Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ride Youth Hemi Jacket 2011

Brandon came into work today to Model some of the new 2011 snow gear. he has on the Ride Snowboards kids hemi jacket with removable hood. It has a great waterproofing and retails at $119.95. On his face he has the Oakley fives with the fire iridium lens. Believe it or not, the glasses are under $100. So stop into Alpine and check out all the amazing kids gear for the upcoming season. Every kid deserves to look this good this winter.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Powell Peralta re issue wood is in

Yep, a new re stock of old school wood is up on the wall. We can't seem to keep these old school decks in stock. A lot of people are buying them as an alternative to a longboard. They are easier to carry around, and have the way cool graphic thing going on. Up this week are A cab, a skull and sword, a Vallely elephant, and a steadham. i must admit I cruise around on a steadham re issue myself with some old sims wheels. It's a blast. So let alpine set one of these up for you with some OJ's and some indy trucks and cruise around in style.

Nixon Time Tellers

When I was a kid I used to have a bunch of swatch watches. All different colors to go with whatever I was wearing that day. This model takes me back to that time. The Nixon time teller is inexpensive, and super clean. You can wear it everyday, and pick up a couple of different colors. These are just 3 of the many colors we have available in this watch. Only $60. Stop in and pick one or 2 out. you will not be disappointed.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Set up of the Minute with James

Somebody had a birthday today and got a surprise gift. James here got a new complete and had no idea it was coming. He grabbed this real deck and put thunder templetons on it and omar salaazar spitfire wheels. He couldn't have been more stoked. So happy Birthday James! Go out and kill it on your new deck, and wear your helmet. Ha!

Orangatangs Wheels are back

This is Alpine's largest order of Orangatang wheels to date. 12 new sets in all sizes and hardnesses are available. So replace those old worn out wheels with some of the best on the market.

Nixon Re Up

Just in time for summer. New Nixon watches from $60. Time Tellers, Rubber player, scouts, and more. So if you need something more fashionable than you phone to tell you the time, check out these sweet new time tellers.

Circa Tre's in blue

Found this shoe on the circa availability list. Everyone loves the Tre. It's one of Alpines best selling models. So when I saw this blue one, i grabbed up as many as I could. So stop in and grab a pair of these at a GREAT price. But hurry...These are sure to go quick.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Traffic skateboards are now at Alpine

Here is just a sampling of the new decks now on Alpines skate wall. Traffic skateboards roots are the east coast. For more info on the bran check out their web page here. So when you think skateboards, think alpine. We have tons of great brands and can get you in and out quickly so you can go skate.

Kevin Staab Re Issue

If you know me, you know that I am a sucker for reissue wood. Especially Anything from the 80's When I was a kid i loved the mad scientist graphic. I think this was John Lucero drawn graphic.
In this shot I am showing off a transworld ad from the 1988 photo annual. The shape has changed a little and it still feels wicked good under your feet. So stop into alpine and get back to your roots.We will Always try to keep reissue wood in stock. Look for more from Powell showing up later this week. Here is aa little Vid of Staab on the birdhouse fteam. He is the second one in.

Set up of the minute with Ryan

What do you need when you are going off to your first year of college? How about a new Longboard. Ryan tested out as bunch, and quickly fell in love with this loaded dervish with Orangatang wheels. Once you ride one, you know. The loaded's feel amazing and carve effortlessly. So Ryan here will be riding in style as he heads to class this fall.

Oakley Washington Nationals Flak Jacket

For those of you that know Tyler, you know that he is a die hard Nationals fan. So when we saw that Oakley was making MLB Flak jackets, you had to know that these would be available at Alpine. So here they are. They have a small W in the left hand corner of the lens and come with a hard case and a cleaning bag. So Show your Nationals pride and grab a pair of these today!

Set up of the minute with Tyler

Look at that smile. That's what I am talking about. Tyler has a new Sector 9 flex deck and a rasta 888 helmet. This is chis first longboard, and he couldn't be any happier. He tested a bunch out in the store and fell in love with this model. So keep wearing your helmet and have fun bombing some hills.

Set up of the minute with Brendan

Brendan is just getting into skateboarding and stopped in to pick up his first real deck. He grabbed this Convoy Dream Team Deck and piut some Ventures and Spitfire wheels on it. He is super stoked and will be looking to improve his game in the coming weeks. Enjoy the ride Brendan.

Flip P2 Wood in Stock

P2 Wood? what is that you ask? well direct from Flip's web page, P2 technology includes an oval-shaped fiber reinforcement panel, to enhance the board's natural performance, and results in a board which is thinner than old fashioned 7-ply wood skateboards and with Spring-Loaded Pop! So, Stop in to alpine and pick yourself up one of these new models. All sizes and colors are available.
Here is Rowley talking about his P2.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Vans shoes up on the wall.

All new Vans kicks arrived at Alpine, Just in time for August. From Left to right we have the always popular AV6 in Black/white. Then we have 3 new Chukka Lows in Black red white, Black/gum and blue. Come see why the Chukka is one of the best selling skate shoes on the market. They are wicked light, inexpensive and comfortable. A winning combination. all sizes available today.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Templeton Thunder Trucks

They are blue and orange and have the monster holding guns out. Need I say more? Alpine has a great selection of all the new Thunder brand trucks. S0 stop in and get yourself a new set.

Set up of the minute with Tyler

Tyler here may not Ever Know who Kevin Staab is, but he sure has a sweet new set up. He jumped on this birdhouse Staab with Thunder trucks and Chris Cole Spitfire wheels. Needless to say, this set up is absolutely ridiculous. So Enjoy this Rad ride and show it off with pride.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Set up of the minute with Jack

This guy rolled in with a mission. He wanted a skateboard, and he wanted it quickly. he picked out this Convoy Dream Team deck and put some Thunder trucks on and some Convoy wheels. Jack here is STOKED to say the least. So enjoy the new wood and have fun out there.

Set up of the Minute With Lindsey

Lindsey wants to learn how to Longboard. So her friend and her are going to go and hit the local parking lots and practice carving. I can think of nothing more fun on a hot day than feeling the breeze rush past you while cruising on some big soft wheels. So have a great summer and enjoy your new Arbor blunt!

Ride 2011 Orion Snowboard boot

Check it out. The New Ride 2011 Orion Boot. It is an inexpensive boot with a bunch of High tech features. it is super lightweight, because it is coming with an intuition liner. So this boot can be heat molded to fit your foot perfect before you even leave the store. No more breaking it in. Did I forget to mention that it looks better than other brands $200 models? This boot is sure to be a homerun this year as the crew @ ridesnowboards has done much retooling in the fit for this season. Stop in and try a pair on. You will be happy you did!

The Norad is back!

That's right. You heard it here. The Norad from Never Summer Industries is back in stock at Alpine. This is the perfect all around carving board. It is coming with Randall 150 trucks and never Summer 64 mm cruiser wheels. It has a nice soft flex, so it is super fun to roll around on.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Set up of the minute with Zach

Zach rolled in looking to replace a stolen longboard and ended up leaving the store withj this PJ Ladd Plan B.Thunder king of trucks, and Chris Cole Street Burners finished off this set up Now he is off to the skatepark. Enjoy the new ride.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Salomon Skis for 2011 on the wall

Salomon has almost shipped complete. The new 2011 line up is here at alpine and these skis look incredible. Not only do they look incredible, they rip anywhere on the mountain. Stop into Alpine and see what pair is right for you. We are sure to have something to enhance your skiing experience this upcoming snow season.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Skate a banana? Sure, why not

Still the Hottest board in the industry. The Skate Banana from Liberace Technologies comes back pretty much unchanged. A new graphics adorns this seasons offering, and the standard color is a black grey. Shown here are two of the colorways coming in the assorted pack. if you missed out on these last season, stop in and get your fix now while the inventory is here. All sizes (Even little grom sizes) are available as I am writing this blog post!

DC Backpacks in stock

Wow. Back to school time already you ask? Yep. So Think Alpine when you have to get some dope new gear for the upcoming school year. We will have all the best bags, shirts, shoes and more. You probably need a longboard too for those long treks to campus. So stop in and check out all the cool stuff we have in stock.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Set up of the minute with Steven

Steven here stopped in just to look around, and he left with this SWEET flip p2 deck with venture trucks and the new 4 color ricta wheels. This deck was super light and he is wicked excited to test out the P2 technology. So we are now out of P2's. More to be coming soon. Thanks Steven, and enjoy the new set-up.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

ES' Square Ones Black/White

A Staple shoe in the black white colorway. Skates great--Looks great-- and it's priced right. Full size run available at alpine today. Stop in and treat your feet to some new kicks.

Spitfire Wheels are Back

Cardiel, Salazaar, Koston, Gerwer, and more are in stock today. Everyone loves spitfire wheels. The team is ridiculous and the wheels are stupendous. So grab a set of these today and smooth out your ride.

Alpine has your longboards

We know you love longboarding, and so do we. Alpine is happy to say that all the longboard racks are filled to the brim. Full set ups of Arbor, Loaded and Never Summer longboards grace the floors of alpine. So if you are looking for a smooth ride under your feet, stop in and take some for a test ride around the store. We are POSITIVE we have at least 3 that you will love.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Set up of the minute with Jaden

Jaden here is taking skate camp in South Riding. His great instructor Frank told him if he wanted to get better, he was going to need a real deck. So he stopped in here today and picked up this sweet $99 Convoy Complete with Silver Trucks and Kontrol wheels. Now there will be no stopping this kid as he will tearing up the park. So enjoy your new ride.

Loaded Longboard Re-Up

A large shipment of loaded longboards came in today from the team over at loaded. Dervish's and vanguards in multiple flexes are now available today. So if you have been waiting, hurry in, as these decks seem to go quickly!

Venture trucks re-up

Everyone's favorite street trucks are back in stock. The lightweight Venture trucks come in a ton of colors and are instantly broken in. So stop in and replace your old worn out trucks with some fresh new ones and go skate.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Set up the minute with Craig

Craig here was looking for his first longboard. He fell in love with this sweet arbor and will be cruising around his hood in style. So think alpine when you are thinking longboards, Craig here did, and check out that smile.

Convoy Reup wood and wheels

It's the final run of these graphics from Convoy skateboards. New graphics will be dropping in about a month. Stay tuned, but until then, support your local skateboard company.

Arbor Longboards Re-up

We were super happy to see the UPS truck roll up with a couple of boxes from Arbor. The Longboard rack is finally filled up again. These shapes are great and the graphics are amazing. So stop in and check em out.

Set up of the minute with Nick

Nick here is now on the P2 bandwagon. After taking some time off due to an injury, he is back. So he stopped into alpine and grabbed the new flip deck with indy trucks and ricta wheels. An all NHS Set up. Good luck and have fun on this sweet ride.

Set up of the minute with Daniel

Daniel her has a vanguard that is completely pressed out. So he came in looking to upgrade to a stiffer dervish. Much to his surprise, he found out we had a tan tien in his flex. Needless to say, he snatched one up and couldn't have been any happier. So enjoy your second loaded longboard. Thanks.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ride 2011 Anthem Boa Snowboard boots

Snow gear keeps on coming. Here is the 2011 ride Anthem Coiler boots. These are super lightweight due to the Intuition foam liners. They are also coming with the better boa coiler lacing system. It's faster and easier than the lower priced version. The boot has a medium flex and fits like a glove. 2 great colorways in store today. Winter is right around the corner.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

K2 Mach 100 Inline Skates

After we had to special order this skate for 5 different people, we decided to bring them in stock. The Mach 100 custom fit is the highest end rec skate there is. With full support, you can cruise around lightly, or take it hard on the trail. Comes with a high low set up of 100mm wheels in the back and 90 mm wheels in the front. Come give this skate a test spin around the store. You will be surprised at great this skate rides.