Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Loaded Set Up of the Minute with Ramze

After getting off work at the Geek Squad, Ramze came in and hooked himself up with a new loaded dervish Sama. He put on some black Paris 180's and some Orangatang 4 Pres wheels. He couldn't have a better set up. So enjoy the ride, we know you will.

Set up of the Minute with Salomon

Salomon got a dope new set up the other day. Here he is supporting our local skateboard company,convoy skateboards. Add some Silver trucks, and some bones 100's and he's got a rad new set up! Enjoy the ride.

Set Up of the Minute With Jett

Jett's going to camp next week at Catoctin skatepark and needed some new wood. So here he is with an awesome Real Chima Deck with Silver Kalis trucks, and Bones 100 wheels. Enjoy the ride. it's awesome!

And suddenly wild Unions appear!

Forces, and Contacts, and Flites! OH MY! Union has arrived at Alpine with DLX's, Contacts, Contact Pro's, the Atlas, and more! Get em while they're hot, some of these won't last to long. And you limited edition guys, fret not, we haven't forgotten about you. Union Custom House binders will be ordered soon!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Atomic Hawx 90 2013 New Color

One of Alpines Best selling boot models is the Atomic Hawx 90. It has a generous forefoot, at 100 mm, and an amazing heel pocket. the 90 flex is perfect for most intermediate to advanced riders. You may remember the alternate color last year was green, and it sold out twice. this seasons yellow is sure to have the same effect. It looks awesome and fits amazing. New boots dropping daily. Winter is coming!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Motivated By the Haters

Shake Junt! Motivated By The Haters T Shirt is in stock. You know you love it. Get all the best SJ Gear here at alpine.

Summer Santa Cruz "Cruzers"

The classic Santa Cruz dot has always been a favorite of mine. It brings me back to the first board I ever skated on. It was the SC Special Edition. I don't know if it was special, but I thought it was amazing. Now you can cruise around the streets on this comfortable cruzer, and if you are in need of a quick bottle opener...it's on the bottom!


Alpine is now offering Airblaster brand apparel. You asked for it, and now it's here. 3 new Tees are on the wall today and they are awesome. My personal favorite is the crossed up T Rex. Get yours before these are gone

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

2 New Kicks From Nike..Blazer and Janoski Kids

A new Blazer is here. It boasts a Lunarlon sole and is super comfortable for those of you looking for a mid skate shoe. Also we have a Janoski low for the kids in sizes 4-7. Great pair of kicks for the younger crowd. Come and get yours today.

Smith Optics Helmets Now In Stock!

Had your eye on a Variant Brim? Need a new brain bucket? The new Smith Optics helmets are in and looking fresh! Come check out the new Transport with BOA size adjustability, single switch venting, and all set to have audio dropped in. All for just $130!

Elephant Brand Skateboards are here

 It took siome time, but we now a proud carriers of Elephant brand skateboards. We have tried to at least always have something from Vallely in the store. When we first started carrying shoes, we had his etnies pro model with the lightning bolt on the sole. then we carried his now defunct wheel company, accel wheels. We have his re issues from Powell, and his Element wood. Now his latest creation is up and it looks great. Yes, that is a dime bag deck, and a tom groholski tribute deck. Get in and get yours quick. These decks are awesome.

Monday, July 23, 2012

The S.S. Mikey flies the Alpine flag!

Check out the awesome bit of re-purposing team rider Mikey showed up with today. It looked pretty awesome as he rolled into the parking lot.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

It's NEFF Time!

Yes, Neff brought the original SWATCH WATCH designer out of retirement to help design part of their new watch collection. Get some candy for your wrist. Lots of great colors and styles. Models shown retail for $24.99-34.99. NICE!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Never Summer Drops for 2013

I know it's summer. You know it's summer. Never Summer knows it's summer, and it's still sending out these hot new decks. All the new Hotness is available today at alpine. The SL, New Cobra X,Proto CT, and Legacy are just a few of the new models on Alpines shelves.

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Bailey has been doing what it takes to get some cash together and pick up a longboard. Today she came in and grabbed this Arbor Bamboo Axis along with some Triple 8 pads and sick turquoise Triple 8 Brainsaver helmet. Have fun and remember to wear your helmet!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

It's like SPUTNIK!

Mark your calendars...the discrimination against large-headed (or, large-haired, as the case sometimes is-GET A HAIRCUT!!!) individuals is finally over!  Triple 8 introduces the Heed, which is a cozy XXL size...plenty of room for even the largest of Craniums and all of the knowledge that is (supposedly) stuffed in there.
The Heed still comes with Triple 8's Patented Sweatsaver Liner so, like all of the other "regular" sized helmets, it's not only moisture wicking, but "virtually stink proof"!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Welcome Joe Adams To the Team

Real has Max Schaaf-the Firm had Bob Burnquist-Anti Hero has Jeff Grosso, and Now Alpine has Joe Adams. Every team needs a hesh Vert skater and now we have one. Joe has been coming in the shop for years, and has been skating all that time. His power in the bowl is undeniable, and he has been working real hard on his vert arsenal. Joe also sings in a couple of bands, and now holds down 2 jobs. You would think that there is no free time to skate with all of these projects. Well, Joe doesn't sleep. He skates and drinks 5 hour energies all day.
So Welcome to the team, we are proud to have you!

New Baker and Deathwish Wood In Stock at Alpine

 All new wood is now up on the alpine skate wall. Check out the fall drop from the crew over at Bakerboys distribution. Rad new graphics on the same great wood with the same amazing team of riders. Let alpine set up your next deck.

Cecily is getting ready!

She's been anxious and waiting for this day! Cecily picked up her fresh meat package today and did some awesome upgrades to Triple 8 RD Wrist guards, Gumball toe stops, and Riedell toe guards!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Emerica Reynolds 3 Shake Junt

Shake junt! These new Emerica Reynolds 3 kicks dropped today and they couldn't be any cooler. the sole is gold and the heels say shake and Junt. These are a must have. Very limited quantities of these available at alpine. So get your's. wassup haters!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hosoi Hammerhead Decks on the wall

Nothing says skateboarding in the 80's better than a Hosoi Hammerhead deck. Own a re issue for your wall, or to skate. 2 great colors came in today of this iconic deck. Measuring 10 X 30, this is a must have.

New Nike Shoes in Stock-Janoski and Koston

2 New nike kicks in stock. It's been a while since nike shoes have been seen on Alpines shoe wall. The wait is over. The Janoski in this great blue color, and the Koston in Black/volt. See why these are some of the best skating shioes in the industry.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Set up of the minute with bradley

I promised if bradley could learn tail stalls he could upgrade his board. He did more than that and learned Rock to fakies as well. So here he is with his new alpine deck with thunder trucks and bones 100 wheels. Enjoy the ride

Aidan gets rastafied!

After much hard work and saving Aidan came in to pick up his first longboard. He was checking out this sick rasta Santa Cruz on our site and decided to match it with the rasta Triple 8 Brainsaver.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Bear Trucks,Landyachtz boards, and Hawgs Wheels

A whole lot of great stuff came in today from Land Yachtz. Alpine now has lots of new bear trucks in the case. also some re ups on some popular longboard models, Some switchblade 40", and some Wolf Sharks are on the wall. And you asked for it. Hawgs wheels are here and they look good. all sorts of sizes and colors are available today. So think Alpine for all of your longboarding needs.

Set up of the minute with ben

No the broken wrist is not from long boarding as you might imagine. It is from trying to block a judo kick from his friend with a punch. The foot won. But now he has a new wolf shark, and the cast comes off in a week. Enjoy the slide!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Neff Bang Bang Tee In Stock

Yes, it's a shirt that says bang bang. you know you want it. It's pretty much as awesome as you might think it would be. Always carrying the freshness.

Rollerblade Fusion X3 inline skates

One of Alpine's favorite inline skates is back in stock. the fusion X3 is a hardboot, with 80 mm wheels and a UFS frame. The boot is all black and tough enough to take on anything. Whether it's hockey,cruising the trail, or jumping anything in front of you, this skate can handle it.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Jonah and Ben celebrate freedom!

What better way to celebrate freedom than with new speed machine longboards?! Jonah and Ben have wanted some longboards for a while and saved for this day! Have fun gentlemen, and wear your helmets! You can't enjoy fireworks in the hospital.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Poison Wheels are back on the shelves

All 3 flavors of poisons are in stock. Poisons-poison slims,and poison 59's. These always go quick, so come get yours today!

New Thule Boxes

Alpine is fully loaded with all of the thule ascent cargo box sizes. So if you need a little room, or a lot of room for your road trip, alpine has you covered. It's so easy. Come and pick one out, and we will install it on your car in minutes. You can be out the door and at home packing for that summer trip in no time. So think Alpine for all of your summer cargo box needs.

Niki makes the upgrade!

After some online retailer sent her skates that were 2 sizes to big, she is upgrading to some derby specific Riedell R3's!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Riedell R3 Derby Skates are here

The r3 is here in all it's glory. Specially ordered for all the girls starting Fresh Meat programs here in the area. We have this packaged with everything you need at on $219.99
  • r3 deby skates
  • 888 knee pads
  • 888 elbow pads
  • 888 wrist guards
  • 888 Brainsaver Helmet (any color you want)
  • Unit Skate Tool (any color you want)
Awesome right? Let us fir you CORRECTLY so you can be out skating today.