and everything else separate? Want something cute? This fills all those needs and more. The Dakine Bootlocker LADIES in pink keeps the boots on the bottom and provides an upper level to store helmet,goggles,gloves, and anything else you may require for the day. (Also available in black)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Vans Encore 2010

It looks like Vans actually tried with this boot this season. For the past couple of years they made this boot and it sold well. it was comfortable, and it had Boa. This new model is about 2/3 the weight of last years and has the new boa lacing system on the front. the liner is better made and is wicked comfortable as soon as you put it on. not saying the old models were bad, just saying that there are great improvement son this seasons model. The price did increase this season, but once you try it on, you will be hooked. We got in 40 pairs of these today.
I got sick of running out of this model each and every season. Both colorways are sick. you need to come in and try this boot on. You will be amazed!

Gost Clothing Now Available

When I first saw this clothing line, I wanted it for the store. knowing it is Arlo Eisenberg's company made me work harder to get it in. The designs and the colors are great. it is a small line that is only available at select retailers throughout the US. Stop in and check out all the great styles Alpine has to offer.

Almost Cut My hair......

After hearing all the great one liners like..."1984 called and want its hair back", or "how old are you? 16?". I broke down and cut my hair. Oddly enough, as I was sitting here debating on whether to do it, CSN came up on the Itunes library with "almost cut my hair". It made me think that I really don't need to be like david Crosby, and it also reminded me how much I loath Neil Young. So take that CSN, I did cut my hair, and all for the price of $13 plus tip. Ahhhh Feel my freedom!

Dakine Block Hoodie

I have always loved Dakine hoodies and tees, I just never ordered them for the store. Times have changed, and now we have some cool new hoodies from companies we've been dealing with for years. This hoodie is super cool, and it stands out. Dakine doesn't just make luggage, stomps, and gloves.

686 Plexus Axis Soft Shell

Matt jumped at the chance to model this new soft shell from the people over at 686. This jacket is 10,000 waterproof 8,000 breathable. Perfect for everyday wear, and for riding on those not so cold days we get out here in the mighty state of Virginia. Colors on this just POP! Only $150. Size run available.

Volcom Ventricle jacket 2010

Volcom is one of Alpine's fastest growing lines. Each year the quality of the product improves, and the pieces get even better. This is the ventricle jacket in color SPD> it's 10,000---10,000 and retails at under $200. This colorway is sick, and each jacket is different in the way the stripes line up. This is sure to be a fast selling piece. More Volcom to come on the blog. We also have this colorway in a zip up fleece. perfect for cool nights and the fall months ahead.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Flow Era Freestyle Deck 2010

Flow did some fine work with this Freestyle deck. Coming fully rockered with a rad graphic, the era is a price point jib machine. Nice buttery flex, with actual edge grip at higher speeds, this board not only slays in looks, but slays some terrain as well. Feel free to come by and give this deck a sweet "donkey flex"

Flow Rift Focus boa Boot 2010

Focus boa boots are quickly taking over Alpines boot wall. With the ease of entry, and the performance, you cannot go wrong. This is Flow newest entry into the dual zone boa line. The Rift has a great heat moldable liner, tight heel pocket and roomy toe area. great for upper level riders looking for support as well as ease of entry. Stop in and try some on. You will not be disappointed.

Times new Balance 580 Shoe 686 Collab

Look what arrived on Alpine's doorstep today. The Uber limited times 580 shoe from new Balance. These kicks tie in nicely with the matching outerwear and the snowboard boots. new balance is making some great strides in the snow industry as they have done a collaboration with the strongest outerwear brand on the market. 686 always seems to be 2 steps ahead of everyone else, and this tie in with new Balance proves this point.
This is the first color of the shoe to drop, and will only be available at select accounts throughout the country. be one of the few to own a pair of these, because when they are gone, they are really gone.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Valo Set up page With Alpine

Valo does a cool thing in that they put up shots of you and your new Valo skates. This shot was taken a while back and is now on the valo home page! Matt set up Loch with these skates and they look rad. Alpine has had a number of these get up on the web page.

Nordica Speed Machine 110 2010

"Where's the beef", You ask? Well look no further than right here. the Nordica Speed machine 110. This boot has all the "Beef" you may need, and some comfort too! The speed Machine line of boots are super comfortable, and have a ton of performance built into them. With a 110 flex and a fully heat moldable liner, this boot is great for the advanced skier looking for a boot to help them enjoy the whole mountain.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Bear online ad

I love getting phone calls at work from friends who tell me they made me an ad.Out of the blue, Jon Thorpe sent me this today. It's a good shot of Alpines newest team rider Bear Phillips. this kids got great style and kills it wherever he goes. Thanks Jon. Anyone that wants to submit a picture, a video, or just about anything, send it to But please don't send me anymore ads for little blue pills, and "how to please her...". I get enough of those already

686 kids for 2010

The kids stopped by the store and wanted to model some of the new 686 gear. last season Bradley (above photo), was in a 686 jacket and he loved it. All his friends wanted one after he wore it to school. He loves the new fragment Smarty jacket above in this great cyan colorway! This jacket has a removable fleece liner.
Below, Brandon is wearing a lightly insulated mannual militant jacket with a cool skull print. 686 kids gear is great looking, functional, and priced right. More to come soon. Stop in today to check out all the great gear for kids that Alpine offers.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sample Sale Today!

Sample sale today! All set up. Stop in and pick up some AMAZING deals! All day today only. Sale til 4PM. Meet reps from clothing,skis,and snowboard companies.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Plan B Wood Re Up

15 New decks arrived today from our friends over at Syndrome distribution. Plan B is by far alpines best selling brand. With riders like rogers,rodriguez,sheckler and ladd, they have a rockstar lineup with great graphics as well. Stop in and check out all the new graphics and sizes alpine has in.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Silver Collab Trucks in stock

3 new truck designs from silver came in the store today! Dyrdek's,Biebel's, and P Rods trucks are now available and they look great. all are size 7.75, perfect for the size 8 boards that are all the rage.

Vans Bad Brains limited Encore Boot 2010

Hotness is here. Check out the 2010 vans encore boot with the Bad Brains graphic. Super sick. This is a limited edition model and ties in with the collab that happened this past summer. The encore boasts some new changes like a more comfortable liner, and the new Boa lacing system. Full size run available.

Volcom Mantle Fleece 2010

Matt was more than happy to wear this new Volcom fleece on this near 100 degree day. Volcom winter looks SSSIIICCCKKK!. Thius piece is always one of the first to sell out every season. It is made of a 300 gm stretch polyester, and has zippered hand pockets,flat seam lock stitching, and ribbed cuffs and hem. All sizes available. More winter to come. Cleaning up the store for the sale this weekend!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New Sizes in the Line Afterbang 2010

I said it once, and I will say it 1,000 times. These skis are SICK! All sizes are available now at Alpine. If you want your choice of base color get in early, because these are sure to sell out well before the season. The graphics came out even better than I expected, and the flex is ridiculous. Stop in and take a look at these soon.

David Dinnison makes an appearance

Another old friend stopped in today to pick up some new xsjado skates. Dave Dinnison threw down on the box as I tested out this new 50mm lens. It's always great when you can pick up some new skates and test them out immediately in the back of the shop. Enjoy

Damn, it looks like all you did was negative tricks. haha