Thursday, December 31, 2009

Snow Again!

Matt and Sverre are hard at work clearing a path so we can open the store after that 1" snowfall last night. pretty nice to wake up to a white blanket covering the ground. It's all melting away now, but the areas are LOVING it. Stop into alpine today for your last minute items. Remember, we close at 4 today. Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fogskins in Anti Freeze

Colin is shown modeling the new Frogskins in Anti freeze (24-205). Pretty sick colorway, and they come with mirrored lenses. Get these before they are gone!

Set up of the minute with John

Happy Birthday! Check it out. The Capita Quiver Killer in a 155 with last season drake Fifty binder. Can you say hotness. This set up is going to slay. John also threw some Northwave boots on his feet to complete his birthday set up. Thanks!

Giro Ember Re Up

Ladies White helmets are back. Yes, Alpine got a new shipment yesterday in all the popular sizes. Based on the famous nine, this helmet has vents and fuzzy ears for warmth. Come in and get fitted for your new helmet today!

Set up of the minute with Mike

Mikey P has been shopping with us since we opened our Sterling location. He came in yesterday and grabbed himself a hot new set up. So for now, the Santa Cruz is on the shelf, and the new Ride Antic will be on his feet. Add some of last seasons ride binders and this set up is ready to rock! Mikey is an owner of cardinal bakery, and if you need anything bread related be sure to check him out at!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Set up of the Minute with Jeff

Look what Santa delivered. A fresh new Line Prophet 90 with Marker Griffon Binders. Can you say Hotness. this set up is sure to please. Santa must know what's up.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Set up That I can't keep up with

There have been so many DOPE set ups that have gone out this week. My slackness has brought NONE of them to the blog. You would think that I should give all my time to this page, but at this time I am slacking. Today alone I saw a skate banana and a skunk ape go out with electric lime binders, and I got no shot. I saw 2 capita's leave the store .... noo shot. I need to work harder not smarter. Sorry.. Here are 2 from the archives (last week) that went out. Above is a ruckus with some bent metals and below is a custom binder on a park pickle.
Stop in soon, as all the boards alpine has are quickly leaving the store.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Set up of the Minute Texas A & M style.

Sorry! Got the pic with the eyes shut. No matter, this set up is sick. Gnu riders choice with the ride SPI Binder. Pretty sick. Travis here went to texas A & M and is giving the thumbs up. Enjoy the deck and merry christmas~!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Set up of the minute with Chris

Chris picked up this sweet Gnu with world famous Banana traction. yep, this riders choice which was manufactured here in the good old US of A. On top he went with Ride EX binders and New Balance focus Boa boots. Have a great time on this deck. It is sure to please.

Set Up of the minute with Vicki

Merry Christmas Vicki! Enjoy you're new set up. That's right, Vicki got hooked up with a Burton Social with V rocker and Burton Stiletto Binders. Can you say Hotness. On her feet she went with the amazing Vans boa encore ladies in black. Enjoy and thanks alot.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Holy Snow Day!

It's what we wait for all year long. SNOW! It's our favorite 4 letter word, and we got a lot of it. 22" to give a good guess. And we are OPEN. Thanks to Christian over at Perfect Landscapes for hooking up our parking lot! The areas have snow, the yards have snow, everyone has snow, and with temps staying in the 30's all week, it looks like it will be around for a while.
So stop on in and get yourself a new snowboard, some snowshoes, or just a set of gloves. Alpine has been ready and waiting for this all year!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Set up of the minute in the snow today

What do you do when it snows 14"? Go out and get yourself a new snowboard. What else would you do. This set up was the first sale today and it looks amazing. A ride Solace with last seasons flow essence binder. Super cute set up on this amazing snow day. now go out and have some fun.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Mission skates are back!

It only took 3 calls to Bauer, 4 calls to the rep and 1 call to the sale manager to get these fine skates back in the shop. Ever since mission was purchased by Bauer, it has been near impossible to find a set of these. @ new models in stock in some normal sizing, so the wait is over.

Set up of the minute with Santa

Santa stopped in and picked up this great set up for someone last night. The ride Prophet from last season hooked up with an 09 Delta Movement. Super sick and super ON SALE. Hurry in, because last seasons products are almost gone. Santa has been raiding the rack and their is not much left.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Nixon Is Back at Alpine

Just in time for the holidays, Nixon watches have made their way back to Alpine ski shop. great watches in great colors for the skier or snowboarder on your Christmas list. Rubber Players, tach PU's and many more. stop in and try one on.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Orangatang wheels Re Up

Lots of sizes and colors available today at alpine. grab them quick ,before they are gone!

Set up of the minute

The arbor draft with Rocker technology paired with the last pair of last seasons Union force binders. Super hot. This deck is made for jibbing. Thanks

Monday, December 14, 2009

Set up of the minute with Santa

Check out what set up was on Santa's list this year. Some lucky kid is getting this fresh new capita with our last pair of union force bindings in kelly green. Santa knows what's up, and the capita-Union combination in unbelievable. Thanks Santa.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

set up of the minute with Andy

Andy grabbed himself a new Burton Custom Off alpines shelves. This was last seasons ICS model and he saved a bundle. He put on this seasons mission ICS binder and added an Ozone boot from Burton to the mix. It looks great, and we all know it's going to be a slick ride. Have fun Andy and thanks for coming in!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Set Up of the Minute with Matt

Matt got his first pair of twin tips today. he grabbed a rossi squindo s1 and put some salomon binders on it. Looking sweet. Thanks Matt and enjoy the new ride!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Set up of the minute with Santa

Santa stopped in today and picked up this sweet set up for someone on the "good" list. This "someone" wanted a dh2.3 with a contraband binder and the limited edition euce boot. Someone is going to be very happy on christmas morning!

New 686 pants in all the good colors

Check it out. they are finally back in stock. Everyones favorite pants are at alpine in a plethora of colors.Ty sure looks pleased. New green,red,orange, and yellow colorways available. So put some color in tour set up this season.

We are a google favorite place!

Hooray! We are special. How do we know this? Because google tells me so. looks like we are a favorite place on google. Between July 1 and September 30th found alpine ski shop a whopping 17,215 times and requested driving directions 855 times. Pretty cool. Because of this we now have a decal advertising both google and ourselves. So hooray for us. We also love blogger, a great google service.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Set up of the minute with Caroline

Check out this super cute deck Caroline stopped in and grabbed today. Merry Christmas to you. The new Ride Promise with matching purple Ride LXH binders looks amazing.

Ride Yukon is here.

Big Footed rippers need love too. The ride Yukon is the answer. It has tons of vibration dampening, slimewall 90a sidewalls, and a lightweight membrain topsheet. this board does it all with lots of pop and superior edge hold. Check it out.

Ride Rapture Re Up

Back in stock is every girls favorite, the Ride rapture. Soft in flex and light on price, the Rapture is an all mountain fun deck and the graphics are great. All sizes available, and just in time for the holidays. Pick up a snowboard for the snowboarder on your list this holiday season.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Never Summer Heist Longboard

On this snowy Saturday, The last thing I should be doing is posting about some longboard. But this Flex deck is new to the rack and is super cool. It's Never Summers drop through model, the heist, and it is amazing. It's got great flex, and it carves amazing. For more info check out never summer here.

Alpine's got snow!!!

Yes we are open, and yes there is a grip of snow on the ground. Check it out, alpine has at least 3 inches on the ground and it's still coming down. 1st snow of the season and it looks great.

Forum Forever DVD

New Vid rolled into Alpine yesterday, just in time for christmas. Check out the trailer below. Looks pretty sick. A perfect gift for the snowboarder on your christmas list!

Forum Snowboards Forever from Harwood Bently on Vimeo.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Silver "M" Class trucks

The Lightning on these new silvers is hot. The M class is Silvers newest truck design and is supposed to mirror the stupendous turning radius of the infamous Indy trucks. Check em out next time you stop into alpine.

It's the "Nana" Stomp.

Show some banana pride and put one of these sick stomps son your deck. Now I will answer all of your questions about this amazing piece of rubber.
Yes they even work on non banana tech decks.
Yes they hold your foot.
Yes they are in the shape of the coveted banana
yes they are clear yellow.
Nuff said. Buy one today at alpine.

Set Up of the Minute with Langdon

Check out this Arbor Set Up Langdon got himself hooked up with. This is the Arbor Formula with a flow NXT AT in a white yellow. On his feet he went with a vans focus Boa Boot, the Aura. The yellow just pops off this deck. Enjoy the ride. It's SICK!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Set Up of the Minute with ben

Ben stopped in tonight and grabbed a new set up from Never Summer. He jumped on the Evo 155 with the famous rocker camber story. His binder choice was this seasons flow NXT AT. Pretty sick. On his feet he put on the flow Rift focus boot. The flow/flow combination has been hot. This is simply an amazing set up. Thanks Ben!

Plan B completes

Alpine just got a bunch of completes from the crew over at Syndrome distribution. All decks come with fkd grip,silver trucks,FKD abec 5 bearings and Plan B urethane. These are chock full of goodness at the low price of $120. So put one on your Christmas list and let Alpine do the rest. Alpine is your one stop shop for everything skateboarding.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Loaded Slider gloves are back

Put a pair of these under the ol' christmas tree this season. What every longboarder wants is a new pair of slider gloves from everyones favorite longboard company, loaded. So find the old, smelly,duct taped pairs and throw them away. treat the hands with well deserved gloves this holiday season. HoHoHo

Nike "ASS" golf balls

What do you get the golfer/snow enthusiast on your Christmas list? ASS golf balls of course. Finally available from alpine are the Nike juice balls with Americas favorite ski/snowboard shop logo. Only $29 a dozen, who wouldn't want a sleeve of these? Impress the ones you love with a heartfelt gift of Ass Balls. Tiger might be playing these on tour.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Gibson Guitars and Volkl Team up

Saw this article while doing work on the volkl page and thought I should share it. Pretty sick.

Marker and Völkl have partnered with Gibson Guitar Corporation to produce a series of unique electric guitars. Marker and Völkl themed guitars will be produced in Gibson’s Custom Shop in Nashville, Tennessee. The Völkl guitar is a black Les Paul Custom featuring graphical elements from Völkl’s newly redesigned Gotama ski model. The new Gotama is a “rockered” ski that combines incredible performance in powder snow with everyday versatility. Like the Les Paul, the Gotama is the pinnacle product in it’s class. The Marker guitar is a Flying V model in Gold Bullion with Marker’s “Rule the Mountain” logo. The aggressive design of the Flying V fits well with Marker’s popularity in the youth & freeride binding markets. “We’re incredibly proud to be associated with Gibson,” said Chris Adams, Marker Völkl’s Promotions Director. “Their craftsmanship has always set the benchmark in quality, so to partner with them on some special one-of-a-kind instruments is really exciting, especially because the guitars will ultimately help some good causes.” The guitars will be on display at many events throughout the fall and early winter, including many of the tour stops for RE:Session, the latest release from Teton Gravity Research. After being shown at the SIA Trade Show in January, the guitars will go up for auction, with the proceeds going to charitable causes. Proceeds from the Gotama Les Paul auction will support Protect Our Winters, an organization of Snowsports athletes and industry professionals dedicated to raising awareness of climate change. Proceeds from the Marker Flying V auction will go to the family of Shane McConkey, the popular Big Mountain skier and ski industry icon who was lost in a fatal accident this past March while filming in Italy. “These guitars are stunning,” said Gibson CEO Henry Juszkiewicz “We know there has always been a strong association between music and skiing, particularly in the ski films, so to be part of this with another top tier manufacturer like Marker Volkl is very exciting for us.” “We’re thrilled to be partnering with Völkl on this incredibly unique idea and we’re grateful for the opportunity to raise contributions for POW with it. The money raised will be re-directed towards a number of climate change initiatives we’re supporting this year”, said Jeremy Jones, Founder of POW. Auction details will be announced November 2, 2009 on this site and on Volkl's Facebook Page For more information on Gibson, go to The Gibson Web