Sunday, April 29, 2012

Derby set up of the minute with Julie

Julie is trying out for the DC rollergirls, and was sick of borrowing skates. So today she stopped in and grabbed this sick set of Reidell She Devil's. Tryouts are going to be much better with these on her feet. So good luck, and tear it up out there.

2012 K2 Celena Video spotlight

Here is the 1 minute video highlight of the 2012 K2 ladies Clenea inline skate.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Rebecca goes derby!

Rebecca has wanted to do derby for a while. When her friends told her about 540 Rolle Derby, that's all she needed to hear. Today she picked up some Reidell Vixens and all the pads.

K2 Mach 100 spotlight

Chris cracking some knowledge eggs about the K2 Mach 100 C.F.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sk8jam may 19th. Here's the info...

It's the first official gathering at everyone's favorite local skate spot. Come and join us and a ton of others as we converge on Herndon skatepark for hours of fun, live music, a couple of comps, and lots of food. More info to come later, but this is going to be awesome. 12 to 6. There will be something going on all the time. Lots of raffles, and lots to see and hear. So come support your local skate community today.

It's a great time to be in Washington....

Yes, it is true. it is an amazing time to be in Washington right now. The Cherry blossoms have just come and left, there is a feeling of optimism in the air. The capitols have just won their series against the bruins against all odds. They are going into the second round of the playoffs after what was thought to be a dismal season. The Nationals are in LEAGUE Leading first place. Yes, they have the best record in baseball.
Not to be outdone, the Bullets (some call them the wizards for some god forsaken reason), have just reeled off 5 wins in a row. And low and behold the redskins have the second pick in the draft tonight. Good grief. It's like we are a 4 team sports town. Sports radio hasn't had this much to talk about for quite some time. God Bless DC!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Adidas Adi Ease Cardinal

A new colorway appeared in the Adidas Adi ease shoe this week. It's in the cardinal/run white. The shoe is super light and has a classic vulc sole for amazing board feel. All sizes available in this coloraway as well as others.

Arbor Axis GT Longboard complete Spotlight

The graphic on this sweet drop through shows some amazing downhill runs. It is an all wood cruiser. It is completely symmetrical  and has a snappy rail to rail performance. This deck stays low to the ground  for extra power through the turns and slides. It comes complete with paris black 180's and arbor 72mm 78a wheels. All this for under $200. And yes, it now comes with grip tape.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Baker Name decks on the wall

Check out the new baker line up. I mean this team is sick right? All the best sizes from your favorite wood company. The rain will stop eventually. So get a new deck ready today, because this weekend is going to be awesome. And remember, we are still running the buy a complete and get any shoe for $39.99 for a little bit longer.

Arbor Longboards are back in stock

 We know these are beautiful. But don't just buy them because they look cool. They ride Super smooth and come stock with top of the line parts. Alpine carries a huge variety of arbor longboards, and this is a mere sampling of the new wood that came in. The longboard section is stocked with well over 50 completes. So if you are looking for a summer cruiser, alpine is your one stop shop. Come and test ride the new arbors and see why they are in high demand.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Chuck and his new Land Yachtz Switchblade

Chuck came in with his friend today to get a longboard. After trying a few out he decided on the Land Yachtz Switchblade, which, coincidently is the same board his friend has!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Santa Cruz Big Wave Rasta shark Cruzer

We had no idea how sick this deck was when we ordered it. The big wave cruzer from Santa Cruz goes back to its surfboard roots with these beach inspired graphics. Coming with Rasta Bullet trucks, and green road rider wheels, this deck is ready for the long haul. And if you get thirsty on the way, it has a handy dandy bottle opener . It's got it all.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Razors Geneys 9 Aggressive Skates

Razors newest Genesys model is here. the G9 with a turquoise cuff and backslide plate. It is also coming stock with Featherlite 2 frames. This skate comes anti rockered with Plastic grind wheels on the inside and razors 56mm wheels outside. The liner is wicked comfortable and it also boasts an amazing heel shock absorber for those big landings. All sizes are available today.

The $99 complete from Flip? Yep

I know right? Check this deck out. It's pretty sick, and it's only $99. This HKD Deck comes with Krux trucks and flip branded wheels. This complete is a 7.75 it is awesome. So if you are just starting out, or looking for something on a budget, we can fill your needs.

Jack and Maverick

These to mini shredders here came all the way down from Connecticut to tear it up at our local parks. They thrashed their old boards and picked up some new hotness!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Never Summer Longboards Re Up today

 Here is but a small sampling of the newest Never Summer longboards that arrived today. Never Summer longboards come with all top of the line componenets, and new to this batch is the super thick and grippy grip tape. You have to stand on one to see how great it feels. Alpine has a great selection of longboards and we are sure to have one that fits your riding style.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

The wait is over. LRG is here at last.

 Alpine is proud to announce LRG to it's long list of suppliers. New t's and snapback are all available today. New shipments will be arrivinf monthly. As you know, once it's gone, it's gone. ng and show off your LRG love.

Set up of the minute with Jason

Jason dropped in to pick up his first longboard and came away with a brand new Santa Cruz Rasta Cruzer. Welcome to the longboard world Jason.

Friday, April 13, 2012

New Land Yachtz shipment in today

Here is one of the fresh new decks we got in today from Land yachtz. Just in time for this amazing weekend. Come and see alpines extensive longboard selection and find yourself something perfect for summertime riding.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It's Baker Wood, and it looks GOOD!

 New Flavors in stock  from Baker skateboards. New team name series as well as a great beavus and Butthead collection. Lots of BIG sizes available today.

The Element Ray Barbee is here

Look at this deck in all it's beauty. This ray barbee re issue is absolutely amazing. It's a very modern shape and the graphic is sick. 1 in stock so get in quick.

Plan B wood

Just a sampling of the new wood we have in from Plan B. get yours while the gettin's good. Springlike conditions make it perfect weather for skating.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Deathwish brings back some Vintage Town and country designs

 Radicool is right! Check out the new Deathwish graphics. Where do they come from you ask? Well none other than the Original T & C designs from the 80's. Rad flavor with everyones favorite brand, Deathwish skateboards. Let alpine hook you up with with a great new deck to kick off Spring.
 New wood from element skateboards are all up on the wall. Everyone's favorite designs and shapes are here. So now that the weather has changed for the better, come on in and get yourself some fresh wood. nothing says spring like a new deck. The spring and pop can't be beat.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Winner, Winner...Chicken Dinner

It was a hard fought battle to the very end of the Winner-Take-All Bracket Challenge (, but Brian was able to eek out the "W" thanks, in part, to a shrewd bit of Final Game Total Score Mastery pick of 115.  With the actual final score totaling 126, Brian was a 4-point play away from not walking out with the Big Prize Pack (Never Summer Assault Longboard, Under Armour fitted hat, Nike Sunglasses, Altamont Sweatshirt, 686 wicking shirt, Giro goggles, Grandoe gloves), but fortunately for him, some tough "D" and missed shots in the final minutes helped to secure his place as a Bracket Challenge Winner!

Look for him to defend his title next season!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Springbreak Snowboard w/ Michael

WOOOOOOOOOOOO, SPRINGBREAK! Michael here came in on his springbreak to pick up a new deck for next season. After some good questions he decided on this Burton Custom with Burton Missions. Look for him blazin by you at mach 5 next winter!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Timmy and Julian are on spring break! WOOOOOOOO!

Julian and Timmy came in today to celebrate spring break with some new decks and are going to shred Leesburg with them all week! Have fun!