Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mountain Hardware Pyxis jacket 2011 Berry

Soft and Buttery is the only way to describe this jacket. Once you put it on, you don't want to take it off. Morgan is wearing this in the Berry Soda colorway. This is a great everyday fleece that looks good with anything. You have to feel it to believe it. Only $100 at alpine and all sizes available.
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Thirty Two Hustle II softshell 2011

Matt is demonstrating how easy it is to run in this new softshell from 32. The Hustle in black is a great everyday sweatshirt that is a 100% poly garment that won't shrink and it has hydrophobic properties. This is a super clean piece and has thirty two written across the hood. Front pockets also are waterproof to keep your cell or Ipod dry. All sizes available, and only $95.
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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Union DLX Binder 2011 red

The wait is over. Alpine now has received its allotment of Union Binders. Here is a shot of the New DLX in red. You can't beat this binding at a price tag under $130. It has a stage 1 base, injected EVA bushings for comfort, and aluminum buckles and a steel cage. So if this is the season for new binders, do not wait. These were the first to sell out last year and we expect the same for this season.
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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ride Machete Snowboard 2011

The Machete is a go anywhere freestyle deck with world famous lowrize technology. With the lowrize, the deck will not hook in the turns it cuts through pow like cold knife through warm butter. Or something like that. This deck has tons of pop and makes you feel like a rockstar in the park. All sizes available, even wides. It also cmes standard with 85a slimewalls, cleave edge, and a fusion 4000 base that is super durable.
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Jordan Hoffart Powell peralta deck in stock

They are doing some good new things over at Powell Peralta skateboards. First, they have gotten rid of the powell name and it has now become powell peralta. They have also gone back to the older graphics and updated them. These were all winners. So look for more of these decks to be up on alpines wall. The experimental deck to the left is Hoffart's new model, so stop in and check it out. Now with ligament technology.
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Powell Peralta Re Issue decks in stock

We can't seem to keep the re issues in stock. Whether you want to set it up as a ctuiser, or whether your a dad re visiting your youth, these decks are awesome. Above we have 2 different cab shapes and a great McGill skull and snake. Let Alpine hook you up with a great old school set up today.
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Monday, September 27, 2010

Say Goodbye to my little friend

You know those things that sit around your house for years and years and even more years. You don't know why you keep them but you do? Well this old vacuum is one of these items. I remember using this at the old Oakton Shop back in the mid 80's. For some reason it has stuck around and made it to this shop probably in 2001. Well I just found it in a corner I was cleaning and it's time has come. I know if dad is reading this he's saying, "Don't throw that out. It's still got plenty of life". Yep, it probably does. Just not here. So here is the parting shot of the vacuum that has been taped and re wired and kicked around for 30 years. They don't make things like they used to. That' for sure.

Flow Rift Focus Boa Boots 2011

Flow makes Boots? Yes they do, and they are some of the best fitting boots on the market. The Rift focus is one of Alpines best selling models for one reason and one reason only. The FIT is amazing. It hugs the foot and it is extremely comfortable. It also looks great this season. Be sure to come and grab a pair of these before they are all gone. More Flow to come....
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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Set up of the minute with Rigo

Rigo was due for some new Skates. He killed his last pair of K2's in the span of 4 months. What can we say, the kid skatesd hard. So he stopped in and we set him up with these sweet Valo Bailey's and some featherlite frames in yellow. Super Sick. He is stoked and on his way to the new Herndon park as I write this. So enjoy the new skates, and I hope these lasty longer.

Full Tilt Mary Jane Boots 2011

Well, here they are. Full tilt ladies boots that are now available at alpine. These are coming with an new intuition liner that is super light and extremely warm. Ladies love warmth. The full tilt flex tongue is all the rage. Come in and try on a pair to see how they feel.
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Herndon Skatepark is open, and It's amazing

A huge thanks goes out to the town of Herndon for building this amazing skatepark. They did it on a shoestring budget of $175,000 and they job they did is just short of amazing. Thanks to everyone who helped and came to all the meetings to make this park possible. So take care of this spot and enjoy.

Let today's matchup begin

For those of you that know me, I am a loyal Tampa bay fan from back in the day. For those of you that know Matt, you know that he is a die hard Steeler fan. Today's match up of the 2-0 bucs and the 2-0 steelers is going to be one to watch. These 2 teams only play each other every couple of years, so we are pretty pumped for the game. Wish we had it on TV, but we got the updates at least. I wish I could say good luck to Matt, but all I got is "Pewter Power"!
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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Set up of the minute with Brandon

The Never Summer Descent is out on the pavement as I write this. Brandon has been saving up his money all summer so he could buy a flex deck. One spin around the store on this model, and he had to have it. So now look for him out cruising and smiling. Never summer makes some of the best longbboards in the business. Think Alpine Ski Shop for all of your Longboard needs.
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Full Tilt Das Booter is here

Alpine Ski Shop is now proud to offer Full Tilt ski boots to all of its customers. The Booter shown here is an all new design from Full Tilt. It offers a 102 last which is wider than the traditional boot offering from the past couple seasons. It still has the amazing Intuition liner that is wicked light and extremely warm. The flex is like none other ans was perfected back in the 80's when this boot was called the "Raichle Flex On". I should know. because back in 1986, I skied this boot in a red/white colorway, and absolutely loved it. So stop in and give these boots a try.
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Friday, September 24, 2010

New Arbor longboards line up

Just in time for the weekend, a new shipment of Arbor longboards arrived. We have the Pin GT, the bug koa, the fish koa, the Hybrid koa, and lastly the blunt koa. looks like all are coming with Gullwing trucks and arbor branded wheels. if you haven't taken a look at these yet, you should. they are beautiful and well priced. All of these completes are under $200 and worth every penny. So stop into Alpine this weekend and find the right one for you.
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Set up of the minute with Monica

Shopping early is a great idea. Monica here stopped in and grabbed this great new Burton set up. The blender from last season and some lexa binders. This whole kit was on sale and she saved a bundle. So now there is more money in her pocket to go ride this winter. So enjoy the new set up.
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Set up of the minute with Renzo

The Dervish's finally came in and Renzo here was the first person to grab one. He has been sweating this board for the past week. So we held one off to the side and now look at him. He is STOKED. He is on his way out to go bomb some hills as we speak. So enjoy your new loaded.
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686 kids Command Jacket Royal Blue 2011

The 686 kids line up this season looks absolutely amazing. Check out Brandon here wearing the new command jacket in a stunning royal blue. This piece is 5,000 waterproof and retails at $120. We love to put it with a bright yellow pair of pants. The outfit just pops! All sizes available today, so shop early. If you remember last season we ran out of matching kits early. Bring the kids in and enjoy all the great colors available today!
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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Volcom Kids Insulated Ripper jacket 2011

Bradley stopped in and did some modeling for us today. He jumped at the chance to show off this sweet new Volcom kids jacket. It's the ripper in black, and it's 8,000mm waterproof. The color blocking looks great on this jacket, and it looks amazing with the matching kelly green pants we have in stock. Why wear the ordinary? Shop at alpine for your kids. Make them look great this winter season.
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New Loaded Longboards back in stock

Finally. Loaded completes are back, but they won't last long. The dervish and the tan tien are on the shelves, so if you have been waiting get in here. We already had one dervish go. Also new Orangatang wheels are in the case. So see you soon. The weather is cooling down and it should be a perfect weekend to go out and bomb some hills.
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New Products from Deluxe-Spitfire-Thunder-Real wood

All new skate products came in from the guys at deluxe distribution. We have new Real wood in stock in all sizes . The new Ramondetta deck with the skull is sick. New superlight trucks are in stock below. New Colors and sizes are here. Below are colors that are shown
Spitfire wheels, and yes you see some swirley ones. Ha. So stop in because now is a perfect time to update your skate deck.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The DC Park Boot 2011 black and white

Alpine is happy to announce that we will once again be carrying DC snow products. After a brief hiatus we now will have a great sampling of the boots up on the wall. First and foremost is this seasons Park boot. It fits extremely well with excellent heel hold and a nice even flex. This is a must to try on when you come in the store. It has a quick removable liner and the lace pulls are wicked easy to use. More DC products in soon so check back.
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Set up of the minute with Kevin

Kevin stopped in to take advantage of the summer sales. So he jumped on the last Capita snowboard we had in stock. He threw some Drake Fifty binders on it and added some Flow boa boots all for under $500. Now is the time to grab up what is left from last season. With each passing moment there is less and less to choose from so hurry in! Enjoy the Capita Kevin.
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Set up of the minute With Alex

Alex has been wanting a longboard all summer. He was going to grab some wheels and trucks and put them on an old deck, but he decided to just grab this Gold Coast complete. So now he has his regular deck and a longboard for transportation. I like how he represents the ASS with his sticker. Thanks Alex and Enjoy
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