Sunday, January 31, 2010

New Volkl 2011 Skis Preview

Volkl Has doe a great re tooling of the ladies line for next season. They look fabulous and ski as well as they ever have. Some slight tweaks in the line and the ladies twins are strong.

Northwave Drake 2011 peek

Northwave and Drake are still around. You sound surprised? Graphics on the decks are getting better every year and they have maintained production in the GST factory in Germany that produces some fine wood. The bindings have gotten some nice treatments and tie back to the boards nicely. The boots have again been lightened and look and fit great.
Northwave is working their way back up the ladder slowly, so when you see them next season, give them a shot. you may be pleasanty surprised.

2011 Never Summer longboard and snowboards

Cool new stuff from the gang over at never summer. new graphics are sick, and they are loving the fact that this trade show is right in their back yard.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Volkl AC skis for 2011

New graphics on volkl best selling line of skis. From left to right is the Grizzly,ac50-ac30, and so on. These things are sick and come with new marker binders on the high end. More info soon.

Wes loves the banana

Beer beer and Bananas? Yep, that's wes worek who is soon to be running a blog associated with Stay tunes for more details and use some one basll jay banana wax. it's simply amazing

Hanging out in the union/Capita booth

Mmmm. Beers, capitaaah Boards, and Union Binders. Great stuff. Union Binders look amazing (like they always do), And capita continues to wow us with a graphic story you have to see to believe.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Marker Squire Binders Sneak Peek 2011

Marker is bringing out a new binder at a lower price point than the gryffon. Really great looking and it comes with the new toe we all love. Here's the write up.
Good Squire, pray thee shread? Good Squire, pray thee shred? We’re proud to introduce another addition to the venerable Royal Family – the Squire. With a DIN range of 3-11, the Squire suits the skier who wants a light weight, versatile freeskiing binding that offers powerful energy transmission. Poised to take its place among the other Royal Family members, the Squire is an innovative addition to the market for mid range freeskiing bindings.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ride 2011 sneak peeks

New DH with Lowrize tech and below is the new FUL boot in a sweet orange.
new Strapper boot with a cool build design that decreases weight, and is super easy to put on.
New Slackcountry deck collab.

DC is Back At Alpine

New Era hats and DC t's in stock. it's been a awhile since alpine had dc products, but they are coming back. Look for shoes to be dropping soon.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Closer look at the full tilt Wallisch Hot Dogger 2011

The puffy tongue is back. Check out the new hot dogger boot designed around Tom Wallisch. The boot features the original 3 piece design with a 99mm last. It also has the medium #6 flex tongue for shock absorption and help with your nose presses. It also comes with the pro liner from the guys at intuition.

Line Skis and Full Tilt 2011

Photos are coming out pretty bad right now, because of the upplighting. Will have better shots during the show. The Mothership is superclean looking. Below is a quick peek at the new Full tilt line. Check out the tom Wallisch pro model. Pretty rad.

K2 Skis Preview 2011

Wow. Wow.Wow. K2 cannot make a bad looking ski. The apache line is gone and every ski has some sort of camber story. Details soon, but for now, just look at the sick new designs.

Union Force in Green Re Up

Here's how it all went down. Brad Bradley called and said, "Hey Chris, do you want any union forces in green? I have 3 pair." I said "Hellsyeah." And that's how it came to be. 3 pair of these fine binders are back on Alpines binder wall, so if you want a pair, hurry in.

Atomic Skis 2011 Preview in Denver

Atomic pulled no punches with these great new ski designs. The twins look absolutely amazing and you will notice a new graphic on Chetler. The nomad come back with some new color treatments, and low and behold, early rise tips.

Hawx boots are still lokking fabulous and the fit is unchanged.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Denver SIA Show with Rossi snowboards 2011

Well here I am in beautiful Denver Colorado checking out all of 2011 merchandise. Left dulles airport this morning on the 6 am flight. You know how early you have to get up for this flight? yeah... Early. So now I am in meetings and the first real one of the day was rossignol skis and snowboards. Here is a quick peek at what graphics rossi will be bringing to the market.
Rocker is the word, and it looks like they are calling theirs amptek. It also looks like everyone will be offering full rocker and the famous rocker/camber story. More info when time arises.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Set up of the minute with Chet

Chet here is STOKED. He got himself hooked up with a gnu park pickle with Custom binders in acid green. On top of that he got some fresh 32 boots, a bern baker helmet, and some Oakley goggles. Damn this set up is ridiculous. Look for Chet on the hill. He will be the one with a huge smile on his face because his set up is so amazing. Thanks for coming in.

Set up of the minute with Kevin

What do Burton Custom Binders in acid green match? Ask Kevin. He put them on this ride Ruckus in a 145 and the set up looks sick. Add a pair of 32 boots and a Bern baker helmet, and you have one SICK set up. Enjoy the ride Kevin.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Dakine Re up just in time.

Plenty of new dakine gloves for the guys and the girls. just in time for the weekend. All sizes available. I know we have been hurting on sizes as of late, but now we have them all. Great colors in stock as well. Check below as we also got in plenty of the famous dakine earflap beanies. Way more colors than what is shown below. Stop in and get yourself some before your next trip.

Set up of the minute with Frankie

Purple on purple seems to be hot right now. Frankie got his first deck, and it's a ride kink 52 with mission purple binders. Pretty hot set up, and one he's sure to enjoy. Thanks Frankie!

New shoes from Sole Tech in stock

2 great new shoes from soletech are in stock. The first blood mid in black/green/white is the krooked collab shoes.This is Bobby worrests shoe and it is awesome. Drop in insert and g2 gel make this shoe wicked comfortable. Next is the accel, which is bringing back some throwback colorways to celebrate it's birth. The color on this is white/navy/yellow, and is from 1997. All sizes available today.