Monday, January 31, 2011

Neon Powell Peralta decks are here..

I saw these and knew they would be on my next order. sick reissue graphics in neon in great shapes from the group over at skate one. Ligament construction and made in the USA. Also some Mcgill reissues and a Vallely elephant. More pics to come.

Set up of the minute with Ryan

First day back from Denver and it feels good. Ryan here stopped in this morning and was tired of riding some old K2 deck with rossi step in binders. So he went for the upgrade. A new 159 District deck from Monument with Ride EX binders and the last pair of vans hi standard boots.He is going to feel control like he never has before. Have fun on the new ride. We know you will..

Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Marker Squire Schizo for 2012

So you want a schizo binder, but can't afford the Gryffon. Marker has taken notice and is now introducing the squire schizo. Still moves like its big brother but will come in a little lighter and with a price tag $50-$60 less. Be on the lookout for these next season..

Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Nike Snowboard Boots for 2012

Above is the Zoom force one coming in at $249 next season. Below is a new boot called the Vapen which will be retailing at $199. great colorways and super comfortable. It's gonna be a breakout year for nike snow

New Volkl RTM Skis 2012 Sneak Peek

Say goodbye to the AC line of skis. Welcom the new RTM (ride the mountain). And yes the Grizzly still comes back. All the skis are named after waist widths. So there will be a RTM 84-80 and so on. The skis look amazing! More to come..
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Flow Snowboards Sneak Peek 2012 Preview

Flow again steps up to the table with a clean, concise lineup of decks,boots, and of course binders.
New NXT Binders, above and below.

Boots again are strong in Boa and Speed zone lacing.

Salomon Skis Preview 2012 sneak peek

Wow is all I have to say. Salomon looks AMAZING. Above are the new double enders from the french company. Below we see that Salomon has gotten rid of the "Stripper" Series.. Ie amber...Crystal..etc... and has an all new line up. They look fabulous.

All new All mountain twins.. For park and pipe to big mountain, Salomon has something for everyone. Check back for more soon...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Nordica Ski Boots Preview 2012

Nordica has expanded on it's ace of spades lineup. Check below for a new girls offering in this growing model. Also a new double six boot for the men. the green colorway is a mix of two different colors, so no 2 boots are the same.

Here are 2 new fire arrow boots. A new line from nordica in the ever expanding 3 buckle offerings. Super rad graphics and a great flex story. More to come....

More Ride Shots for 2012

Just a quick batch of shots of more of the ride snowboard product for 2012.

New K2 Mens and Ladies Models 2012

New Ladies twin models shown above. Lots of pop and sick graphics. Nothing we shouldn't come to expect from the industry leader. Below are the "Rockers". Front to back, all are good.

Full Til Ski Boots Sneak Peek 2012

New Booter colorway.
Check out the Rich tobacco color on this boot.
Here is seth's new boot color. Always great.
Wow. Look at that wall of boots. Lots of great colors and 2 fit stories. 98mm and 103 lasted boots with intuition liners.

Line skis 2012 sneak Peek

WHAT?? A dope new graphic on one of my favorite skis, the Prophet 90. Notice the new prophet 98. Scared of a 100 waist? Get the 98. ha.
New twins look sick. Graphics that pop on proven winners.
New step up graphics nad a new design on the afterbang. Lots of pop on the bases this season.

Ride Snowboards Preview 2012

Here are just a couple quick shots of some of the upcoming products from ride snowboards. There are some cool new bindings at the high end coming with rides patented new micro disc. Also look for ride to continue with the DH limited program. 2 new decks to drop in october and november of next season.

Full Tilt Boot prview 2012

Check out 2 great new colorways from Full tilt. More pics to follow of this great line. 2012 is going to be another great season for full tilt boot lovers.
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K2 Skis Factory Team for 2012

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Scott Skis for 2012

Bam! New skis from the brand Tom Wallisch rides for. Check em! They look good.
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