Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Plan B P2 decks are here

P2 Technology from professor Schmitt. That's righr, the new plan b decks are loaded with pop and the new graphics are great . All sizes available, so stop in and grab one today!

Set up of the minute with Stephen

Stephen here has been wanting a longboard and now he has one. He got this freedom dolly longboard as a belated birthday present. Now he can go out and bomb all the local hills with his friends. So enjoy the sweet new bamboo ride.

Alpine Welcomes Gold Coast Longboards

Looking for a fun deck that doesn't break the bank. Come stop in and check out Gold Coast Longboards. Most completes are under $150. And our introductory shipment is all going to be 20% off retail. So come take one for a spin around the store.

Set up of the minute with Jett

Jett here had a birthday and got this deck. But he needed some trucks and wheels to complete it. So we built him this rad deck with RD silver trucks and Koston spitfire wheels. He was stoked. So get out there skate on this wicked hot day.

Monday, August 30, 2010

686 Cadence Smarty jacket

Alpine is proud to announce That Morgan here will be working at Alpine this winter. So this is her first modeling gig. She grabbed this super cute 686 Cadence Smarty jacket. The plaid print on this jacket is beautiful, and like every 686 coat, it has a TON of features. She grabbed the new frogskins to match this jacket. Alpine carries the complete line of 686 products for men, women, and kids, so be sure to stop in and check out all of the great new styles.

Snaggletooth is back!

Yes, the 2 limited edition Snaggletooth jackets are back at Alpine. These are a must see. If you want to stand out in the crowd, these are the jackets for you. Still amazing 686 quality with great colors that just pop. You will not see many of these on the mountain. Alpine is always trying to bring you the super rad limited gear for winter, So stop in today and check it all out!

Remz HR 1.1 (High Resilience) Skates

The new remz skate has arrived at Alpine. The Ballistic Nylon looks sick and it just feels super tough.
Here is what remz says:
Remz developed a new generation of skates which addresses the problem of many soft boots: the softening and loss of support after a while of use. The new Remz technology solves the issue by incorporating high end non-stretch composite materials into the fabric, which effectively eliminates stretching and give over time. The result is a much firmer fit and the skate will maintain its performance after long periods of skating.
The HR 1.1 uses high end imported fabrics which were exclusively developed for Remz and offers a host of new details, unique fabrics, structures and design elements. Freedom-of-feet approved for your enjoyment.
So stop in and check these out on your next visit. Alpine is your Aggressive skate shop!

Vew Do Balance boards are back.

The rack is back filled with all the new styles of Vew Do brand balance boards. Alpine has been carrying these since the 90's and they are a great way to build up core muscles for skating, skiing, and snowboarding. Stop by for a demo and check out the new longboard models. They are beautiful.

Sample Sale re cap

Yep. It was a great day to stop by Alpine this past Saturday. Some of Alpine's favorite reps dropped by to show off some gear, and sell a bunch of samples at CRAZY prices. SO if you stopped by, you know. So thanks to all the reps for their hard work and for everyone who came out and made this a fun successful event. See you again next year.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Set up of the minute with Christian

Christian got his first set up last season to see if he was going to like the sport. Needless to say he got hooked. So he decided to come and buy a real set up for the upcoming season. So he took advantage of the great pricing on all of last years gear. He loved this Arbor Draft with reverse camber and the Burton Custom Binders. This is one great set up and he will be definitely be enjoying it this season.

New Convoy Wood at Alpine

Convoy has some new graphics. Super clean new designs from every ones favorite local company. Convoy has been supporting and growing the local skate scene for over 5 years now. So support local and pick up one these fresh new designs.

BLVD Skateboards now at Alpine

New wood is on the wall at Alpine. Here is blvd skateboards. New pro decks from the minds of Danny Montoya and Rob Gonzalez. Now being distributed through Syndrome Distribution, along with FKD Bearings, Silver trucks, and Traffic wood. Come and see the newest line of decks today.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Aragon at Wakefield with Razors team

If you were there, it was a great night. Alpine brought the Razors team to Wakefield for an incredible evening of skating. Our good friend Jon Thorpe took some pics of Aragon killing it and tagged us in them. Have to say, these are pretty sick shots. Thanks to everyone who came out! More pics soon.

Set up of the minute with Max

Max here outgrew his last deck, so he came in to take advantage of our clearance section of snowboards. I know what you are saying right now. Isn't that a Fleetwood from Ride designed for wide feet? Well yes it is, because Max here measures a size 12 on the footometer. He also grabbed some burton Custom binders and a super cool Banana Stomp pad. So have a great season and enjoy this ride.

New Oakley Frogskins Purple fade

Purple Clear fade with Violet Iridium. SICK! that's all i have to say. Only 1 pair dropped today, so if you want them, you better hurry in.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Burton Ration Snowboard 2011

The Burton Ration is a throwback to all the old decks from the 90's. I remember unboxing new shipments and never knowing what color decks would be in the boxes. Plain simple colorways on beater decks. The Ration is a park killer. Tucked in metal edges, a soft flex, and a low price make this deck highly attainable for anyone looking to have fun. This is also in the restricted line, which will only be available in select shops.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Set up of the minute with Chris

What do you do when you turn 21? You but yourself a new wakeskate. Chris here got hooked a couple of years ago and he just grabbed an upgrade deck to take out this weekend. So have fun on the new Hyperlite and good luck with those kickflips.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

2nd Annual Wakefield Skateboard Comp Summary

It was a great day for a comp. Along with Convoy skateboards, we put on the 2nd annual skateboard comp at wakefield skatepark. Comps are all about having fun and showcasing all the local talent. All in all we had a great turnout and some sick skating went down. Some new up and comers also showed up and really dropped some hammers.
The format was Jam sessions. Small groups were given 8 minutes to do there best stuff. Consistency,style, and difficulty of tricks determined who advanced to the final jam session. From there the winners were chosen.
Intermediate division
  1. Hugo Flores
  2. Jason Nam
  3. Austin Jefferson
  4. Dylan Anderson
  5. Josh Katz

Advanced Division
  1. Rob Fall
  2. Tyler Vitello
  3. Stephen Jefferson
  4. Nathan Dally
  5. Nathaniel Chen

Thanks to everyone came out and big thanks to our sponsors
Alpine and convoy and wakefield for helping to put on the event.

Pho King is Here!

Here is the closeup view of the new Freedom Dolly Pho King Longboard. It has a bamboo top and bottom laminate and is coming with Bent Metal Trucks. The wheels match the graphic of the board with green on the tail side and clear up top. It's the small treatments like these that make the deck standout. Up top it has a nice ramp pad to dampen the ride and raise you up on the tailside of the deck. Stop in and take one for a test ride today!

Lange RS 110 2011 Ski Boots

Welcome back Lange! Yes, we took a break from this company last season, but after trying this new boot design on and skiing on it at Snowshoe, Alpine has brought them back. The new RS Shell is phenomenal. It's fits straight out of the box. You have to try it on and feel for yourself. The new blue looks rad, and Lange has always been known for their great buckles. A 98 mm last has never felt so good.

Friday, August 20, 2010

686 Smarty jacket and pants are here!

What will Matt be rocking this season? No need to guess, because this is it. This is 686 new smarty jacket in a great yellow with smarty Black cargo pants. Alpine carries the largest selection of 686 in the area. We love it, and so should you. Up top Matt grabbed a new Volcom beanie and added the smith I/O goggle. This is one RIDICULOUS Set up. Let alpine help you to look great out on the hill.

Amy Got a new Puppy

I know what you are saying. AWWWWWWWW. That's what I said. Meet Guinness, Amy's new black lab. Could this dog be any cuter? I think not. Maybe you may see her scampering around alpine this winter. But by that time she may have a couple more pounds on her.

Set up of the minute with Tanner

Tanner is turning 11 tomorrow and all he wanted was a new skateboard. So that's what he got. A plan B Sheckler with Silver trucks and Bones OG Wheels. This is one sick set up. So happy early birthday and go out and have some fun!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Alpine Welcomes Freedom Dolly Longboards

From the people that brought us the Banana traction boards, a new endeavor is under way. it is the Freedom Dolly Longboards. All made with sustainable bamboo, these decks are super clean and not too expensive. Did I forget to mention that they come with Bent Metal Trucks? Stop in and check these out today. Many great shapes and sizes available starting at $169 COMPLETE!

Set up of the Minute with Susan

Susan came into the shop looking for a great deal on a ski setup for the upcoming seasons. Even though she “grew up” skiing at Killington, it has been YEARS since she had purchased skis for her very own (there was talk of wooden skis and bindings with leashes on them). She had been renting/demoing the last couple times out and decided it was time to take the plunge and get some gear for her very own. Taking advantage of the 2010 gear and 40% off pricing, Susan is now ready to hit the slopes with her Nordica Sportmachine 65 boots and Salomon Origins Topaz skis (with matching Origins poles, natch). After “Snowmageddon 2010”, there’s also talk of Cross-Country gear in her future, so she’ll be all ready for whatever Winter 2011 brings us.

Set up of the minute with Kishon

Kishon here is getting ready to head off to school at the University of Delaware, Home of the Blue Hens. So he needs what every college kid needs, a new longboard. he chose the top of the line Loaded Tan tien with Purple orangatang wheels. He is stoked! Have a great time at school.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dakine Mission Pack Blue Plaid

Just in time for back to school, the Dakine Mission pack is here. And check out the sweet blue lumberjack colorway. you will be seeing more of this in the future as we have snowboard bags and boot backpacks coming in this color. The mission here can carry a skateboard and has a padded sleeve that can carry most 15" laptops. Think Alpine for your back to school needs. we got the stuff no one else is going to have.

Set up of the minute with Alexis

This is what hard work can get you. Alexis worked all summer to save up some money for her first longboard. She came in today and tried a couple out in the store. She fell in love with this never Summer Model. So enjoy the rest of the summer and have fun out cruising.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Alpine Welcomes Point 6 socks to the store

Alpine is super happy to have added this great new sock line to it's wall. Point 6 is a great fitting merino wool sock. Great wicking properties and superior warmth make these socks a must have. So next time you are thinking about replacing those old worn out pairs ion the drawer give some of these a try. You will not be disappointed.

Emerica Drops 2 new shoes at Alpine

2 of the best selling Emerica models are now available at Alpine. On the left is always popular Reynolds cruiser in black/white. Next is Bryan Hermans G CODE shoe in black/white. Will the black/white shoe ever go out of style? We think not. So hurry in and grab a pair of these today. The G2 gel insoles are wicked comfortable and make feet happy.

New Es Kicks for back to School

3 great new shoes arrived today from the good people over at Soletech. From left to right, we have the square one in black gum, the square two in grey, and The first blood in black/red/gum. All shoes feature G2 gel in the heel. All Sizes available today, so stop in and grab a pair. Perfect timing for back to school.

Volcom Blast Jacket 2011

Colin stopped in to model this new Volcom Blast jacket for 2011. Check out the clean lines on this rad shell piece. It is 8,000 waterproof and breathable, and zips into Volcom pants. We have both the matching green and black pants to go with this jacket. On his face Colin has the new Smith I/O goggle with the easily replaced lenses. You got to stop in and check out all the great new gear available for the winter at Alpine!

Alpine's Annual Wakefield Skateboard Comp

It's here! Alpine Ski Shop and Convoys Annual Wakefield Skateboard Comp. This Saturday from 10-2. Registration is from 10-11. Intermediate division is from 11-12:15. Advanced from 12:30-2. Advanced will be jam session groups with top 3 advancing to final round. Always fun and exciting. Tons of great prizes and lots of fun. So come out and skate. Look forward to seeing you there.