Monday, May 31, 2010

Unit tools are back!

A new box of Unit tools has arrived. So don't be without one. You never know when you are going to have to do some repair work on your ride. All colors available at a great price.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Set up of the minute with Jake

Jake rolls thick when he goes out for skates. He grabbed the Razors Genesys Turquoise today and got the matching shirt. Jake will be enjoying this 3 day weekend with some fresh new skates on his feet.

Set up of the minute with Connor

Connor stopped in today to grab a new set up. we put him in a flip mini with Indy trucks and Element wheels. Needless to say this kid is stoked. This is a wicked cool first set up. So enjoy your new ride this memorial day weekend.

Line Prophet 115 2011 skis Preview

Alpine Ski Shop's Line Prophet 115 review from Alpine Ski Shop on Vimeo.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Matt gives us a preview of the Ride 2011 EX Binder

Alpine Ski Shop Previews The Ride 2011 EX Binder from Alpine Ski Shop on Vimeo.

Ass Balls are back!

You asked for them, and now your prayers are answered. This time in a new and improved "Long" formula. You wanted more power and distance from your ASS balls, and we aim to please. Available in sleeves of three or boxes of 12. Give the loved one in your life some Ass balls. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

New Santa Cruz Completes

The crew over at NHS built us these sick new completes. They come with black krux trucks, mob grip, and OJ wheels. Ready to ride! These will only be at $119. But hurry in as we only go a few of these left. Good sizes in these 3 models.

Tom Wallisch at Wisp Resort this weekend

What??? Skiing memorial day weekend at Wisp? You heard correct. Come meet everyones favorite freeskier and see all the hot new Scott products at wisp resort this Saturday starting at 8pm. it will be an event not to be missed. There will be an on snow rail jam and tons of cool activities all night. So think winter right now and get up to Deep Creek this weekend!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

2011 Ride Antic Snowboards

Here it is in all of its glory. The 2011 ride Antic Snowboard.I have seen this deck take on tons of names through the years. I may remember it as the profile, or even the decade. One thing for sure is that this is always one of my favorite models. It's stiff enough to have some pop, but forgiving enough that I can be a little lazy on it at the end of the day. They added low pro technology which is their reverse camber.
This is the do everything deck from ride. It's fun to play with in the park and stiff enough to free ride on. Great graphics this year as well. Stop in and check em out!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Never Summer Longboard Re Up

2 New Completes from the gang over at never summer came in today. the Blue one is the Norad, and the red one is the Tyrant. Both are super sick. these are sure to move quickly, so if you were waiting, now is the time to jump on them before they are gone. School is almost out, and you don't want to be the only kid on your block without a longboard.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Skate Comp Tomorrow

Seriously funny flyer by our own Matt Ebner. Be there tomorrow for some fun. $10 entry fee. Great prizes and it's always a good time. Wakefield does a great job and is one of the easiest parks to work with. So bring your A game and let's see some Hammers!

Set up of the minute with John

John wanted a skateboard with smooth riding capabilities. So Matt came up with this sweet set up. Take an Old Roscopp Re issue and put some gullwing longboard trucks and arbor wheels on it. Voila. Instant Hotness. This deck is super smooth and One of a kind. John will not have to worry about having the same deck as anyone else. This is surely one of a kind. Enjoy the ride John, and thanks.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Set up of the minute with Ian Boo

This guy is great. he cleaned out his house and brought us some older gear for trade on a fresh new flip deck. Ian has been shopping with us for years. He is a sick skier and a pretty good skater as well. So thanks Ian and enjoy! Also a quick plug to bring us your old and tired gear for discounts on new stuff.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Set up of the minute with Parker

Parker Lewis can't Lose was a phenomenal show back in the 80's. Well, this Parker's last name isn't Lewis, but he sure can't lose with this awesome new Never Summer Longboard. (Great Segue). It was his birthday and all he wanted was a carving machine and now he has one. So enjoy the new ride!

2 great Set ups of the minute

2 hot new setups went out yesterday. Above is the sweet Convoy Summer special with Phantom trucks and Convoy Wheels.
Below is the New Flip P2 deck with ventures and bones wheels. Now is the perfect time to pick up a new deck. The weather is great. The parks are all open. And summer is right around the corner. Let Alpine hook you up with the complete you need to get through the upcoming summer months.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Alpine Donates to the Purcellville Skate Project

Everyones favorite ramp builder, Aaron Sanio, came by the shop today to grab prizes for this weekend Pucelleville Skate Project. Aaron, From Nova Ramps, will be raffling off an Alpine deck to raise money for the skate project. Help support local skating, and check out a bunch of Aarons ramps in leesburg.
Here's a quick write up.
Come out and support Purcellvile Skate Project and skate with some of DC's biggest Pros on Nova Ramps!!!

There will be music playing and free drinks Supported by Honest Tea!

Alpine Ski Shop and Convoy Skateboards Have Donated some items to Raffle off!!! Don't miss out!!!

Kids under 18 Must ware a helmet and all skaters must sign Liability form to skate. If under 18 parents must sign it too. If you want a copy of the Liability form to print off and get your parents to sign before the event please email
Facebook page is!/event.php?eid=125336240810986&index=1
See you there.

Set up of the minute with Deja

Deja stopped in on a rainy day and picked herself up a Cross step Longboard from arbor. She took it for a test spin around the shop and fell in love. looks like clearer weather is on the horizon, so go out and enjoy that sweet ride. Oh, and always wear your helmet. Safety first!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hyperlite Paragon Wakeskates are in

The Paragon wakeskate is a big step up from the Stylus. You can just tell by looking at the 2 together. So if you are looking for something that can help you out as you progress in this sport, pick up one of these for the boat. You will not be disappointed. Here's the lowdown:

The Paragon series has been completely redesigned for 2010. This skate features an all new dual density EVA top with true skate concaves. This means the look and function of our signature skates at half the price! The Paragon series is finished off with a fully sealed 9 ply bottom deck for all the feel and pop of wood.

Set up of the minute with Arbor

How do you celebrate Mothers day? I say, go buy yourself a sweet new longboard. That's just what happened. So enjoy summer, and enjoy longboarding. Thanks, and Happy Mothers Day!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Set up of the minute with Brock

Brock here has been saving his money for 10 years so he can have enough to buy the car of his dreams when he turns 16 1/2. But he took a little out of the savings so he could skate this summer. He grabbed a pair of Razors genesys Golds and look at the smile on this kids face. looks like someone is going to be having a great summer. Enjoy the boots, and keep on saving for that audi a6.

Set up of the minute with Jake

New Santa Cruz set up with Jake. Loving the orange. Grabbed some black indys and orange elements to make this deck super rad.

Set up of the minute with Taylor

Happy Birthday Taylor and enjoy this new Complete. Taylor came in last week and scoped out exactly what he wanted. Little did he know we has sold out of these. Lucky for him our back up order arrived on Thursday, so he was able to leave with exactly what he wanted. The dopest longboard on the street today. the Tan tien from the good folks over at Loaded. Enjoy the ride.

Kyle picked up some new wood...

This "Known Associate", Kyle, Stopped and picked up this new real deck. It came with this sweet mask that kyle was going to wear to 7 eleven to buy some BBQ Fritos. Good luck with that Kyle. Enjoy the wood and be careful where yo wear that mask.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Tan Tiens are Back!

2 new tan tien completes arrived on our doorstep yesterday. these were part of our original order from 6 weeks ago. they look amazing, and anyone who has ridden one knows how rad they actually are. Get one before they are gone.

Who is this masked man?

Seems like an old team rider stopped by today to skate the box. looks like his hat has fallen off during this top mistrial. Who could it be you ask? it's everyones favorite hillbilly, Andrew Griffiths. yep, if you haven't seen him, he is now back from Florida. look for him to be killing it wherever there are rails,boxes, and cold Beer.

Set up the minute with John

John stopped in today and grabbed a new pair of Valo TV2's. We added the Bailey liner, as it felt better in the boot. He added his own featherlight frames and there you go. He skated the box today with Bear and Griffiths to test them out. Enjoy the new kicks. They are Rad.

Set up of the Minute tan Tien Style

A big Smile is what you see here. And who wouldn't be happy with a brand new Tan Tien from Loaded under their feet. Coming complete with orangatang wheels and Paris trucks, this set up will ride through the summer with style. Enjoy the deck.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Cinco de Mayo!


New Oakley Sunglass Shipment

3 great new styles of Oakley sunglasses came in today. Just in time for this sunshine and warm weather. Matt is wearing the Fuel Cell with a polarized lens.
I have on the new antix in a sleek black frame, and Matt,below, has the new Holbrook. This is a solid silhouette.

New Plan B Wood

Plan B as you may have heard is now being distributed through branch distribution. So all this wood is coming from pail Schmitt, and that is a good thing. Great new graphics adorn these decks. More to be coming soon as this was only a small part of our order. Stop in and check out all the new wood alpine has just got in.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Set up of the minute with Michael

Michael turned 9 and what did he want? You guessed it. A new Longboard. So he stopped into Alpine and Grabbed this sweet Land Yachtz. Look for him to be bombing your local hill.

Razors Aragon late release colorway

New colorway in the Superlight Aragon 3. looks like razors had some extra red parts laying around so they hooked up this skate and made it pop. Limited sizes available today.

New Santa Cruz Wood

What can santa Cruz possibly do to the Screaming Hand Graphic you ask? well, if it's Cinco de Mayo, they can put a moustache, and a sombrero on it and call it cinco de mano. Limited to 100 decks, you can be one of the few to own this silly deck. Also this eric Dressen is pretty sick as well.

Set up of the minute with Josh

Josh picked up the new Hyperlite State deck with Sprint bindings for the Low low Price of $299. I know what you are saying. That is wicked cheap for a great Hyperlite set up, and you are right. Hyperlite has lowered some price points this season, and there is a lot of bang for the buck.
Alpine is loaded with tons of great wakeboard and waterski goodies, so stop in and see what we have for your boat. You won't be disappointed.