Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Santa Cruz Longboards are here

these longboards are absolutely beautiful. And may I mention that they are also under $150. Sick right. now is the perfect time to grab one of these and enjoy a 75 degree day tomorrow. Alpine has the best selection of longboards, and we can fill any need. Come peruse the huge selection of decks available at alpine today!

Set up of the minute with KK-47

Birthdays don't come but once a year, so when it does make its way around, sometimes you need to treat yourself. KK-47 took this route, this year, with a new pair of AR-1's.
A member of NOVA Rollerderby's "Vineyard Vixens", watch for her at the Shamrock N' Roller Derby event March 17th at the Dulles Sportsplex!

Hey Derby Enthusiasts! Hot new gear in today

 All the goods you come to expect from Alpine. Yes that is a grip of Poisons, Poison Slims, and venom wheels. Also since we sold out of the last batch of Antik boot bags in 2 days, we decided to get more. only $109. Carry your skates in style. New socks, laces, toe guards and t's in stock too. Also MG2 re up. 3 new pair in today. We got everything your heart desires. looking forward to the bout in 2 weeks!

Flip- Santa Cruz, and Creature boards in stock today

 The skate wall was looking a little bare. With all this warm weather everyone has been out skating. They have also been buying us out of wood. So a big shipment came in today from the fun factory over at NHS. New Flip, Creature and Santa Cruz wood is here.

Neff watch re stock today

It's arm candy. Oh yes it is. Get yourself a fresh new watch at a low price this season. Neff watches come in all sorts of flavors. One or 3 that can fir your style. Come check out the grip of watches alpine carries. you won't find a better selection anywhere.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Loaded longboards in today

Loaded re stock in today. Lots of tan tien's, fat tail, and 1 vanguard showed up on the UPS truck. Just in time for the warmer weather we have been having. Let us put together a combination of trucks and wheels that works for you. Loaded makes some of the best flex decks in the business.

New triple eight helmets are here

Yep. Protect your noggin with one of these great helmets.3 new colors in stock.the new aqua blue is Matt's favorite. Also a black with a red lining and a grey with a green lining are here.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Set up of the minute with Keith

Keith here is over skiing locally, so much so that he's picking up a board to make the mountain new again! We got him set up on this shweet Rome Factory Rocker with Ride EX's, and Vans Encore boots. Have fun, it looks killer!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Customer Appreciation day this Tuesday

Yes, it's because Alpine loves you. Come ride with Alpine on Tuesday at Liberty for $30! I know right. This is a sick deal. Meet some company reps and ride for maybe one of the last days of the season. Take a snow day this Tuesday, and we look forward to seeing everyone.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Langes RX130 is on the wall

After I skied in this boot all day last week, I knew I was missing the boat. This boot old simply amazing. It fits straight out of the box and performs like no other boot on the market. It's single injected plastic instantaneously transmits energy to your skis with little effort. Don't let the 130 scare you. It is all you can ever need!

Base cleaner is re stocked

Base cleaner is back on the shelves. After riding this east coast man made snow you are going to need this to clean up your bases before you re wax your boards . Yes it. Is a slow news day.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dregs set ups of the minute

Richard and bobby got some new longboards on this chilly February day. They added some new Orangatang balut wheels to their set ups and they ae ready to slide. Enjoy the warm weather and go bomb some hills with your helmet on!

Fast strap now available

New product alert. Fast strap brand straps. Ski carriers and ski straps that stretch to fit. All made in the good old USA! Get yours today. Kids sizes available.

Reckless and antik roller derby bags

Yes, they are finally here. The much talked about antik derby luggage and reckless backpack. Perfect for all of your derby gear. Pick yours up today!

Gumball toe stops and astro nuts are here

Astro nuts are here! You asked and we ordered. Also a huge re stock of gum ball toe stops. What more could you want from your local derby shop.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Set up of the minute with Mason

Tired of his old skate deck, mason is moving into his first real complete. A plan b with silver truck and spitfire wheels. Have fun

Set up of the Minute-Derby Style

Ellen Degenerate, of the DC Rollergirls DC Demoncats fame, needed some new skates to take care of her newly acquired Derby Habit.  After trying on several, and testing them out on the floor, she found that the Antik MG-2's were the ones that were going to take her to the next level.

Watch for her down at the DC Armory (and beyond) with the rest of the DC Rollergirls!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Set up of the minute with Lindsay and the Loaded Tan Tien

Lindsay came in today to get her first longboard. After some well thought out questions she knew what she wanted and picked out the amazing Loaded Tan Tien with some Orangatang Durians in purple.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Set up of the minute with Stephen

What do you do the day before you head out to whistler? You buy a fresh set of line prophet 115's with marker griffon bindings. Have fun out there and enjoy the new fat boys!

Set up of the minute with Michael

Ever ride an alpine hard boot snowboard set up? Well Mike here does all the time. He decided it was time to get the kids out on the slopes and get something "a bit easier to ride"......yea. So we went with the GNU Billy Goat, some Flow M11's, and Vans Encores. It's gonna be way easier to ride but just as fast and awesome! Have fun!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Set up of the minute with Travis

Who doesn't love old school cruisers? Travis here needed something to tool around DC on. This is perfect. The Steadham re issue with Indy trucks-1/2 inch risers, and orangatang wheels. BOOM! Enjoy the ride.

Seven Springs Demo day

 Driving up to Seven Springs on Tuesday night, I didn't know what to expect. Then it started snowing, and there was snow all over the ground. It was then that I knew it was going to be great. In the morning, the mountain had 2 inches of fresh and it was super cold. perfect riding conditions. So just because there is no snow outside your front door, doesn't mean the local mountains haven't been getting some.
Check out The killer competition size halfpipe they have. This is HUGE! And NO LINES. If you have the chance to get up there and ride, I say do it. The lodging is good, the food is good, the mountain is awesome.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Summer etnies gear is in stock-Pants-tanks-Boardshorts and more!

 New clothing on the table from Etnies summer. Above are 3 new boardshort designs for 2012. All super clean. Also new pants in khaki and grey. Perfect for the springlike days ahead. Also lots of other styles available. Be sure to stop in and see all the new gear.

plan B wood is back

 The skate wall has a welcome new edition of Plan B wood today. Here are a couple of the fines decks available from alpine. All flavors and all sizes to fit everyones needs. Let alpine build your next complete, or just replace your old tired wood.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Set up of the minute with spencer

Boom! What do you do on a cold snowy day? Buy an arbor longboard. Enjoy your first longboard spencer. It's a sweet Arbor Blunt with Gullwing trucks and Arbor wheels.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Cinnamon Burn got Some new Antik AR1's

Ha-zaa, new skates! Cinnamon came in a week ago and wanted some new killer boots, so we called up those derby nuts at Antik and got her a pair of sick AR 1's. Enjo our new comf kicks and get out there and hit someone!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Atomic Ladies Skis Sneak peek 2012/13

Atomic has had HUGE success with women's skis this season. Due to the fact that they skied well, and they looked amazing. Next season is more of the same. From left to right..The affinity Storm with an 84mm waist--the affinity pure with a 79mm waist---and the affinity air with a 74mm waist. All 3 skis mimic this seasons models with newer updated graphics. Be on the lookout for these next season.

K2 kids adjustable Sk8 hero inline skates 2012

Got kids who are constantly changing shoe size? No worries here. The K2 Sk8 hero is a 4 size adjustable skate for the growing kid in your family. These are legit, comfortable, supportive inline skates. they come with real urethane wheels and solid bearings all for well under $100. they come in both pink, and red. Let the crew at Alpine get your kid sized in some new inlines today.

Monday, February 6, 2012

This is Rachel...

Rachel is getting into rollerderby and is now ready to kick your butt with her new Riedell Vixens! Look for her skating with the 703 Girls in the near future!

K2 Twin Tip Sneak peek 2013 Skis

K2 twin tips never dissapoint. This next season is no exception. Sean Petit is getting a pro model, and they are bringing back the iron maiden ski again. this time with the famous trooper graphic. Pep's ski is still amazing and still offered with the schizo binding system.

Nordica Transfire R1 Ladies Sneak Peek 2013

Yes ladies, a ripping boot with a 102 last is on slate for next season. The transfire line will be replacing the hot rod series and will be a welcome new addition with new colors and only 3 buckles. The 102 last is nice and comfortable and this model has a firm flex for the performance skier. Stay tuned for more on Transfire boots.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Emily and her 19th Birthday Present

Emily turns 19 tomorrow and has recently taken up the wonderful sport of snow shreddage. Her only wish as her candles went out was for a snowboard, so we set her up with this Capita Saturnia, Burton Citizens, and Burton Coco's!

Set up of the minute with Matt

Matt is going out to copper and needed something other than his line afterbangs. So happy birthday and enjoy your new volkl bridge skis

Thursday, February 2, 2012

K2 ladies skis Sneak Peek 2013

New 2013 ladies k2 line up is better than ever. From left to right--The new superburnin with a 71mm waist---The Superstitious with an 84 waist and an all new model--The superglide with an 80 mm waist--The superfree and superific both with a 76 mm waist.--Finally the supersweet and supersmooth finish up the line. These look amazing and all feature great new rocker technology.

Set up the minute with kent

Kent here got hooked on snowboarding so he stopped in to grab this new burton set up. The twc with custom bindings and some invader boots. Boom!