Monday, May 30, 2011

Set up of the minute with Steven

Steven got his first deck, and it is sick. He had borrowed a friends deathwish and he knew that's what he wanted. So he jumped on this 8.0 with Indy trucks and bones 100 wheels. thanks for coming in and get to skating.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Set up of the Minute with Garrett

Look at that smile. it says it all don't it! Well..Maybe not so much a smile as a scowl. New Dregs paradox with gullwing trucks and Luv Yo Mutha wheels. BOOM! Garrett will have a big smile after he bombs his first hill. Hellsyeah!

Indy Shirts back on the racks

Show off your allegiance to your favorite truck company. New Indy shirts on the racks. Of course we have the basic logo shirts, but these are wicked rad. All sizes available.

New Skis (well maybe not new), but new to us...

A Customer from the 80's (remember the 80's) stopped in and told me he was moving and wanted to donate his old skis. So I walked out to his car and helped him grab these relics. The K2 710 is probably one of my favorites. When i was a kid I always wanted these sweet rides. Maybe because the Mahre brothers were killing it on them, but probably because I loved the color scheme. The 810's were blue and the 610 were yellow if you remember. The super rare 910's were green and SUPER SICK.
The hart skis were a little before my time, but I love the fact that back then you could customize your binders and have look toes and marker heels. Those were the days.
The blue rossi's were from the later 80's. The color scheme says it all. Of course they have the 747 salomon binders. I must have sold at least 1000 of those back in high school.Everyone loved the red/white color combo. look for these to adorn the walls of alpine sometime soon.

Friday, May 27, 2011

NHS New Era Hats--Creatue and Indy

New Lids from NHS. 2 New Indy New Era's and a Creature flexy fit. Everyone needs some new lids for summer. Support your local creature and come and grab one of these great new hats.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ride Snowboards 2012?? Hells yeah!

First post of the winter season is here. Ride 2012 Antic and Promise snowboards are both in stock. Both decks have Lowpro rocker technology and are 3/4" setback. they also have 90a slimewalls and the antic comes in both regular widths and wides for all you big footed dudes out there. Stop in and check em out. More on each later...

p2 is spring loaded pop son...Plan B

New P2 wood from Plan B with Spring loaded pop. These are ridiculous. Lots of sizes from the best skate team and great wood from Paul Schmitt. Let alpine set up your next complete. We are loaded with wood from all the great brands.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Creature is KILLING IT!

Yes, that is a brew killers deck in the center, and yes it has a bottle opener built into it. Super sick designs and always great hesh graphics adorn this wood. All sorts of good stuff is on Alpine's skateboard wall. So stop in and check em out.

Plan B in the house

Check out the wes humpston designed Danny way graphic. 3 sizes available. Old school, 9.0 and an 8.0 deck. Also new team decks and tattoo series wood. Plan b is killing it, and if you need a skateboard, alpine is your one stop shop. Let us build your next new complete. Summer is right around the corner.

New Old School Santa Cruz Re Issues

2 New Rob Roskopp decks are on the old school wall. The blue one is a new color in this model. Super sick shapes on both of these. Set em up with some longboard trucks or some Indy 169's. Either way you are guaranteed a good ride. We even have board hangars if you want to use them for wall art.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Birthday Set up of the Minute

If you're ever interested in driving your Dad nuts, take a page from Cole's book. It involves coming into the store and finding a Dregs Paradox board (Rasta colorway) and deciding that's the board you need and must have for your birthday (since your folks asked). When Dad finds out, he'll have us set one aside when the next order comes in and then pick it up as a surprise.

Then, and only then, can you take it to the next level. Keep dragging your dad back into the store and alternate your desire for a different color, or on occasion, a completely different board until your dad's eyes are at risk of remaining in the rolled-back position every time he walks back through the door.

Please take caution, however...this plan can backfire when, on your birthday, your dad puts a fishing pole into the Dregs box as a "present".

The story has a happy ending as Cole finally got his Paradox and has been all smiles since then, as shown when he last stopped by.

Happy Birthday!

Set up of the Minute-Derby Edition

Veronica, part of the NOVA Roller Derby Crew, has been eyeing our Facebook updates for some time, anxiously awaiting the arrival of our Antik MG-2's. While not the first girl through the door...she was the first to take the plunge and up her Derby Game by picking up a set for herself. We hope she's as excited as we are for her to get out on these and create some havoc out on the oval!

Set up of the minute with Joshua

Happy 15th Birthday. Look at how happy Joshua is holding his sweet new Arbor longboard. He is so stoked. So wear your helmet and have fun bombing some hills.

Set up of the Minute with Collin

Collin has been taking skate lessons and it's now time for a "real" deck.He just came in from his roller hockey game, hence the sweet eye darkener. He has been skating alot at our new Herndon Park. So enjoy the new Skateboard, and thanks!

Friday, May 20, 2011

New Remz OS4 Custom Shell

New Remz OS4 Custom Shell in stock. These skates are able to be ordered from sunshine dist as a boot, and then the cuff color can be ordered and assembled in store. Alpine has chosen the blue colorway and it looks sick. Add some blue frames or silver frames to this kit and it is sick.

Nixon Watch case is full again

Boom! It's a color explosion. Lots of fresh new colors and some solid standards. This is but a small sampling of all the new goods we received at alpine this week. Check out the rubber players and units. SICK! Also the Banks shown here in Silver/White is just a little amazing. Come check out the case and see what you can find.

Pat Got a new car

Alpines' own Pat McCombs came by today to show off his new ride. Pretty Pimp. A super dope 2008 Tahoe fully loaded with nav,Leather seats, and captains chairs. But notice no stickers? What's up with that. Don't worry. He stopped in and grabbed a bunch, so next time you see it, the stickers will be in full effect.

New Emerica kicks up on the wall.

Full size runs available in these popular models from emerica. First is hsu mid in red. Sick colorway in this pair. The reynolds 3's for adults are next in black blue, and then a reynolds 3 youth in grey. Stop in and see alpine's ever expanding shoe wall. Always good stuff.

Mission Skates and wheels Re Up

Boom! Refills of all the favorites. From kid sizes all the way to adult. Also in this order are refills of all the sizes in roller hockey wheels. So bring your skates in if you need new ones, and we'll put em on for you. We make sure you get the right sizes and the right durometer for wherever you are playing.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Cori Kipps Sponsor vid

Cori Kipps Footy 4/14/2011 from Cori Kipps on Vimeo.

Here is the latest sponsor vid we got from Cori. Good stuff. Keep em coming.

Rollerblade Fusion X3 Inline Skates

Here is the utility inline skate you have been wanting. It's one skate that does it all. From cruising the neighborhood, to playing a mean game of street hockey. Look no further than this amazing rollerblade skate. The fusion comes with fat 80 mm wheels and abec 7 bearings. It has a hard shell that can take abuse and a soul are if you want to grind. It also is UFS compatible so any frame can mount to it. At only $159.99 this skate does everything. Stop in and grab your set today.

Set up of the minute with Christian

This is how to go Green. All green plan b with new Kontrol wheels and green Indy trucks. Super sick set up. Thanks and enjoy Christian.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Set up of the minute With Riese

Look at how stoked Riese is. Here showing off his new Dregs longboard. He took on spin around the store on this model, and knew he had to have it. So enjoy your new set up and enjoy this sick week!

Loaded Longboards and orangatang wheels re up

New Flavors from orangatang wheels. So now the wheel case is full. Also all flexes available in the Dervish and a new tan tien is back. Alpine is your longboard headquarters, so stop in.

Plan B wood and Completes are in....

New wood from the fine people over at Plan B skateboards. Lots of new graphics in every size. This is but a small sampling of what arrived. The completes shown below are $99! Can you believe it. Great deal for a first time deck. Come check out Alpines extensive skate selection.

Monday, May 9, 2011

New color in the ever popular 888 brainsaver

New Color from 888. It's a gloss black with a pink liner. Can you say sick? Protect your dome. Buy yourself a new helmet. Comes with the super comfortable sweatsaver liner. Tons of great colors available. Also new pads restock in this shipment as well. So if you have been waiting, get on in here. Safety first.

Set Up of the minute With the Bhangra

See what happens when you work hard? A new Loaded Bhangra longboard could be yours. Coming complete with Paris trucks and Orangatang wheels, this set up is ready to rip. So enjoy your new set up!

Zen Banzai longboards

Support local I always say. Zen longboards is our locally skater owned longboard company. 9 ply canadian maple in a great shape. 39" long and 9.8 wide. Comes complete with Revenge trucks, and Arbor wheels. Stop in and take it for a spin. Super Smooth.

Element wood drop

New wood arriving all the time it seems. here is just a few of the new arrivals that came today from element skateboards. Classic designs-good wood- always a good combination. grab yourself one today.

Kontrol wheels. New flavors and some old favorites

New colors from kontrol urethane. The "Stakes is high" wheel comes in 3 new flavors. Also an eco wheel and some logo wheels are here. American poured urethane is back at alpine. It's skating time! Come is and see EVERYTHING that alpine offers this summer. You will be stoked.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dregs Drops a new shipment of sick longboards at alpine

Sick new drop thru longboards are back in stock. We sold through the first batch of these wicked quick. Then we sold through the second batch. Now comes batch Number 3. These decks sell themselves. Sick drop thru design with clean graphics and great parts. Did I mention amazing prices too? Stop in and take one for a spin. You will be stoked.

P Rod Cali Colorway in stock

New Nike SB P Rods in the famous "Cali" colorway. Super sick color for summer. Super light and super durable. Full Size run available today.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Set up of the minute Brandyn

STOKED! Yes he is. Brandyn got this super sick arbor fish koa with Rasta gullwing trucks. Have fun this summer and enjoy the ride.

Set up of the Minute with Cat and Monica

it was Cat's birthday today, So she was happy to come in and pick out a sweet new Arbor Bug longboard. But that wasn't all. Mom decided to treat herself to a new set up as well, and liked the Never Summer Concept for herself. So now the whole family can get out and ride some hills. Happy birthday, and have fun on the new decks!

Set up of the minute with Andrew

Andrew got himself a new Loaded Dervish Flex 2 longboard today. Comes with some solid Randall 180 trucks and he chose some Orangatang purple Durian Wheels. Enjoy the set up and thanks!