Friday, October 29, 2010

Set up of the minute with Jonathan

Somebody just got their first snowboard today. A new Ride Lowride package with some 32 boa boots. The look on Jonathan's face says it all. look out, because this kid is ready for snow and he is stoked on this new set up. And remember this. Zombie don't skate. It says so on his shirt.

Tecnica Moon Boots....

2 colors available now at Alpine. No left or right to worry about. 3 sizes available. Super cushy and soft. Hasn't changed in 30 years. Come try them on. you will be hooked

Thursday, October 28, 2010

New Oakley Frogskins in stock

4 great new colorways of Oakleys famous frogskins arrived in store today. Bottom left is a grenade collab and has a matte finish. All others are 2 tone as well. Be sure to stock up on these as they are sure to go quickly.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pro Night Tomorrow Night At Alpine

It's second annual pro night at Alpine this Thursday night. So all you ski patrol, Ski instructors, and general PSIA people, show up and grab your goods. Cocktails and food will be on hand as well as the staff of alpine to help you pick out your gear. Any questions, please give us a call. Ask for Chris or Ty. Look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Nixon Watch Re Up

2 great new colors in the rubber player at $150 and the new Fader at only $100. More Nixons dropping soon. The case will be filled before the upcoming holiday season. Oh Boy!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Burton Social Womens Snowboard 2011

Don't just buy it because of the spots. Effortless to ride thanks to its three part V-Rocker design and upturned Cruise Control edges the board is virtually impossible to catch an edge on. So Stop in and check this ripper out. At only $349.99, it's really a steal.

Set up of the minute with Josh

Josh here picked up his first set up and he couldn't be happier. No more rental lines. No more uncomfortable boots. Now snowboarding as it should be. He grabbed the Drake package with some 32 boots and sweet kit. He will be killing the mountain in style this season. Thanks Josh!

Set up of the minute with Aaron

Yep! It's the first Attack Banana to leave the store. This set up is absolutely ridiculous. Check out the Union Forces in white. Can you say HOT! I can, and I will. Aaron is STOKED. Personally, one of my favorite set ups of the year so far. Enjoy the ride Aaron.

Friday, October 22, 2010

P Rod is back.....

As well as a bunch of other Plan b wood. Stop in and see all the new styles and sizes we have. P2's are here as well as a bunch of Sheckler's.

Loaded's are back on the shelves

A slew of Loaded completes arrived today. These were much needed as we have been sold out for a while now. You'll see 2 Dervish's, 2 Tan Tien's, and a vanguard. So if you have been waiting, now is the time to come and scoop them up.

"The Josh" Gets some new boots-- Seth Style

Seth Morrison is in the house. "The Josh", has been needing some new boots for over a year now, and now he is on the Full Tilt band wagon. This sublimated boot comes equipped with a sick intuition liner, and has a narrow 98 mm last. Check it out next time you stop in. It's like nothing you have ever seen before.

New Orangatang wheels in all flavors

A new batch of wheels from orangatang dropped in store today. Lots of the purple flavor, as we were out of those. Orangatang is still Alpine's #1 selling and performing longboard wheel.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Alpine Got Some new wood.

I know you remember the graphic on the right. It was our second deck graphic from Chad over at Index ink. He also did it in some other colors with his logo. These are back in stock and only $39.99! Blank deck pricing on some super cool wood. Stop in and check em out. Also made some $99 completes with these. Get a new deck under your feet for the weekend.

New Emerica Fall Line-up

Fall is here and so are the new Emerica skate shoe drops. 2 great colors in the romero and one Jinx in grey. The Jinx is priced under $50 and is awesome in Grey. The Romero green is super clean and everyone loves a black gum colorway. Alpine's skate shoe wall is stocked with a bunch of sick shoes you can't find anywhere else.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Nitrane from ride

No, this isn't the nightrain from the super group public enemy. This is the Nitrane from ride binding company. The orange color just pops and this is the single strap contraband binder everyone is raving about. Ultra light and super strong, ride binders are a top product at Alpine.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ride Contraband in Green

This binder is gaining some steam. Now more models in mens and womens and lots of color choices. It's a super easy to use binder with just one strap. It was designed for park riding, but it works awesome freeriding as well. Once this is adjusted to your boot correctly, there is nothing it cannot do. This colorway is awesome! Stop in and check out all the great new ride binders alpine has in stock!

Monday, October 18, 2010

686 what??? It's the Mother of all displays!

It is common knowledge that Alpine is down with 686. It is our number clothing brand by a mile. We believe in the product and it shows. So when our loving rep saw that 2 of these MASSIVE displays were available for their favorite shops, he jumped at the chance to have one of these (only 2 in existence) in his territory. Who was the lucky shop? We were the lucky shop. You can't miss the monstrosity that is the "mother of all POP".
So thanks you Harrison, and thank you 686. Here's hoping for a great season.

Set up of the Minute with Julian

Julian needed a new set up. So he stopped in Saturday and saw Matt. He left with this Gnu Carbon Credit with BTX and some Ride Binders. Pretty dope! He was stoked, and so were we. He is going to be killing it this year on his new ride. So enjoy it and pray for for snow. I know we are.
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New Tom Wallisch Pro Goggles from SCOTT

Coming soon to Alpine. Should be here the first of the month.

Ride Lowride starter pack

Just what the little snowboarder in your house wants. Here is a ride Lowride snowboard with LOWRIZE technolgy and a great ride binder all in a box ready to go. It also comes with a snowboard sleeve to carry it around. 4 sizes available, and this is in our jr lese program. Ask about it on your next trip in the store!
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District Snowboards are Here

What are District snowboards you ask? Well, it's a small division of Monument. District decks are limited in number and have super clean colorways. Full wood cores with UHMW sidewalls and a super clean die cut base. These decks are twin in shape, and have a wider stance. Stop in and check these out. If you want something that is different and limited in production, this deck is for you. Support local snowboarding.
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Friday, October 15, 2010

Union Flight in Green 2011

A new batch of green binders arrived today. This is very similar in color to the green force from last season. This year we get green in the flight, one of unions lightest weight binders. Great buckles and comfortable straps make this a must have for people looking to cut down on the weight of their set up.
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Per Welinder Re Issue in Stock

I had this deck in pink back in 1988. I loved this shape and this graphic. Behold its greatness. It's now in stock on Alpine's skate wall. Stop in and check out all the great old school re issues we have in.
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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lange Jr Race Team 70 Boots 2011

Alpine Now has jr performance kids boots. Built just like the top of the line model, this boot offers a softer overall flex for younger racers with shorter legs. But this boot still packs a punch on the race course or just pushing it down the mountain. Think Alpine for all of your Jr ski needs.
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Drake mens and womens package boards are here.

Check em out. 2 great new graphics on some solid boards from Drake. These are coming packaged with drake bindings and 32 snowboard boots for well under $500. These are not the cheapest packages out there, but we don't sell cheap gear. You want to have fun, and we at alpine want you to have the best possible time on the mountain. You can't have a good time on cheap, unusable gear. We know this, and we looked hard to find a great board ,boot and binder at a good price that will actually work extremely well on the mountain. Stop in and check out these great packages.
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Danny Coffey Stopped by the store...

Everyone remembers dreadlock Danny don't they. He worked in the store 2 years ago, then moved down to NC to pursue a dream. Well, he is back and we look forward to seeing his smiling face back at alpine this winter. And yes, he is wearing a swatch. The guy still has style.
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Amazing Mike Flinn and The Flatliner

Yes, Mike Flinn was in town and not only did he eat one flatliner, he ate 2. I have seen mere mortals fall to this wicked hot sauce, but not this man. He boasts a cast iron stomach and was able to hold a conversation even after consuming 2 of these ferocious wings. We at alpine are proud to call Mike Flinn The king of the heat. If anyone in the industry would like to challenge this feat, just let us know. We are always down for a show at the wing factory.
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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New Gnu Park Pickle

WHAT! A new Park pickle in a crazy new colorway. Here's little Chris showing off the newest graphic to come from the good people over at Mervin MFG.

Lib Attack Banana EC2 BTX in stock

Quick base shot with our own Matt Ebner showing it off. More to come. This is a mid season release with the newest Mervin wood. Check out the old school graphics. More to come...

Friday, October 8, 2010

Vans Hi Standard in Gum 2011 Hana

Hana Beaman has a boot from Vans and it is called the Hi standard. This colorway is absolutely sick and the fit is right on. Be sure to check out this great lace boot when you looking for that perfect new boot. Alpine has the best selection of snowboard boots in the Northern Va area. There is a reason that everyone shops here. It because of the service AND the amazing selection.
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Vans Snow Chukka low Shoes

The Snow Chukka Low is here. Why snow? Because it comes scothguarded silly. It also has wax laces and a lightly insulated interior. Be one of the few that are able to get these new kicks.
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Never Summer Longboard Re Up

5 New decks came in today. Both Flexes in the heist and the descent , and 1 assault. Can't seem to keep these things in stock. Never summer longboards are some of the best in the business.
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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Santa Cruz Snowskates? Say It Aint So Joe!

You asked, and we found. The Santa Cruz snow skateboards are in stock. These are a top of every kids wish list for those snowy days ahead. 1 size fits all.

NHS unloaded new flip-creature-SC-and indy

New Big decks from creature and the flip hooked series below.

Lots of new santa cruz screaming hand graphics.

Indy ultra light trucks with hollow kingpins.

New Vans October Arrivals

3 Great new shoes arrived from the crew over at vans. A new model for Alpine is the Chukka Pro Boot. This has the duracap toe protector to help the shoes have a prolonged life. Next to it are two great new colors in the chukka lows. The mustard coloraway is keegan Saunders pro model, and the black/chcl is Gilbert crockets. The black/chcl is also coming in youth sizes. Remember, Free vans trucker hat with all vans shoe purchases!