Saturday, May 27, 2023

Tennis racket stringing at Alpine

Your tennis racket strings are an integral part of the rackets performance. Different strings will give the racket completely different characteristics. Let the crew at Alpine find the correct string for your game. Whether you are looking power, longevity, or comfort, we can help find you a great one. Strings loosen and degrade with age. A racket should be re strung at least twice a year. And if you are playing a lot, then it will need to be done even more. A good rule of thumb that we use is however many times you play a week is how many times it should be strung in one year.

Alpine offers strings from Babolat, Head, Luxilon, Yonex, Wilson, Solinco and Tecnifibre. 
We also have a 24 hour turnaround on all restringing. Stop in and see us at either location and let us help you get the most out of your racket.


Saturday, May 6, 2023

2023 Landyachtz Switchblade Longboards

 The Landyachtyz switchblade returns unchanged for the 2023 skate season. Why no change you ask? It's probably because this graphic is absolutely beautiful The first one shown is the 40" model. It has 9 plys of canadian maple and it is 10" wide with a 31" wheelbase. The drop through design is super easy to ride and the longer wheelbase keeps it steady at speed. It has a deep concave and foot pockets that really lock your feet in place. This is a model that is great for sidewalk cruising and also bombing hills. So don't just buy it because it looks amazing. It is coming complete with bear generation 6 trucks and Hawgs 69mm wheels.

Here is the 38" model which features all the same build as the above but with a 9.8 inch width and a 29" wheel base. It's a little more nimble than it's big brother, with all the strength.

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Paddletek Paddles now available a Alpine.

 Yes we are now adding another great line of paddles to the Shop. Paddletek brand paddles are here and they absolutely amazing. But what is the difference you ask? They all look similar and each carries a different price tag. Lets go through them 1 by one.
The Phoenix series id for the recreational player and carries the smallest price tag of $69.99. It is a midnight paddle (7.8-8.1) with balanced power and control, and a larger sweet spot. The Bantam Series advertises maximum pop with a dynamic sweet spot. The TS-5 is a lighter paddle (7-7.5) which gives it increased speed and manueverability. This model comes in at $99.99
Next in the Bantam line is the Sabre Pro. This one is a little heavier (7.9-8.4) and has a grip length of 6 1/4". It is ideal for advanced singles players and offers a longer paddle length which increases power. This model is coming in at $129.99. Lastly we have the Bantam EX-L pro. This is the heaviest model (8.3-8.7) and has he smallest grip length (4 3/4"). It is top weighted to give it an extreme amount of power. It also ahas a velvet textured polycarbonate face for increased spin. This model is retailing for $149.99.

All of these paddles come in a multitude of fun colors. Stop in and demo one today, or just scoop one. You are bound to have fun playing this game.

Saturday, April 15, 2023

2023 Landyachtz Stratus 46 Bayside Complete In Stock Today

I know exactly what you are thinking. This board reminds me of the crew over at Bayside High this "seed by the Bell" graphic looks amazing on the always popular Stratus 46. Its coming complete with Bear Trucks and 63mm 78A Hawgs Wheels.
The Stratus is one of the most functional and versatile boards in our lineup. Designed for dancing, the long wheelbase and subtle flex create a board well suited to freestyle tricks, long cruises, carving, sliding, bombing, popping those ollies and all out vibing. The board is fully symmetrical, so no matter which way it hits the ground, you can continue getting’ jiggy. 

The Milled out wheel wells prevent any wheel bite that may occur.

Top has no grip in the middle for easy foot movement. Board is available in shop and online at


Thursday, June 13, 2019

K2 Inline Skates are in stock for the whole family.

Alpine has been proudly offering Inline skates in the store since 1995. Come see the 2019 K2 skates lineup today. Models are available for every skill level. Alpine has the areas BEST selection of men's, women's and kids size adjustable blades. Let our expert staff find the right one for you today.  Treat your feet to soft boot comfort that is unmatched by competitors.

Monday, June 10, 2019

Loaded Longboards-Still the best in the biz.

Canadien maple and fiberglass infused for super fun cruising. Get yourself a ride on a Loaded longboard and feel the difference. Alpine is fully stocked with loads of different models and flexes. From drop throws to dancers, we can help find the right model for you skating needs. Ride the best this summer. Ride a loaded. Made in America.

Thursday, June 6, 2019

New Skateboard Completes from Stereo-BLVD and Creature.

Alpine is stocked with a great selection of pre-built skateboard completes. These are all coming with quality trucks, wheels and bearings. The decks are all rock hard 7 ply Canadian maple and ready to rip. DO NOT let your kid ride a cheap "skateboard" from the big box department stores. Start on a REAL complete at a real good price. All completes here are under $90! Let the crew at Alpine find the right one for you. Open all summer.

Friday, February 15, 2019

Presidents Day Weekend SALE starts NOW!

Now is a great time to stop into Alpine to grab some gear. Most jackets,pants and fleece is on SALE. Alpine has a great selection of mens,women and kids clothing. Looking for skis or snowboards? well, now is the time as most models are marked down. Let the crew at alpine build your next set up . Stop in for details. There is still plenty of season left so get after it. See you soon.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Customer Appreciation and Demo Today this Friday the 15th at Whitetail.

Alpine is stoked to announce its customer appreciation/ Demo day this Friday at Whitetail resort. Come enjoy all that Whitetail has to offer for a $37 ticket price. We will also have Ski and Snowboard representatives there with next seasons product. Slated to be there are-

  • Dynastar
  • Head
  • Rossignol
  • Nordica
  • Blizzard
  • Salomon
  • Atomic
  • Gnu 
  • Lib Tech
  • Capita
  • Rossignol snowboards
Register at the bottom of the mountain and have a great time. take a couple of runs on a ski then try another. Bring sunscreen as it is going to be a warm one. Call store for details.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Boosted electric longboards demo Van will be at both Alpine Ski Shop locations this weekend.

This weekend come and test drive the number 1 electric longboard in the country. Boosted longboards will be showing off the new line at Sterling this Saturday and Fairfax on Sunday. A manufacturer rep will be on hand to help demonstrate the latest boosted technology and answer all your questions. Bring a friend and come try out the latest in electric technology. See you there. Please call store for details.