Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lange RX 100 Ski Boots

Lange boots at alpine ski shop? Surely you must be mistaken. Nope. These boots fit amazing. You have to throw out everything you remember hating about Lange, because they have changed almost everything. The most important thing to realize is that they fit, with little to no work. So stop in and try a pair of the hottest new boots on the shelves before they are gone. This model has a 100 last and a 100 flex.

Dregs 40 Uptown Push Longboards

Wow. You got to see these to believe them. Super rad shape for a drop through, and the paint jobs just sparkle. Come complete with Gullwing trucks and luv yo mutha soy wheels. ALl of this for under $200. Come in and take a spin on one. You will fall in love.

Luv Yo Mutha Longboard wheels in stock

A soy based product in the store. Here are Dregs Longboards Luv Yo Mutha wheels.
Love Yo Mutha Soy Compound Skateboard Wheel by Dregs offers size, strength, & stability. The Love Yo Mutha formula uses soy oils to offset the use of petroleum product. A quick turning manueverable wheel for controlled cruising. Lowriding for greater stability. Welcome to the new world of Soy-based urethane. Both sizes available today..

Razors Yuri Edit...New skate in stock

Monday, November 29, 2010

2 New Aggressive skates from Sunshine

The Aragon 4 is finally here. The new color on this is sick The blue just pops off the black silhouette. If you have skated with Bear recently, you have seen these on his feet.
Below is Haffey's newest remz model. Super good mix of black and white. Soft cuff with buckles inside the box. 4 sizes in each. Available online as well as in store.

Dregs longboards in stock

The 38 Slide 102 from Dregs is now in stock. Coming Complete with Gullwing trucks, and Luv Yo Mother Soy based wheels. The completes here are only 189$ and are super fun to ride. So, If you wanted a loaded, and didn't want to drop the $300, here is a great alternative in a GREAT longboard. Stop by and Check em out.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Set up of the Minute with Erich

He wanted a new deck and was on an older version of the T Rice, so why not get the fresh new one. This set up is ridiculous. It has C2 BTX technolgy and will seriously kill it down the mountain. Add GiGi's Union Binder to this set up and you have one sweet ride. So thanks Erich, and have a great season.
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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"White Friday" Sale

Sure we are going to have some great deals. We always do. So here's the Special list. For the first time ever, we have longboards on sale, but for only one day. So if you were waiting to grab one, now is the time. Also all skateboard completes will be 15%off as well. Nixon watches and Ugg Boots @20% off regular price. Great deals to be had. But don't forget that alpine is your #1 ski and snowboard shop in Northern VA. We have the best brands and the best customer service. So stop in and get yourself geared up for winter.

New Mini Completes from Darkstar

Need a skateboard for the little Grom in your life. These are the real deal skateboards for the kids with the smaller feet. Start the skater in your life off right with these real deal completes. Know that these are on sale an additional 15% through Friday. Shop early and save.
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Razors Yuri Botelho Pro Model In Stock NOW

In all its glory, a brand new Razors pro model. The Yuri Botelho in brasil Green. Coming with green featherlight frames and acid green antirockers. It also has a great Jug liner. For those of you looking for something different, this is the skate. Limited to only 300 pairs, you can be one of the few to own this sick model!
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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Set Up of the Minute with Jesse

Jesse here needed a snowboard for the upcoming season. No more renting for him. He came in looking for something simple and something unique. Bam! Here he is with one of 12 of Monument snowboards off shoot brand District. That's right. Only 12 of these decks were produced, and he has one. Add a sweet Ride binder and some 32 boots, and you got a sweet set up of the minute. So Jesse, enjoy the ride and all of us at Alpine applaud the "Stache".

Monday, November 22, 2010

Set up of the Minute With Camden

BAM! Say it with me now...BAM! Now that is how you should look going to the mountain. Camden here hooked up his New Never Summer Revolver with the Uber limited Danny Kass Union Binders. But you got to look good when your rocking this set up, so Camden got a new 686 kit that is sick! Add some DC boots to this and you got a good season guaranteed. So Thanks from all of us at Alpine, and we hope you get to use this set up alot this winter.

New K2 Iron Maiden Ski Set for Release

Here is the rad new Iron Maiden ski from the good folks over at K2 skis. At alpine, we were alotted 8 pair, and we couldn't be more excited. Here is the info..

K2 is introducing a limited edition all-mountain/park ski that will be available at retailers throughout the country.

K2’s new ski, the Iron Maiden, is made with the company’s Jib Rocker, which has no camber, and has dimensions of 121/90/115.

With graphics representing the rock band by the same name, the Iron Maiden retails for $685 without binding.

Look fr them to pre sell on our web page soon.

Friday, November 19, 2010

New Smalls from Burton in stock

New small from the crew over at Burton.
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Longboard Wheel case is loaded

All new flavors from orangatnag, abec 11 and Arbor to name a few. Pick up a set for your ride. Fall is a great time to get out and rip down some hills.
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P Rod Plan B Decks in Stock

Everyone loves P. rod. Here are 2 of his newest models. We have these and a bunch more up on the skate wall. Come check out all the new Plan B wood we have in stock today!. Alpine has a great selection of skateboards. Shop early while selection is still good.
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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Set Up of the Minute With Matt and Amelia

The family that rides together stays together. That's what I always heard from the great Warren Miller. This great couple is no exception. Amelia needed a board that turns easier, and she got it with her never summer. Matt has a new Burton TWC with Burton freestyle binders. It's going to be a great season. Thanks for stopping in, and enjoy your new set ups!

Danny Kass Binders in stock and they look Awesome

In all their glory, the New Danny Kass Union Binder is here. Check out the super cool case it comes in. Also feel the felt. Well, I know you can't really feel it, but know it feels smooth. Smooth like a delicious Crowne and Coke. Mmmmm. Purple Binders. These are legit and know that there are only around 300 pairs of these in existence. So come check em out and grab a pair.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Union Super Light Binders 2010

Seriously...I mean Seriously. This binding is redonkulous. It's super light and super comfortable. the whole thing is just SUPER. Amaze your friends with a new pair of these strapped to your deck. you will not be disappointed. We guarantee it.

Monday, November 15, 2010

New Orangatang wheels and Slide gloves back in stock

Finally, the restock of Loaded Longboaard gloves has arrived. With this order came new orangatnag wheels and a couple of new loaded longboards. Just in time for the thanksgiving holiday. So stop into Alpine for all of your longboard needs. Loaded and Orangatang are the premier names in all of longboarding.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Set up of the minute with Chase

Chase wanted a longboard, but something just a little different. So here he is with a caballero with Randall trucks and Orangatang wheels. look for him to be killing the mean streets of Ashburn.
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set up of the miunute with Lloyd

Tired of renting? Lloyd here was. So he stopped in and grabbed a sick deal on last seasons Ride Antic Snowboard. So no more rental lines for him. Paired with a ride Orion Boot and Burton Freestyle binders, he couldn't be more stoked. We are all hoping you get to ride this season and don't need surgery. So good luck and enjoy the ride.
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Set up of the Minute with Ryan

The Never summer Circuit is a hot deck this season. Ryan saw this and instantly fell in love. He added the Burton Custom binder and a pair of Burton Hail restricted boots. Let's hope he's stopped growing. Ha! Enjoy this ridiculous set up, and thanks!
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Friday, November 12, 2010

Union Capita Ultrafear Collab Snowboard Binding

It's here. the limited edition Union/Capita collab Binder. The graphics on this set are eye popping to say the least. It is based off the contact binding and the graphics tie back to the ultrafear. Only 3 pair of these are available. So hurry in. Theyare also listed on our online store, at alpineskishop.com.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Burton Ambush Snowboard boots 2010/11

Here are 2 great colorways in this seasons newest Burton Ambush snowboard boot. These are coming with the imprint 3 heat moldable liner that is super lightweight, and extremely comfortable. It also has the easy to use speed zone lacing. Just 2 pulls, and the boot is on. Stop in and try a pair on. If there is one thing that Burton does great, it's boots.
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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Set up of the minute with Kyle

Kyle picked up his new Ride Antic wide and grabbed a pair of leftover Burton Custom Binders. This set up looks sick, and it is going to ride great. He couldn't be happier, so look for him to be flying down any of our local mountains looking good. Thanks Kyle, and enjoy the new "Ride".
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Set Up of the Minute with Lia

Yep, that's a brand new Ride Promise snowboard with Low Pro technology. Lia is going to be killing it this season on this new set up.
Thanks for stopping in and we hope to see you soon. Enjoy the ride~!
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Set Up Of The Minute With Jack

Check out the first District snowboard to leave the store. District is a small division of Monument snowboards, Virginia's own Snowboard company. Jack put some flows on his new ride and he couldn't be more stoked. He will be one of the few on the mountain riding this super exclusive board.
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Monday, November 8, 2010

Stepchild Latchkey Snowboard 2010/11

All Iron Maiden Fans will fall instantly in love with this deck. Drawing inspiration from the trooper, this stepchild snowboard is meant to "run to the Hills". Get it? Never Mind. Step Child decks are made strong and this deck is an all mountain slayer. So stop in and check out all the new Models at Alpine today.
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Friday, November 5, 2010

Welcome Stepchild Snowboards To Alpine

Ty is above showing the Salary man snowboard from Stepchild. Stepchild has been around a while, and we are proud to offer them in our store. Below is the jibsticks for him and her. More models and styles available, so stop in and check them out.