Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Union Capita Binders are here!

These things are the "Jam". Yep, the Uber limited Union/Capita Binders are here. We were super lucky to get 2 pair of these amazing new pieces of technology. The box comes with a copy of defenders of awesome and a super dope keychain. If you want to stand out on the hill this season, be sure to get on a pair of these. you will not be sorry. Grab this last pair before they are gone!

Sorel Mens Cheyanne Lace boots

Looking for a solid snow boot that is not too bulky? the Cheyanne fits that bill. It has a classic styling and is 100% waterproof. It also has a light insulation, and it is very comfortable. Think Alpine for great winter boots from Sorel. Guaranteed warm and dry.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Amanda with the GNU B-Nice

Amanda has been slalom racing at Wintergreen for years on her skis and is looking for a new adventure. Enter the GNU B-Nice! This board is going to rip for her, especially when paired with the Union Milan and 32 STW BOA boots!

New GNU ladies choice

Boom. Late season release for gnu with Jamie Anderson's pro model. C2btx on this sweet new model. Only 1 available.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

What's new in the window

The guys are putting up a new window today. What is it you ask? You may have to stop by and see it. Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving weekend.

Set up roxy style with heather

Heather got her first snowboard set up today. This super cute roxy deck with button binders and 32 boots. Enjoy your fresh new ride!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

The infamous Jeff laretto stopped by today

For those of you that remember the late 90's and aggressive inline, you are sure to remember this guy. Jeff was the NISS 1996 rookie of the year. He was sponsored by roces and had a hyper wheel named after him. He was also Matt's Woodward counselor back in 97. Great seeing this guy today and hearing some great old stories. He's up on NY now and was here visiting family. Great seeing him today an hopefully we sim sooner than later. Let's not wait another ten years

Steven and The Rome Reverb Rocker

Steven has been borrowing his buddies set up the last few seasons and has had a blast learning to ride. Unfortunately said friend up and moved! So now he's all kitted out with a Rome Reverb Rocker w/ Union Forces, and a pair of Burton Moto's. Have fun at Snowshoe this year!

Bear. Grrrrrrr!

Bears newest and hottest! The Razors Dre Powell, now with a dope soft skin!


Jackie got a new Burton Lux w/ Union Flite Lady's and a pair of Ride Sage BOA Coilers. She's gonna be rockin this on her schools winter team up in New England.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Set up of the minute with Lauren

Lauren and Lindsay stopped in and grabbed this sweet new ride deck with button binders. No more rentals for this girl. Enjoy the ride!

Razors set up of the minute with mike

It was either race wheels or new skates. Skates win. New razors!

Loose Wheel Brawl and MG2's!

Jana, a.k.a. Loose Wheel Brawl, a.k.a. Loosie, came in with her friend Ashley for some wheels. Well being the horrible influences we are, we had her try on some MG2's, and the MG2's doing what they do, Jana couldn't say no to them. Congrats on the new skates, now go score some points for NOVA.

Atom wheels back in stock

Super g wheels, venom wheels, and poison slims are all back in stock.

Set up of the minute with Nicole

This is how you celebrate white Friday. Nicole is getting her first pair of awesome twins. The K2 misdemeanor with some salmon binders and saloon boots .

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Set up of the minute with Nathan

Nathan is hooked on skiing. He was tired of renting so he stopped in before thanksgiving and grabbed these sweet new Rossi twins. Enjoy the ride.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Razors adjustable inline Aggressive skates

They are back just in time for the holidays. the razors adjustable kids aggressive inline skates. These go from a size 3 to a 6. Get the little ripper in your house a real skate that can take all the abuse you can give it.

Rollerbones re up For all you Derby enthusiasts

New rollerbones wheels are back in stock, in the hardness' you asked for. 62mm 80a and 86a wheels are back on the derby shelves. Rollerbones are a super high quality wheel from skate one, and they are poured here in America. U S A U S A. Come and grab a set today.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Austin and Eddie!

Austin saw these Iron Maiden K2 skis and that was that, he had to have em. Paired with some Nordica Hotrod 75's, this dude is ready to slash it all over the mountain.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Friday, November 18, 2011

Set up of the minute attack style

Kevin got a new attack banana today. He sold a bunch of stuff in our last swap an used his credit to get this rad new deck. Enjoy the C2 btx

Front Flippin Patrick

Patrick here folded the tail of his Hero last season while gettin burly on a front flip! So this season he's gonna rock a Monument Black Black and see what kind carnage he can create!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Artifact Rocker 10 Year anniversary deck

Can you believe it's been 10 years already. This artifact pays homage to all the other models before it by putting a small piece of each years graphic into this deck. It comes equipped with Hot Rod Single barrels which is a rod of fiberglass placed in the centerline of the nose for higher ollies and nollies. this deck can rule the Entire mountain. 2 great sizes of this deck arrived today. Come in and check em.

Burton Rampant Snowboard Boot 2012

The Rampant is Burton's lightest boot ever.It has the EST sole which means it fits great in the EST bindings. We carry it in this great brown/red colorway. It features a softer flex as well as the optimized board feel and cushioning of EST. The articulating cuff allows for an easy flex, and it fits great right out of the box. Pair these with some EST binders and you are set  for a great ride.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ride Compact Set up of the minute

Meredith came in a few days ago and scoped out this Ride Compact from last season. Not one to pass on a killer deal, she scooped it up along with some Burton Citizen bindings an 32 Lashed FT boots.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Union Trilogy Ladies Snowboard Binders 2012 Re up

Boom! The trilogy is back. A nice high performance binder from the good folks over at Union Binding company. It has EVA Bushings that are injected which is a process removes material to reduce weight and maintain strength. The buckles are super strong,and super slick. hurry before these are gone. it was the first binding we sold out of this season. We are stoked to have some back on the shelves.

Set up of the minute with Dylan

He came in to look at new decks and fell on love with this lib banana decks. Add some custom binders and ride boots and he's got a sick new set up.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Birdhouse Mini Completes are here for the holidays

Just in time for the holidays. new Mini Completes from birdhouse skateboards. These come with Mini Silver brand trucks,FKD abec 3 bearings and birdhouse wheels. All of this for $99.99. Start kids of right with real skateboards made for smaller feet. 2 great graphics- A Tony Hawk, and The Kevin Staab Pirate. both are awesome.

Plan B Decks

One of the best teams puuts out some of the best wood! A huge box just showed up at alpine. Torey, P rod, Shecks, ladd and more. Think alpine for your next deck!

Element Skateboard decks are back

Element has shipped us a huge box of goodness in the form of new skateboards. Here is but a small sampling of all the new great flavors. Let Alpine build your next complete. lots of sick new decks are on the wall.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The GNU Carbon Credit and Paul

Paul here came in with some friends to check out some decks. He fell in love with the GNU Carbon Credit in a 163W and Rome 390 binders in white, all while keeping the comfort in 32 Lashed boots. Look out world, he's going to be slaying!

Nick Ketner gets new wood.

Team rider Nick Ketner came on today to grab himself a sweet new Santa Cruz skateboard. Enjoy it.

Rome Agent of Awesome!

Check out Chris with his killer new Rome Agent 155! It was time to upgrade from his old tweenager deck into something a bit faster. Have fun this season!

Set up of the minute with Zachary

Man I love this blogger app for the iPhone. Zachary got some new atomic twins and he is ready to kill it out west. Enjoy the new boards

Set up of the minute with Eric

New atomic smoke skis with dragon boots.

Set up of the minute with Devon

Boom! New capita NAS

Salomon Enduro LX 750 Skis 2012

 The 750 is here. Salomon Enduro skis can go anywhere and cut through the crud with the best of them.Light weight, forgiving All-Mountain ski with All Terrain Rocker & Ti reinforcement and a 75mm waist. For skiers who ski on-piste, but want some terrain options. Salomon skis have come a long way over the past couple of seasons, and they ski great. Come see all the models on Alpine ski Shop's huge ski wall.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Lange RSJ 60 Kids boots 2012

It's blue and it's awesome. the kids Lange RSJ 60 boot is on the shelves in all sizes. If you need a great boot for your kid with some Oomph to it, this is it. Not too soft, Not too stiff, this boot does it all with ease. think Alpine Ski Shop for all you kids racing needs. We are a full line Dynastar/Lange dealer. So come in before these are all gone. The 65 is also available.

686 Day at Alpine Ski Shop

Yep, Alpine celebrates 686 day this year with goodies all week long. All qualifying purchases get FREE 686 swag. Come and see why 686 is alpine ski shop's Number 1 apparel line. 686 has been holding this day for 3 years and we have been SUPER happy to be a part of it's growing tradition

Giro Slingshot in Pink

Got a little girl that needs a helmet. look no further than the super cute Giro slingshot. It come in 2 sizes-XS/S and M/L. The helmet has an easy to use dial fit system, so the helment can fit your child for years. Seems to fit ages 2-10. this is a must have for the little girl in your family.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Anon Hawkeye Black Goggles

Look at these "murdered" out Anon goggles. the painted hawkeye is here and it is awesome. It has the spherical lens which contours to the shape of the eye creating less distortion. It also looks super rad. Be sure to check these out as well as all the other colors we have in stock.

Burton Poacher Jacket cardinal Marcos Stripe 2012

Need a sick jacket, but don't have a lot of dough? Then look no further than the Burton Poacher jacket in this super cool colorway. Add some Light blue pants and you have a kit even the pros would rock. It has great waterproofing, and all the bells and whistles you would expect on your jacket. The difference is, after you buy this, you still have enough money left over for your lift ticket. Stop in and try on this model, or one of many Burton jackets that Alpine carries.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Volcom Pistol Hydro Fleece 2012

Don't just buy it because it says Volcom. Well, you can buy it because it says volcom, but know that it is 100% polyester, and wicks away all the moisture your body can handle. It never shrinks and it looks great on. Hoodies make great gifts, and can be worn year round.Come see all the great Volcom gear alpine has in stock for both men and women.

Salomon Ladies Supernova Jacket 2012

Salomon clothing is looking amazing again this season. If you think they just make skis and boots, you must take a look at their outerwear. Clean lines and great designs adorn all of the pieces at Alpine. This women's jacket is no exception. it is 1005 seam sealed with a removable hood and a nice Ladies fit. It looks great with white or matching red pants. You must try it on to feel how comfortable it is. Stop in today and get yourself a warm new winter jacket. It's getting colder day by day.

686 Snaggletooth Gloves

Snaggletooth is HOT! Maybe you can't do the jacket, but you can do the gloves. these things are sick. Super comfortable and they have the great snaggle graphic. Available in two colorways. Pipe gloves are all the rage and perfect to wear everyday. Stop in and check out Alpines extensive 686 collection.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Capita Stairmaster Exerciser Machines of Goodness 2012

Capita does it again. Check out these sick graphics. And are they on new reverse camber "cheater" technology? No They Are Not. Traditional Kick Butt technology reverberates through these amazing decks. it's worked for years and still works today. couple that with a great wood core and sick graphics, and, "BOOM"! A snowboard that rules the park and the mountain. Stop in and grab yours today.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Flow Silhouette Ladies snowboard 2012

Don't just buy it because it's got a great graphic. Don't buy it because of it's great price. Buy it because it's a perfect inexpensive fun deck that doesn't break the bank. Available in lots of great sizes and it is in a great package today at Alpine. Here are some specs...
Flow's Silhouette women's snowboard mirrors the shape of the award-winning Myriad, yet adds its own features for a more relaxed all-mountain feel. A directional twin shape allows for an all-mountain ride. Flow’s signature EZ-Rock reverse camber has a mellower shape with a convex base, allowing the board to excel in any and all conditions.                   

Friday, November 4, 2011

Ride DHK Kids snowboard 2012

Kids need rad snowboards too. So ride has the DH Kids model. it has lowrize rocker and a great medium flexing wood core. All this at a nice price point that doesn't break the bank. Alpine has lots of performance kids decks. All the power in smaller sizes and smaller prices. Stop in and grab one today before they are all gone.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Set up of the Minute with Scott

Scott has a brand new pair of Antik's. Yes, these cost more than his babies crib. Yes these cost more than his bed, Yes, these are awesome. So have fun reffing with NOVA Roller derby, and enjoy the antiks'