Friday, April 30, 2010

Cash For Stinkers is HERE!!!

It's here! The amazing, incredible, "CASH FOR STINKERS" program. If the government can do it, so can we. No reasonable trade shall be refused. Need new shoes? Bring us your old stinky ones for a trade on a fresh new pair. Got some old skates that don't roll? Bring em on in. Got a broken deck, or something someone gave you from Wal MArt? Don't be embarraseed. Bring that thing in and trade it in on a new one. Stop in for details.
This is for one Month only, so hurry in. Just like the government, we can only print so much money....

Set Ups of the Minute With Some 7 Ply Goodness

We had some good set ups go out today. Above Anthony is holding his New Creature deck With Silver trucks and spitfire wheels, and as you can see, he only goes to school for the handrails.
Below, Nick grabbed a new santa cruz right out of the box, as well as some new Krux. He had never tried them so he thought now's as good a time as any.
Nick's brother, Michael, grabbed an alpine set up and got the FREE matching t shirt. Way to represent. thanks alot and enjoy your new decks.

Hyperlite Catalyst wakeskates

Want to try wakeskating? Here is the perfect deck. Even experienced riders like this catalyst Wakeskate from Hyperlite. At only $99, this is a great toy to bring out to the water. It has a good shape and all the sizes are in stock. So grab one of these and head out to the water. It should be warming up soon.

New Santa Cruz Re Issues

Yep, the Steve Alba, and the Roskopp are eye deck are now in stock. Super sick graphics and old school shapes make these totally rad. I love it when Santa Cruz brings back the classics, and so does every dad who is now out skating with their sons. So slap on some 169's and some bones wheels, and go hit the park. Let alpine build you a deck that brings you back to the good old days. Only now the deck has better concave and the front trucks are pulled back for a much smoother ride.

Set up of the Minute with Hogarty

We always love it when Hogarty comes in. He has been riding with us since 95, and he hasn't stopped yet. He's pretty much family. He also worked for Alpine during the opening of this sterling store and helped us grow to who we are today. So when he needed some new skates I worked hard to get him exactly what he needed. He is now on a pair of USD Carbons with featherlite frames and eulogy wheels, and he couldn't be happier. So look for Mike to still be representing all over town, even with a wife, 2 kids and a full time job. Thanks Mike!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

46 Boxes From HO Sports

Matt will have his work cut out for him Tomorrow. We got in 46 boxes of new HO Waterskis and Hyperlite wakeboards. I will have images up as soon as he gets these unboxed. Looks to be a good summer and water levels are going to be amazing. So if you need some toys for the boat think alpine. We even got some kneeboards and wakeskates in this order. stay tuned!

Sonic Turbo Wash

Got some nasty bearings that could use some love. Come on in and grab this wash. Just soak your bearings in the solution, let them dry, and re-lube them. They will be super fast and much quieter. Alpine has everything you need to keep you skating this summer!

Sonic Gripz Tool

having a hard time taking your bearings out of your wheel? Let alpine help you. Stop in and grab this 6 in 1 tool that can help you take out bearings and spacers with ease. It does everything but help you skate better. That you have to do on your own.

Sonic Street Hockey pucks

4 great colors are available at alpine in the Sonic Street hockey pucks. Perfect for anytime you want to play a quick pick up game or practice your stick skills. These have teflon pads for better glide, just don't take one in the face as these have some weight to them, and it would hurt pretty good. Alpine has a great selection of most everything needed for inline hockey. Game 7 tonight.
C A P S Caps!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Mission Zero G Hockey Pucks

Still playing with an old tennis ball? Well, come on in to alpine as we just got in a dozen new zero G pucks. Great for all types of inline hockey, and they are a bright red color so they are easy to spot when they disappear down the storm drains.

Set Up of the Minute With Dylan

Dylans dad was tired of him riding his longboard, so he stopped in on Sunday and picked him out this sweet Sector 9 Complete. We loosened up the trucks , and Dylan was tearing it up around the store. This kid could really skate. Enjoy your new longboard Dylan, and hopefully you can outride your dad one day. Ha.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Summertime in the ski shop

Funny little bit forwarded to me by My under Armour Rep, and believe me that this happens all the time.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Never Summer Re-up

Just in time for this weekend, Never summer has shipped us some new product. The never summer longboards have been slaying, and for good reason. They ride silky smooth, and come with top of the line parts. They also look sick. The drop through descent has always been a strong seller, and next to it is the norad. So if you have been waiting for either of these 2 models, they are now back on the rack. Alpine has the best selection of longboards in the area. Check em out.

Element Flat Bars are back.

The amazing adjustable element flat bar is back! Yep, Alpine received a couple of these the other day. Perfect for any quick session and can be put anywhere. 2 legs and 2 cotter pins, and you and your friends can be doing smiths, crooks, 5-0's, and whatever else you can imagine. So come in and grab one today.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sector 9 Teahopoo Longboard Bamboo

This board is sheer beauty. it has a nice medium flex and can carve up the store with ease. Comes standard with gullwing charger trucks and 70 mm sector nine wheels. Summer is almost here. Why not put a beautiful new longboard under your feet? Remember that alpine is your longboard summer headquarters.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Real-Krooked, and Anti Hero Wood

New graphics from the team over at Deluxe distribution. Stop in and check em out. It's getting to be the time when new wood will be arriving weekly. Let alpine build your next deck.

Alpine Skateshop T's are now in stock

Eamonn over at convoy designed our last collab deck, and we now have a matching t' Perfect for the summer ahead. So stop into alpine and pick up a new Alpine Complete and get a free T. Any Alpine complete is only $119.99 and now comes with a free t while supplies last.

Ty did it. Nationals Vans shoes are his.

For those of you who don't know, Ty's love of the Nationals is above and beyond. I dare you to find a bigger fan than him. He has held 2 season tickets to every season so far. He sits through awful losses and huge wins. He endures Philly and Mets fans. He even keeps score with that wacky scoring system I may never understand. So when I saw that Vans was putting out opening day shoes, I told him about it.
So after a big win on Saturday against the Brewers, he drove to commonwealth down in DC and picked up one of the 12 pairs made of this shoe. It also came with this one of a kind official jersey. Notice the shoe box is hand numbered, and the jersey is as well. The number 4 refers to the production number, meaning it was the fourth team produced.
He doesn't know if he will ever wear these kicks, but they are super limited, and who doesn't love that. Cmon Nats!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Sector 9 Wings Longboard

Check out this little ripper from the team over at Sector 9. Coming standard with Gull wing trucks and sector 9 65mm wheels. This little bamboo is small and can rip anywhere. It has a Super clean topsheet, and rides amazing. Perfect for cruising to the pool or just around the neighborhood. Come in and ride it around the store.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rollerblade Urban X5

You want to play roller hockey, but you don't like the feeling of roller hockey skates? You want an aggressive skate that actually can be ridden long distances quickly? You want a fitness skate that is all black?The Rollerblade X5 urban skate is now in stock. It does it all for only $199. It comes with a UFS frame so you can put on your ground controls if you feel like riding aggressive. It can take abuse if you want to play hockey. It can skate downtown with ease. Super tough, Super comfortable and it comes with FAT 80 mm wheels that can roll over anything. Stop in and check it out today.

Eulogy Wheels Re up

We have been sold out of these 2 wheels for a while now. But they are back in stock right at the perfect time. Looks like the rain is gone and great skating weather. The Paz and Lievanos wheels are coming from the crew over at eulogy which pours amazing skate wheels. Come in and let us put a set of these on your skates today!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Landyachtz Totem Longboard

Alpine Is proud to introduce LandYachtz longboards to it's amazing longboard lineup. The Totem comes with Bear Trucks, Hawg Monster mini 70mm wheels, and abec 7 bearings. All of this for under $200. Stop in and take it for a spin around the store. you will not be disappointed.
If you are looking for a longboard, alpine is your one stop shop, so come check em out and leave with the one you love, because longboard season is here.

new graphics and shapes from Arbor Longboards

Arbor has come through with some SICK new graphics and some new shapes as well. Above is the pin GT (Grip Tape). This is a borrowed graphic off of the famous A frame. Everyone loves this shape as it is one of alpine's best sellers. Below is the new Fleetwood Koa.

The inlay on the topsheet is absolutely beautiful. Below is the newest deck from Arbor, The Axis. With the popularity of Drop through decks growing, Arbor was quick to make one of their own. you will find it narrower than most, but extremely fluid and fun to ride.

Set up of the minute with Clay

Clay here has been shopping at alpine since we first moved to Sterling. He is a huge Hockey Player and is now back from playing in the Junior Leagues in Canada and gearing up to go to college next semester at Liberty. He never thought he would be a post with a skateboard, but he stopped in this morning and picked up this sweet Danny Way Plan B with Indy trucks and Bones wheels. Look for Clay to be driving the Zamboni over at Reston Ice arena. Thanks!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Sound Of Skateboarding Featuring our very own Stephen Timms

A film project by Tyler Vitello. Here is his write up on this cool Clip.
"An Experimental Clip I filmed, edited and directed as my end of senior year project for my TV production class. It all started with an idea to make a skate edit focused on the simplicity of it and to focus on lighting. The idea then evolved into an idea to sample skate sounds and mix it into a song to have playing as the sound track. Once I had a solid idea for the song and skating, I then wanted to take it a step further so I incorporated a voice over/interview aspect to it. I am really happy with the way it turned out. It is recommended you view with a pair of headphones on so you can absorb the subtle sounds of the skateboard mixed in the song. Enjoy! "

The Sound Of Skateboarding Redux from Tyler Vitello on Vimeo.

New Signature DVD in stock

Alpine is proud to have team rider Dan Breuer in the latest inline film "Signature". It is available now at alpine. Support local skating and pick up a copy today. Here is the trailer. Enjoy.

Signature Official Trailer from Rolling Film Media on Vimeo.

New Vew Do Balance boards set to drop

Check out the rad new graphics and shapes on these 2 NEW Vew Do balance boards. These have been ordered and are set to deliver sometime around the first of may. Be on the lookout as these are sure to move quick. These mimic riding longboards and surfboards, and are perfect for summer training. Will retail somewhere around $130. I'll post when they drop.

Torey on the "New" Plan B

Yep, Welcome Torey Pudwill to the New and improved Plan B Team. When I say new, I mean all new wood and an all new distributor. For those of you who don't know, The team over at Branch (element) Distribution will now be handling all of the plan B sales for the upcoming years. So look for new graphics and tons of cool new shapes to be dropping by the end of the month!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Santa Cruz Wood

Whenever I see these throwback graphics I am brought back to Sunshine House in fair oaks mall. I would stare at all the wood for at least an hour everytime i was in there. These are variations off the themes that were popular back in the mid 80's .They were good then, and they are still good now. Need I mention this Santa Cruz team is sick. Let alpine hook you up with a new deck this spring season.