Sunday, February 28, 2010

Set Up of the Minute With Katie

Katie stopped in for some new boots and ended up leaving with a new BTX Gnu. She came in with a 2 year old roxy that she had simply outgrown. So Matt showed her a couple of options and she fell in love with this deck. Who wouldn't? This GNU is sweet. She opted for a ride VXN binder and some vans boa boots. Lucky girl. Enjoy!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

kids X Small O frames

Kids tired of wearing the same eyewear as everyone else on the mountain? Then get Jr a fresh pair of Xtra Small O frames from the gang at Oakley. These look just like the adult version, only they are smaller. Imagine that. They also fir extremely well in helmets. 3 Great colors to choose from.

Set up of the Minute with Calvin

Calvin walked in and said give me the biggest board you got. So we put together this sweet ride Yukon 68 with some green custom binders in large. Look out, because this deck is going to tear down some hills. The Yukon is wicked stable and can book it down the mountain. I have been dying to write "Book It" for quite a while. Now that's old school.

Set up of the minute with Jackie

Jackie got hooked. Check her out with the new burton Blender ICS and the Lexa est binder. The deck has Burton's latest party rocker, and Jackie will be killing it on the mountain with this fun ride. On her feet she chose some Northwave Opal Super lace boots. Enjoy the ride!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

686 summer gear

I know there is still snow on the ground, and more in the forecast. But there is nothing left in the store, so why not put out some fresh new summer gear from 686? New boardshorts,denim and t's. Perfect for when you going to the hottub, or chillin in the lounge. Stop by and check out all the great spring and summer gear alpine offers.

New Quik gear in stock

New jackets from quiksilver in stock and ON SALE! Get your winter gear now before it is all gone. Limited sizes and colors available.

K2 Varsity skates

The rumors are true. K2 has made the varsity skate and it's all red. The vulc toe box looks pretty cool, and his has the old styling which made k2 number 1 back in the 90's. This is why older pros like Schrijn and Zamora have hit up K2 for pairs of these. Be sure to try these on. Comfort is not a bad thing

Scott Jr Tracer goggles back in stock

Got little kids? Need Little kids goggles that fit in helmets? We got them back in stock, in 3 great colors---black,pink,and silver. Double lens goodness for the little grommet in your family

Giro G10 in Large back in stock

Yep, 10 helmets came in from my December re order. I was lucky to get them at all. So if you were waiting for the black, large giro helmet, come on in. We got 10, and they will be gone by the weekend.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

A day with Jonny Burns at Liberty

It was a beautiful day at Liberty mountain this fine morning. I met up with jonny Burns form southofthenorth, and made some turns. We were sponsoring todays boarder/skier cross. It was 80's day, and there were lots of great outfits.
The 5$ coffee was absolutely delicious. Below are some of our good customers who took full advantage of the 80's gear found in their dads closet.

A big thumbs up to riding at Liberty on a Sunday morning. i thought it would be packed, but they did a great job of getting people on the lifts, and the snow was fabulous.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Boardercross At Ski Liberty This Sunday!

Yep, tomorrow will be the 2nd annual boarder cross at Liberty mountain in PA. Look for Me, Chris, and Jonny B from South of the North as we run around and maybe do some judging at this event. We donated a sweet pair of Line anthems towards the comp, and the weather couldn't be better. So wear some sweet 80's gear and come rock the boarder cross.

Set up of the minute with Trey

Trey stopped in after hockey practice to look around, and he left with a new deck and binder. This is the ride Ruckus with a ride lx binder. It looks sweet and now, no more rental. Have fun with this deck, as there is plenty more season left.

The Josh Misses the 180

Josh Omwake 180 to his head from Alpine Ski Shop on Vimeo.

Josh called his trick, and I pulled out my ghetto camera and filmed this. Sorry for the quality, but the landing is all that needs to be seen.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Set up of the Minute with Sanjay

Sanjay stopped in with a budget for a snowboard set up and low and behold, Matt came in $50 UNDER budget. Now when does that happen? And Sanjay got a sweet Set up. He is now rocking a Burton Deuce with Custom binders. His feet will be happy with some 32 lashed fast track boots. Enjoy the ride Sanjay, and thanks.

Tuesday at Liberty Resort

I took the morning off to go up to Liberty mountain on Tuesday. Still tons of snow on the drive up there. The winds were whipping and I saw a sweet 18 wheeler jackknife on the opposite side of 15.
I met up with "The Josh" and we made some turns. He just got some new Scott skis and I wanted to see what he could do with them. The Bumps on the backside were killer and I spent a good hour there. The new ace of spades boots were much better day 2. Josh was killing in the park, but more on that later.
The jumps were hairy and the park was pristine. We ran into Little Josh (Everyones favorite Sub Rep), and we rode on what was a beautiful day. Looks like Liberty is going to have snow for quite a while. I heard it through good authority that they may extend their season and blow snow when they start losing some.

Sleds are back in stock.

After the deluge of customers that came in and fought for our sleds, we finally have a new shipment in. Get them while the getting is good. All made in America, these sleds are sure to put a smile on any kids face. Still plenty of snow on the sled hills.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Set up of the Minute with Ellyn

Ellyn grabbed a B street with Banana traction tonight before she heads out to the mountains this weekend. On it we put a ride DVA binder which looked sick. On her feet she went with some 32 boots with boa lacing and she was nothing but smiles. Thanks for coming in and we hope you kill it on this set up!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Planet earth Summer clothins and DC Sandals

We know there is 2 feet of snow on the ground, but we got in some spring gear, so it is now out. Planet earth men's shirts are in and they look great. Pair those with some new DC sandals and you are ready for the upcoming summer months. That being said, I can wait at least another 2 months if need be. I need to get out to the mountains and do some more riding. Look for me and Josh at liberty in the am tomorrow.

Wax-wax and more wax

All flavors, all colors, all temps. use what alpine uses in its backshop. Winterseiger knows backshops, and they know waxes. Let the staff at alpine help find the right one for your skis or board. Waxing irons are also available.

We got your Pistol--P-tex that is....

Arm yourself with this Wintersteiger personal P tex pistol. Stop dripping paraffin wax into your gouges only to have them fall out after the cold makes them brittle. This gun uses a harder material that will stay in cracks better and hold up in the toughest conditions. Use what the pros use. We also got it clear and black sticks of ptex which work with this gun. Stop in and check it out. All good home workshops should have this.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dakine freestyle bags are back

and yes, we have colors for the ladies. The freestyle is available at alpine in 2 sizes and 3 great colors. Perfect for travel in the air or on the road. Now is the time to get out to the mountains as the snow conditions are absolutely ridiculous right now.

Set up of the minute with Jerome

Jerome picked up this deck a couple of weeks ago and now I am finally getting this shot up. The Blue freestyles looked sick on this blue dominant. Enjoy the deck Jerome and Thanks!

Sorel Kids boots in stock and more

NEW ARRIVAL! Kids snow boots from Sorel are in stock in all sizes. From kids 12-6, this completely waterproof boot is all you need for the little groms running around in the snow. Below is 1 pair of size 8 sorel caribous. I got all that was available from sorel, and it wasn't much. So if you are looking for some boots for the kids, get in quick, as these are sure to go.

Set Up Of the minute with Grant

Grant here is a junior instructor over at Whitetail. He stopped in to grab himself a killer new pair of twinners so he can work on his park skills. We thought the perfect ski for him would be the line afterbang, We put on an all white rossi binder and he is now park ready. Look for Grant next time you are at Whitetail, and ask him how he LOVES his new Line's!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Set Up of the Minute With Nikita

Nikita has been sweating these skis since they first came in way back in August. Yesterday he finally got them. The line Afterbang in a 177 with some marker gryffon's. He left the store to go slay some back yard rails. Enjoy them!

K2 Pabst Brewskis 2010

1 new pair of the super limited K2 brewskis arrived at alpine today. Red white and blue sidewalls on this sweet pair of extremes make this a must have. I don't know if I should mount them, or put them up as wall art. Stop in and take a peek at these great boards.

Smith Helmet rack

Nice rack! That's what I said when this new display arrived from our friends over at smith. Notice how empty it is? That is because we can't keep these helmets in stock. New helmets arriving daily, so check back.

Toddler Mitts are in

Not the coolest post I have ever written, but an important one. With all this snow and the kids need warm hands. So alpine just got re stocked on all toddler size mitts. So if you have a 1 - 6 year old, and you need mitts, come on in.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Set up of the Minute with Don

Don stopped in and picked himself up some sweet K2 Kung Fujas twinners. These skis are sure to please wherever he chooses to ski. Powder,park, or anywhere on the mountain, the kung fujas is wicked cool. Thanks Don.

Line Anthem Skis in Stock

If you are looking for totally outrageous graphics in a true twin, then the Anthem is the ski for you. 2 new sizes came in today--- A 171 and 179. Shape on these is 119-93-119. Great price on these 2 models so stop in and check em. I love the Totally on the base.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sled Test #1 With the Saucer

We got sleds in, so I thought I should do a quick product test of this sweet new Saucer. I climbed up the 6 foot embankment and did a quick drop in to the street. This thing was wicked fast and held me great. Hurry in to grab one of these sweet purple saucers before they are all gone!