Saturday, September 29, 2012

Set up of the minute with KJ

KJ had a birthday so he wanted a new longboard. Today was the day for a new land shark. Boom! Now KJ is going to be bombing and sliding all the local hills with ease. Enjoy the ride.

Friday, September 28, 2012

The Loaded Fat Tail Complete

We just got re stocked on this super fun cruiser from Loaded. Handmade in California with the very best mixture of bamboo and fiberglass. We built this one with bear trucks and Orangatang in heat wheels. Loaded says,"Increased concave locks your feet in against g-forces, while the topmounted and cambered platform provides energetic performance in and out of each carve."
It's 38" long and the rear trucks can be mounted in two positions.
Check it out today!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dynastar Cham 97 2013

The legend series is Gone. It it's place is the new line of skis,The Cham. this is 97 underfoot, and 133 in the shovel. It has a mellow tip rocker, and this ski can smear all the snow you throw at it. Built with ABS sidewall, and a metal topsheet,it can also can rip down any groomer with ease. The graphics are also great this season. The art department has actually been working hard to make skis look as good as they ski. Alpine also offers the little brother to this ski, if the 97 mm waist is a little scary. I say go BIG. This ski still has a 15 meter turn radius @ 178cm. Also ski it long. Don't be afraid of the next size up. Rocker lets you ski a ski longer than usual, and you wont notice a difference.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Icelantic Nomad Rocker 2013

Prepare yourself. Skis do not look like they used to. Small upstart companies are building amazing new products. Icelantic is an American born company making boards in Colorado. The graphics are amazing, and the skis are awesome. The Nomad is 140 in the shovel and 105 under foot. it is a super stable platform, and this model has just the right amount of rocker to help it initiate turns with ease. It also has a solid P tex sidewall, that helps it grip at higher speeds. The topsheet is super durable, so it can withstand all the smacking on the hill. If you haven't felt an icelantic ski,you have to check em out on your next visit.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ride Rodeo Snowboard Bindings 2013

 The Rodeo snowboard boast the "im having more fun than you" graphic, which i personally love. This binding offers core mobility and premium flexibility for jib time enjoyment and supreme freestyle action. It gets an added drive and a boost of ollie pop with the Wedgie™ 2.5 footbeds, and the excellent side-to-side flex of the Stealth highback. This snowboard binding is complete with the Infinity chassis, AstroGlyde ratchets and upgraded Freestyle Core ankle strap. An ideal binding for core freestyle riders seeking all time fun, strap into the Rodeo and give it a whirl. Don't just buy it because it looks rad. also available at

888 Helmets Re Up

All Flavors are back on the wall. Yes, even the XXL in black and white for all you kids with huge Melons. So protect your brain, and feel comfortable doing it with the sweatsaver liner.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ride Orion Snowboard Boots 2013

Looking for a new,lightweight boot that isn't too expensive? Don't want to give up quality, just because you don't have too much to spend on your winter habit? well look at the new Ride Orion. It has a solid lace up inner liner and a nice beefy outsole. The boot looks as good as it feels. Right out of the box, you can tell this is a quality product, and at $130, you still have money to run for the border on the way to the hill. Come see these and other Great ride products at alpine today, or visit us online

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Rome Artifact Rocker snowboard

I call it the Q Bert Board. The Rome Artifact Rocker. This deck is extremely playful and has a nice soft flex. Great for buttering your boxes and Jibbing anything on the trail. It has glass impact plates that make the board light weight and absorb energy to create more pop. It also has quick rip side cut which helps the board roll into turns easier at slow speeds, but hold a great edge when ripping down the hill. Check it out online at, or in the store.

Capita Mid Life Zero Snowboard 2013

the Mid Life Zero from Capita is here. It's a true twin freestyle deck with an overall wider frame. Great for stomping those big landings. It has a deeper sidecut so it rolls into turns super easy. Also with zero camber, this deck is super easy to press on rails and boxes. Great graphic this year. Check it out at Wah Pow!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Atomic Burner 90 Mens Ski Boots 2013

Pure Heat. The Hawx line of boots is one of alpines best selling boots. But the hawx has a 100mm last, and sometimes is too roomy for narrower feet. So the Burner was born. Great flex,great fit, and a 98mm last. Perfect for the narrow foot. But this season an added bonus to this model. Live fit along the sides, which make the boot even more accommodating in the forefoot. The 90 flex is solid for an intermediate to light advanced skier. Be sure to check em out today.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

32 Prion Fast Track Snowboard boot for 2013

The Prion is now available at Alpine with fast Trak lacing. The black/gum colorway is sick, and the fit is super nice. Out of the box, this boot feels great and needs very little break in time. This boot has a 3-D Molded Tongue wrap for easier lacing, improved fit and amazing heel hold. all This in a softer flexing boot. Check it out online at, or come in the store.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Bern Snow Helmets are back

 After a brief hiatus, bern helmets are back at alpine and they look better than ever. The original visor helmet, this is the Watts Model. Above is the  Matte black with grey brim with an audio knit liner. Below is the Matte Neon Green with a standard knit liner. These models are both super comfortable and safe. Now these have an easy to use sink fit system on the back. More Colors and styles available.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Capita NAS for 2013

Capita gave us exactly what we wanted. A normal Snowboard,with Normal camber,with Normal graphics, for the Normal snowboarder. Wah Pow, the Normal Ass Snowboard. Wah Pow! There is really nothing normal about this downhill ripper. It looks so rad this season in blue, and at Alpine we have all the sizes,even wides. So if you like to rip down the hill, this deck is most certainly for you. Check em out in store, or online at

Smith Vantage Helmet 2013

21 vents,uber light, and super comfy. This is an awesome helmet. And why just have a black helmet when you can have these great cyan hits on the side. The Boa lacing in the back help cinch it up great to your head. Come try one on during your next visit. You've got to keep that brain protected, so do it in style.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Nike Vapen Womens Snake Print 2013

It's so good. I know we all fall into the black boot trap. But here is a chance to break out of always buying black boots, SNAKESKIN grey and white. This boot looks amazing, and not only that, it fits great too. The Vapen ladies model is heat moldable and offers a traditional lace. We are finding that more and more people are going back to regular lace, as they can fine tune the fit throughout the boot better. All sizes available in store and online @! Thanks for looking

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Burton Super Hero Kids Board 2013

 the Burton Super hero smalls has a new Flat Top which results in better balance and stability on boxes, rails, takeoffs and landings whether ripping the mini park or graduating to bigger features.Each size is a different color. Great board for the kids graduating from Jr boards. Let alpine put a great package together for the snowboarder in your family!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Atomic Live Fit 90 2013

Atomic Boots have quickly become Alpine's #1 Selling boot brand. Why? Because they fit, and they fit well. They also make some pretty unique boots. Take for example this atomic Live Fit 90. It has 2 buckles, and 2 live fit zones in the forefoot. these zones allow the boot to stretch out naturally to accommodate wider feet. The 2 buckle design is easy to enter and exit, and it boasts a solid 90 flex. This boots caters to the intermediate skier looking for comfort,convenience, and performance. All this at under $400. Pretty amazing.

Friday, September 7, 2012

New John Lucero Graphic from Black Label

 Everyone knows that I love old John Lucero based graphics. give me a Madrid or Schmitt Stix graphic of his any day of the week. So when i saw this new take on his old cell graphic, I had to scoop it up. Great size in a 9' and the new art was done by Lance Mountain. Another skater i love. So grab this one of a kind deck before it is gone.

Nike DK Snowboard Boot 2013

Woot woot. The swoosh boots are back and they look great as always. But wait.. They fit well too. Danny Kass' new model looks better than ever and has a full heat moldable liner and super solid ankle support. So ride what Danny rides...the new DK boot from Nike Snowboarding.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Vans TNT Five

Vans has been on a little haitus here for a while. Well we brought back the one that everyone loves. The TNT 5 in black/blue and it looks great. Full size run of the original skate shoe is back. Get yours today.

Abec 11 Back at Alpine!

New shipment of longboard wheels from the "green" company,ABEC 11. Freerides,Big Zig's,zig Zag's and Flashback's are all in the case. So come and treat your trucks to some new urethane.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Thirty two STW Boa Boot 2013

Pure heat. Dipped Toe--Elephant Print--Accel skate shoe tie back-- All this and the new boa lacing system. This boot is wicked light and fits like a glove. The New Boa system works flawlessly and tightens even quicker than the older system. This is a great all around intermediate boot model. Come check out all the great thirty two boots alpine offers.

Giro Decade Ladies Helmet 2013

The Decade is the women's alternative to the nine.9. It's lightweight, with easy to use vent flaps, and it comes with fuzzy insides for comfort. this is the matte black color and it looks great. It also has a very easy to use dial fit system on the back Speakers can be added to this helmet easily for 30$. Come let alpine fit you for a new helmet for this upcoming winter season.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Union Force 2013 green

It's a new green from Union Binding company, and I love it. the force is back this season in 6 exciting new colors. yes, I said 6. This binding comes back relatively unchanged. I mean if it ain't broke...It still has a lifetime warranty on the baseplate,an extruded aluminum heel cup,and magnesium buckles. It's the workhorse of the Union line. Come and check out all the great Union product at alpine today.

Salomon Quest 90 Ski Boots 2013

This is a great model from Salomon that offers superior comfort, ease of entry, and good performance. the 3 buckle boot design is common place, and the hike feature is extremely easy to use on this light weight model. It has a custom fit, heat moldable liner, with bio vent to keep the foot warm and dry. The 90 flex is great for the intermediate to light advanced rider. It has a 100 mm last, which still fits snug, but provides ample toe room so the foot doesn't feel like it's in a vice. come and try these and all of the other quest model boots that alpine offers.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Oliver preps for the coming season!

Getting some Dirty Pillow awesomeness! Oliver needed to ditch his old 149cm Nitro in place of a board that fit. In steps the GNU Dirty Pillow and Ride EX bindings. This setup is going to be killing the slopes of Snowbird all season! Have fun, Oliver!

Set up of the minute with John

Living down in Richmond,john needs some easy transportation. So he set up this old school H Street deck with arbor wheels and he has a dope set up to cruise with. So have fun and enjoy the old school ride!

Set up of the minute with Cole

Cole here had a starter longboard he was going to get real trucks and wheels for. But them he saw this new dregs and after adding up new trucks and wheels he found out he was super close to just getting a new complete. So he jumped on this new dregs and knew he had to have it. Cutting all those lawns this summer was worth it. Enjoy your new longboard

Thirty Two TM-Two Snowboard Boot Scotty Stevens Model

 WAH-POW! The Scotty Stevens Pro Model from Thirty Two is on the shelves and it is SICK!. Lightweight as usual with it's super comfortable conformable liner, this boot is perfect for the intermediate to advanced rider. It provides all day comfort and has a solid flex that even the most demanding riders will enjoy. Full Heat Moldability can be done here at alpine and is included with all of our higher end models. Be sure to check these out on your next visit.