Thursday, September 29, 2011

Union Force Acid Green 2012

The force is back, and this is my new favorite color. Acid Green is sick. It still has the stage 2 base and injected EVA Bushings. But check out the new toe cap design. It's great. The binding is absolutely bombproof. See why this is Alpines number 1 selling binding model.

Full Tilt Booter 2012

I thought last years orange boot was awesome. This one is way better looking. The translucent red shell makes the boot pop! Also this new last is incredible. It's wider than the original and super comfortable. The intuition liner is lightweight and warm. The 3 buckle flex is unmatched. Be sure to check these out. Full tilt is quickly becoming the go to brand in everything twin tip and freeride.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Jr Snowboards are here from Ride

Check em out. New junior snowboards in from ride with a SUPER flexy core. I believe it's called a "gummi" core. A wood and urethane mix. It makes the deck super easy to flex, so it is easier for beginning riders to get going. Girls colorway available too! Alpine does these decks in a lease program. Ask for details.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Ride Rodeo 2012 Binders--2 colors

2 great colors in a nice high end freestyle binder from ride bindings are now in stock.
Here is what Ride has to say about these:
Core mobility and premium flexibility for jib time enjoyment and freestyle action. Get added drive and a boost of ollie pop with the Wedgie™ 2.5 footbeds, and the excellent side-to-side flex of the Stealth highback. Complete with the new Infinity chassis and 3D ThinGrip toe strap.
Only $229, and available today!

Indy trucks and Santa Cruz wood

 A big batch of new Indy trucks dropped on our doorsteps today. Every ones favorite size in the 139 in red, black and white. Check out the 2 decks we got in from Santa Cruz. Crazy shapes. Alpine still has the best selection of skateboard goods around. Let us set up your next deck.

New Atom Derby wheels in stock

Just in time for this weekends bout, New Atom wheels are here. The coveted poison slims, and a new aaddition to the wall with the Venom. the venom is alpines first 59mm wheel. So if you are looking for the best in everything roller derby, stop into alpine today. Also check out the bout this saturday at the dulles sportsplex. We will have a booth set up out in the hall.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

set up of the minute with Mike

Shop early! That's what we say. Why? Because last year, if you wanted a good kids deck, they were sold out. So Mike came in and grabbed this TWC with some ride EX binders, and 32 Snowboard boots. Now he is ready for the season. Have fun and enjoy the ride!

Set up of the minute with Jordan

A new Axis GT from arbor is what Jordan grabbed today. He upgraded the wheels to orangatnags, and now has a super rad drop through set up. Arbor makes some great decks, and these drop models are amazing for the price. Stop in and check one out on your next visit. Have fun and enjoy the great weekend!

Set up of the minute with Luke

Luke had a birthday, and all he wanted was a longboard. So his dad brought him in and he tried out all the decks. He decided a pin was what he wanted, and he chose this sick never summer deck with randall trucks, and reds bearings. He is going to be riding in style. Enjoy the deck and have fun this weekend.

Friday, September 23, 2011

New wood from the good people over at deluxe distribution. Real and Krooked decks in stock. All 8.06-8.38 in size. Perfect for every day slaying. Let alpine build your next complete. We do it better than anyone else around!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Set up of the minute with Melissa

Melissa is trying out for the NOVA rollergirls, and she was without skates. So today was the day she got herself the very best pair of skates on the market. The Antik AR1. BOOM! These things are amazing. Why not treat your feet to the very best there is. So good luck, and have fun at tryouts.

Set up of the minute with Zach

Zach here had been saving up for a while and finally the wait was over. He grabbed the dregs drop through longboard with Gullwing trucks and luv yo mutha wheels. He was Stoked! Look at that smile. We were super sad to hear that only 2 days after he got this board, that is was completely run over when it went through an intersection without him. So this is the last pic we have of it in good form. Lesson to be learned: Be careful and always skate in control. Longboards have a tendency of getting away from you at times. Sorry Zach, New one is ordered and should be here soon, with a follow up blog post..

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Nordica Ladies Velvet Ace Freeride Boot 2012

look at this boot. I mean look at it for real. It is awesome. The colors, the fit, the 3 buckles. All of this says awesome. Nordica did not have this boot last year, and it was a mistake. this year they remedied this with the new velvet ace. The boot has the 100 mm last that is super comfy, and also has a strong foothold.
Here is what NORDICA SAYS:
The newest technology and design brings a 3 piece boot that is the lightest on the market. Dual-Fold tongue design provides progressive flex, making the boot easy and reactive at first then progressive to stiff to support hard landings. Full Shock Eraser technology provides the necessary dampening .
Come in and see it for yourself.

Alpine's Main man, Ed Bunch, Celebrates another Birthday today!

Today we celebrate Edison Bunch's Birthday. Yes the man who founded Alpine Ski Shop is turning 72 . He had a dream many years ago to start a ski shop in the Northern Virginia area. The small A frame building in Tysons corner housed the first Alpine ski Shop in 1971.Through thin and thick times he persevered and made Alpine what it is today. His enthusiasm for the love of skiing was his driving force, and his spirit was infectious. He cared about every customer who came through his door and wanted them to love skiing as much as he did.
40 Years later, we still share his love of all the sports Alpine carries. Customers still come in to this day to tell us a great story of how Eddie Bunch got them their first pair of skis.
So from all of us we wish you a very Happy birthday.

Here is Ed hitchhiking through Europe in his young twenties.

Eddie skiing the mean mountain of Charnita (Now Liberty) in 1967.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Womens DC Search Snowboard Boot 2012

New Ladies Boot from DC snowboards on the shelves. Boa lacing and a super light boot make this a must have for the women snowboarders out on the hill. It is a black boot with a light blue trim all around. Give em a try on your next visit.

Flow the Five Binding in Green 2012

The Flow Five binding is back in stock, and it looks better than ever. This green colorway is sick. Flows easy to use entry system is great, and provides tons of performance.
Here is what flow has to say about this model:
The Five is Flow’s super versatile all-mountain snowboard binding built from high-tech Nylons, ready for anyone who wants to step up their game. The molded baseplate is engineered with a wider platform for stability and ease of entry and exit, and the 15% fiber-reinforced Nylon channels power efficiently to the board.                    Stop in and check em out for yourself.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Silver Trucks back in stock

New Big name series in from Silver trucks. The team is stackes and the trucks are great. Come pick up a new pair and replace them old busted joints you have on your deck now. Game of SKATE this Saturday at Herndon Park. Also sponsored by convoy skateboards. Going to be a great time. N?C to enter...It's a bracket challenge.

Sock it to me Derby socks

Tyler saw these socks at a derby store in Denver on his Phish vacation. He sent me the pics, and I knew we had to have them in the store. The company couldn't have been cooler to work with. 6 days later we have a full stock of Sock it to me brand socks. Lots of skulls, pink, vampires, and did I say skulls. Hurry in. Also a new batch of laces and toe guards in from reidell.
October 1st the bout at Dulles sportsplex. Tickets available at alpine for $10!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Never Summer Pandora snowboard 2012

 Never Summer Pandora snowboard for the ladies is here, but not for long. Never summer is already sold out of most models for the year. This is going to be another popular model. Great graphics on this freestyle ladies deck this season. It has a deep sidecut, twin shape, and an ultra snappy flex. it's super fun with out being too stiff and has the famous rocker camber technology! Stop in and grab one before they are all gone!

Friday, September 9, 2011

3rd Annual Sample Sale this Saturday

You have to be in it to win it! Stop by this Saturday and see what Alpine has in the parking lot! Lots of reps--Lots of Samples--Lots of great prices. Great sale going on inside the store as well on last years merchandise! 10-5

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ugg Bailey Womens Boots 2012

Womens Ugg Bailey button is here. Super Cute and a great color for fall. All sizes available today. This was a super hot model last season, and will be again this year. Alpine has been in the Ugg business since 1992. Come check out all the styles we carry.

The Redline RL 20 is back!

 Yeah yeah Yeah. The Redline Rl-20 is back! What does RL stand for? The famous RL Osbourne who designed this sweet bike for redline back in 1985! The guys at A-1 bikes hooked it up and it rides good as new. I saved all summer to buy this bike. It has peregrine rims and the famous forklifter handle bars. Don't mess! this bike is legit. All the kids and the hood are going to look twice when I am pimping around on my new ride.

New Razors and Remz Skates in stock. G9 and Nick wood Models

 Can you believe it? It's already the genesys 9. I remember when the first gensesys came out. Shows I am getting old. Each model gets better and better. It's super light and the liner is wicked nice. It has the new razors wheels, and this colorway is a breath of fresh air. Full size run available today.
A new pro model for Nick wood in the remz Open Shell model. Super clean forest green color with the silver cuff. Again a break from the ordinary black you see everyday.
Only $219. Stop in and see them for yourself!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Set up of the minute with Taylor

This is how you celebrate labor day weekend. Head out and get yourself a new Plan B complete. Taylor was riding and older deck that had razor tail. Now he is riding the plan B mckay reds collab deck with thunder trucks and bones 100 wheels. Big upgrade. Thanks and enjoy.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Set up of the minute with Chris

Had a message on our facebook page asking which old school powell decks we had in stock. Just before we closed, chris raced in and got himself a present. This sweet old school cab with Thunder trucks and 60mm bones atf wheels. Now this is how you re live your childhood! Awesome set up. Come to find out we went to the same high school. He's just a couple of years younger than me. Enjoy the ride and have fun on this sweet new deck.

Set up of the minute with Caitlin

Caitlin got a feather. Look at that smile. She couldn't be any happier and the board is perfect for her. Lightweight and easy to turn, Caitlin is going to be killing it this season. She also grabbed a pair of 32 boots to complete this package. Enjoy the ride this season.

Set up of the minute with Jordan

Jordan stopped in to grab his first snowboard set up. After looking at everything we chad, Matt hooked him up with a Burton Clash with some Ride EX bindings. It's going to be a great season and now no more rental lines for this guy. Enjoy the ride and rip it up this season. Thanks.

Set up of the minute with Maggie

The Antik MG2 is the choice for Roller Derby. Maggie tried on every model we carried, and fell in love with this skate. It is the most comfortable model we carry. She is going to be skating with the NOVA roller derby girls this fall and she is super excited.
Mark your calendars for the 1st bout this october first at the dulles sportsplex. We are looking forward to seeing everyone come out!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Lange Blaster 80 Boot 2012

The Lange Blaster 80 is is an amazing boot. This boot boasts a roomy toe area and a great hold in the heel. It is only an 80 flex, so it is great for the park rider, or intermediate skier looking for comfort and performance. This blue colorway just pops. The buckles are all metal and micro adjustable.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Orangatang Nipples and Tan Tiens are in stock

 The Tan Tiens are back in stock. Loaded was having a hard time filling these orders as this board is really popular. Also for the first time, the orangatang bushings are on the shelves at alpine. 2 new flavors available today. Alpine has a huge longboard section and has something for everyone