Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Burton Emerald Ladies Boots 2010

the 2010 Burton emerald is super light, and the fit is amazing. The black color is clean, and can go with anything. It has lots of performance and boasts Burton's new lacing system. It is super easy on and off, and can snug up at the pull of a string. Here is what burton says about it.
A go-anywhere, rule everything kind of boot, the Emerald™ features mid-range support, slipper-like comfort, and the simplicity and ease of our lightning fast Speed Zone™ lacing. Whether you’re messing around in the park or getting the guts to drop that cliff, going bigger gets even better thanks to the superior cushioning of the NEW oversized 270° Airbag and lightweight outsole.

Circa Combat holiday kicks

Everyone loves kicks from the circa combat division. My 2 personal favorite styles are now in stock. Above is a great cero in a red with black stitching. HOT. Below are 2 new tre's. The new Black/gum low, and the black white high. The gum sole on the low is absolutely ridiculous. Alpine always has great kicks. Stop in and check them out.

Vans October shoe drops

4 great new shoes arrived from vans today. Above we the TNT 2 mid in the raisin colorway. I would call it black and white myself. Shoe is super sick and super clean. Below we have the kids No Skool Dustin Dollin. This is available in smaller sizes.
New Chukka low in an olive green color with some nice corduroy touches.
Lastly is a half cab pro. Super clean maroon with wax laces. Shoe also has a super cushy footbed.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Nordica Ace of Spades Release preview 2010

The rumors are true. Nordica is doing a mid season launch of it's new freeride boots. These will be available in a extremely limited quantity at select shops across the country.
The 3 buckle design is extremely popular right now, as it makes the boot much lighter and it's much easier on and off. This design was first made popular with the raichle flex on series in the 80's (which has evolved into full tilt today). We have also see dalbello experience some success with their 3 buckle as well. The model rory is holding below will be the premiere model. We will be seeing 3 mens and 3 ladies models and there will be some more muted colors. Stay Tuned....

Never Summer Heritage-R 2010

The Heritage is never summer's flagship deck. This year it's coming with the their rocker & camber set up. The deck has tons of pop and response along with a sick dampening system that makes this an all mountain slayer. There are only 950 of these made each season, and Alpine has 2 of them in stock.
Hand made in Colorado, these decks are amazing. Stop in and check them out.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Set Up of the week...Can you say Banana

David Nichols came into alpine this weekend looking for a great new set up. He has high expectations that this seasons snow fall will triple last years. So we hooked him up with this brand new Lib Skate Banana with my favorite new Union Green Forces. This combo is sick. Dave can't wait for the snow now that he's got this ridiculous set-up.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Capita Horrorscope FK 2010

Alpine is back on the Capita train. Here is the Horrorscope with "Flat Kick" technology. The board has a level base with reverse camber built into the ends. It offers a pre loaded positioning for jibbing and easy turn initiation. Stop in and check out all the great new Capita decks alpine has to offer. All sizes available today. Each size works with a different graphic and color scheme.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dakine goggle case.

Today's goggles are not "Cheap". Gone are the days of the $20 throwaways. Now the goggle is one of the most important accessories you can purchase, and most of the time you at least 2 pair. One for cloudy days and one for bright days. Or maybe you have one all white and one super fresh green pair. Which ever way you roll, you must purchase a case to insure your investment. Nothing is worse than putting on your fresh goggles and finding a big scratch across the front from the baggage handlers. So for under $20 you can protect your goggles. Wise choice indeed.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Reflex utilitool is back

Kind of a boring post you say? Well, maybe you have never held or used this fabulous tool. The reflex utilitool is the only tool you will ever need. It is more expensive than other tools out there, but it can save you huge money in the long run. How you ask? It can re thread your skateboard trucks. Ever take off the nut that holds the wheel on only to find out you can't get it back on? This tool can end all of those troubles and do everything else you may need. Pick one up, you will be extremely happy.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sneak peak of the Orangatang Durian 86a

Here is a sneak peak of the new Durian orangatang wheel. These are going to be an 86 a freeride wheel and will be available in stores some time in mid October. look for these at Alpine at this time as we are writing the order after this blog post is written. Have to get the news to the people first you know.

Tecnica Phoenix 100 HVL 2010

Do you have a wide foot and you need a ripping performance boot? Well, the phoenix 100 HVL (High Volume Last) is the boot for you. This has been a favorite at Alpine for years, and they have made some nice changes to it this season. It has been redesigned in the new phoenix shell.
It boasts carbon steel buckle, anti vibration in the heel, a triple density memory foam liner, and much much more. It also has some beef to push around the stiffer, wider skis on the market.
So if you have been pinched for years and years in the ball of your foot, come in and put a pair of these on. Add a pair of footbeds, and you'll be ready for anything Old man winter throws your way. (Word on the street is that winter is going to be great--Cross our fingers)

Nike Mogan Jr Black/Varsity Maize/Pine

Little kids need cool shoes too. Check out the new Nike 6.0 Mogan Jr. Available now in all those hard to find small sizes. The colors are pretty cool on these kicks as well.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Louie on dancing with the stars

Here it is. The first pro snowboarder on Dancing with the stars. One famous olympic rider, louie vito.
For more on louie visit his blog here
Be sure to vote for our favorite 686 pro rider here.
Have fun and read his bio from ABC's page.

Professional snowboarder

We're psyched to see this champion snowboarder trade in his snow boots for dancing shoes as he descends onto the Dancing with the Stars set in Season 9!

The 21 year-old native of Bellefontaine, OH turned pro in 2006 and has competed in multiple Winter X-Games competitions. He's also a two-time winner of the USSA Grand Prix Halfpipe Series. Competing in both the Pipe and Slopestyle disciplines, Louie continues to train for the Grand Prix qualifying.

We're hoping to see Louie do what he does best in Vancouver during the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. But first things first, as we can't wait to see him go for the gold on DWTS!

686 New Balance Collab Wall

Here it is in all it's glory. 686 and New Balance teamed up this snow season to make some pretty cool products. Alpine has the kicks, the Focus Boa boots, and all of the matching clothing and accessories.
Each season 686 does a collaboration with a couple of different companies. This year we see them with 3 different companies. This year they tied in with Krew, Levis (again), and New Balance. Stop in and check out all the great new 686 clothing.

Remz Team 09 Skates

Remz newest inline skate has dropped at alpine. The newest freedom of feet model is the team 09. It is in an all white colorway and comes stock with featherlite frames and a black backslide plate. Notice the pic below shows the new artwork done on the inside of the skate. This is sure to be a popular model.

Free Skis for life???

K2 along with freeskier mag has a great promotion going on now. Be sure to go and register here. Some info below.

The ultimate prize in skiing has arrived. Seth Morrison will give one skier the gift that keeps on giving. That winner will never have to beg, borrow or steal for their new boards again. Say it to yourself: "Free skis...for life."
This January, Seth will escort five winning golden ticket holders through the K2 factory to determine who is ultimately worthy of this grand prize. "This is your chance to live like a pro," quips Mr. Morrison.
"Seth came to us with an idea that would bring some fans up to the K2 headquarters, sort of like Willy Wonka style, for a grand prize of some sort," says K2 Marketing Director, Mike Gutt. "Free Skis For Life seemed pretty much like the ultimate prize from our perspective. So we went for it."

Sunday, September 20, 2009

New half Pipe at Wakefield

I know these pics are a little late. (As I have heard that this 1/2 pipe is already up and being skated). Way to go Wakefield for updating your park. I wish others in the area (Leesburg) would follow this lead and add newer and better features. . This is much needed and will more than likely always be filled with kids constantly. I hear it's 6 feet tall, and it looks amazing. We'll have to hold a comp here soon. If anyone goes, take some newer pics and send them to me.

Nordica Hot Rod 95 2010

The hot Rod Series of boots from Nordica is at Alpine and they are awesome. The 95 has a 100mm ball of foot and a 95 flex. It takes off from where the "Beast" boots left off. Super comfortable right out of the box. The break in time on this model is minimal. The liner boasts "Man Fur" around the calf to give it that extra cushy feeling. But this boot is all about performance. It also has a full shock eraser in the heel to dampen all of those pesky vibrations that come from flying down the hill.
A good boot is the most important part of your skiing experience. Let alpines staff find the perfect boot to make your ski day excellent.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Burton Entourage Jacket 2010

Matt is wearing the new Burton Entourage jacket. it is a great black and maroon colorway and is 10,000,10,000. It has a cool texture and it looks great with red,black, or khaki pants. Matt accessorized with a Coal team beanie and a Burton face mask. Unlike bandannas, this mask is actually moisture moving, and warm on colder days.
For goggles, he has the Oakley Simon Dumont Pro model. Spherical lens technology, fleece lined, and simply rad. Let alpine hook you up with a great kit like this for the upcoming winter.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

K2 Varsity Sneak 2010

Here is a sneak peek at K2 first new aggressive skate offering for 2010. Love it or hate it, this model is definitely an eye catcher. Coming from the K2 Europe design team, the new Varsity model is meant to look like a Letterman jacket. It looks like a vulcanized sneaker with leather trim. What this skate has an amazing price tag. It is only going to sell at $179.
It has the old famous flexible cuff, and it's super lightweight. Alpine will bring a couple of these in to put on the wall. I am a big fan of skates that are a little different. The skate wall has a way of looking dark and boring. At least this will add a splash of color on the wall.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Santa Cruz and Creature skateboards re -stock

New wood arrived from our friends over at NHS. Santa Cruz power ply decks in all sizes. New graphics below from the Hesh Crew at Creature. All sizes from 7.8- 8.1. Ride the green! Let one of the crew over at alpine hook you up with a new deck today.

Never Summer Longboard re up

Ooooh's and Ahh's. Every time we do a never summer longboard order, we seem to get something a little different/. it might be a new graphic, or maybe different wheels on a deck. Either way, we are always happy with what arrives, and today is no exception. Never summer longboards are Alpine's #1 selling longboard brand. Check out the new wheel as well.

Gnu Park Pickle vide preview.

gnu park pickle 2010 review from Alpine Ski Shop on Vimeo.

Monday, September 14, 2009

32 STW Womens Snowboard boot

Alpine is now an authorized 32 dealer, and we couldn't be happier. 32 boasts one of the lightest boots on the market. But do not let the weight fool you. these are extremely warm and comfortable as well. The model above retails at under $160, and has the world famous boa lacing system. All white for ladies, so it matches up with anything.

The Park Pickle from GNU with PTX

Then green machine is back. Gnu's world famous park pickle is back on the shelves at Alpine. You may remember this deck last season as it was a mid season release.It was only offered in a 156 last season. Now it is available in all sizes.
GNU took the ever popular skate banana and added a steeper sidecut on the backside edge. You may remember Santa Cruz doing this on snowboards a few seasons ago. It allows the rider an easier transition onto the heel making it easier to ride switch and to spin into tricks. So don't buy it just because it looks sick.
Pickle technology (PTX). Ask for it at Alpine!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

K2 Charlie Will be at Alpine October 4th

Wow, that is a small schedule. But if you look at it, you will notice that K2 Charlie, the amazing k2 bus will be stopping by Alpine on October 4th. What else is happening that day you ask? Well how about our annual ski swap. That's right. Buy and sell used equipment and clothing all day and visit with the guys at K2. What could be better. Nothing! Check our web page for more info.

Deluxe Distribution Typo contest

Or friends over at Deluxe distribution (purveyors of products such as real,krooked,thunder, spitfire and more), have put together a great contest. Find as many typos as you can and email them in to deluxe for a chance to win a bunch of swag. Sure it's a great marketing campaign. They get to boost their email blast list for next to nothing and have fun doing it. Props for this great marketing idea. Have fun and visit here to find all of the"Mistakes".

Friday, September 11, 2009

Arbor Formula Snowboard 2010

The Arbor design team did a great job with the artwork on this price conscious deck. The Formula retails at under $300, but don't let the price fool you. This is a fun, stable all around intermediate deck that can improve your riding the first day.
This deck is an all mountain directional cruiser that is super fun to ride, so don't just buy it because it looks cool. But that's OK if you do.
All 4 sizes available at Alpine today.