Monday, August 29, 2011

Ride Crush 2012 Snowboards

The Crush comes in these bright neon colors this season. This is a great soft and fun park board. It boasts the Lowrize rocker technology, so it's nice and easy to get on edge, and to butter all over the mountain. Available in regular and wide widths these are a must see. Come see all of Rides new line at Alpine today!

Never Summer Legacy Snowboard 2012

The Legacy is here and it looks amazing. it's the big brother to the SL. Designed for wider feet, this deck can dominate every slope on the mountain. till has the famous rocker camber story and the 3 year warranty, Never summer boards just do not disappoint. If you want one of these, you better hurry in. Always in short supply, Never summer boards are always the first to sell out.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Atomic Medusa 90 Ladies Boot

This is one of my favorite ladies boots for so many reasons. It has a 98mm last which fits those a or b ladies width feet with ease. Usually to get a boot this narrow, we have to go to a race model boot. But no longer. This boot has a super comfortable liner and a 90 flex. Perfect for the intermediate to advanced lady skier. The boot looks great too. The translucent shell shows off the detail in the liner. So if you have a narrow foot and are looking for a fun, light performance boot with comfort, this is it.

Friday, August 26, 2011

New Oakley Jupiter Models

Yes this is my favorite pair of sunglasses that Oakley makes. They basically took a frogskin and wrapped it just right. It fits well, provides coverage, and looks great. Always safe black and this cool translucent grey with fire lens. Rad. Grab some Zinka and hit the beach

Set up of the Minute with Dave

Our old friend Dave came in yesterday with Bear to grab a couple of things. Low and Behold he left with a new pair of Valo TV2 skates. These skates are wicked strong, and Dave has always wanted to try a pair. Great seeing you and enjoy your new blades!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Es Square Two's With STI Fusin Soles

2 Fresh new square 2's came in today. Both of these models incorporate the STI Fusion technology. What is this you ask? Here is a quick blurb from the STI Website.

The outsole, midsole, and upper are fused together to create 3 times the bonding strength compared to traditional vulc shoes.

Unlike vulc shoes which use glue to hold the different parts of the shoe together, the upper and outsole in STI Fusion shoes are held together using liquid PU foam. As the PU dries it creates an unbreakable bond. By adding a piece of foxing tape; a vulcanized look is achieved.

Not only is STI Fusion more durable and comfortable, it is also twice as flexible and 20% lighter than previous generations of vulc shoes. Best of all the shoes are greener to produce because less glue, water, and energy is required to make the shoes. Look for the STI Fusion logo on select skate shoe models!

So Stop in and check em out. Still with G2 Gel in the sole. These are a must have.

Set up of the minute with Josh

Josh has been saving his money and finally he had enough for a new complete. This board does not lack color. With Rainblow trucks and the new bones multicolor wheels. Have fun and enjoy the new Flip deck.

kontrol wheels are back in stock

Support american made companies I always say. Kontrol wheels are poured in america, and use an awesome urethane. Come grab a set today for your board. All new sizes and flavors for your enjoyment.

Paris Trucks are now available

Now added to the Longboard counter are the ever popular Paris Trucks. 2 sizes available today. 150's and 180's for your riding pleasure. Check out the Adam Colton Pro Model, and the gold. Add a set to your longboard today.

32 Womens STW Boa Boot 2012 Light Blue

Never let it be said that I am afraid of color. Kath came in the store today and this was the first boot she picked up. It looks amazing. And as we all know, it is one of the best selling models from Thirty Two. Ultralight and easy to use with it's boa lacing system. Yes we also have it in white, but this colorway is awesome. Stop in and check out all the great 32 boots alpine has on its wall.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Thirty Two Mens 86 Grenier FT

the 86 Fast Track is here in the pro colorway black and white. As you can see I have this on my foot, and the NEW liners are amazing. they feel softer and more comfortable than last seasons. Almost broken in already is the best way to describe it. The boot is super light and has a nice clean flex. Stop in and check em on your next visit. These are awesome!

Set up of the minute with Dylan

A new drop through for Dylan. An Arbor Axis with a bamboo topsheet. Super sweet. Dylan just moved here from Hawaii and is looking for something to do for the rest of the summer. He also grabbed a new 888 dome piece. Have fun and enjoy.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lucero deck is back, and I am STOKED!!!

If you have been in my office, (well, Tylers office) you have seen my first deck. The Madrid John Lucero. I got this at Fairfax surf shop back in 86. It had Indy 169's and pink rat bones wheels. it was amazing. It has always been my favorite deck. So when I saw this re issue come cout, I had to have it. Great new pool shape, with the same awesome graphic. These are in stock for all you old school pool guys. Maybe we can get him to bring back the Mike Smith duck, and the Monty Nolder Graphic too. Ha, that would be great.

NEW BRAND ALERT! The High 5 Skateboards

Ever since I first saw these decks I wanted to carry Them. The art is done by Todd Bratrud, and I have always loved his stuff. So now they are up on the wall in lots of great sizes and they look great. So stop in and see if there is one to your liking. Check em out at

Set up of the Minute with Dan

A new Ride set up in August. Yes indeed. Dan here got hooked on snowboarding this past season and wanted to get himself some fresh new gear. So he shopped early and got this great Ride Manic with last seasons ride EX binders. On his feet he went with a Ride anthem BOA boot. He is going to have a great time this season on his rad new set up. So thanks and enjoy this winter season.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Capita Ultrafear Flat Kick BOOM!

BOOM! I said it, and I will say it again. BOOM goes the dynamite. We were extremely lucky to get our hands on the early release of these fantastic Capita Snowboards. It's reverse Camber done right on a sick freestyle board. A little smorgasbord of all the graphics within the amazing Capita line. We especially love the BSOD base graphic. Stop in and grab one of these limited decks before they are gone. Wah -Pow.

Nixon Re up, and just in Time...get it..

I got jokes for days. New Rubber players. Black/gold--Purple--Black silver are here. Not pictured are new time tellers--LoDowns---Quatros-- and Faders. Below...You asked for it, and I delivered. The 51-30...AAAAaaaaaa. SICK is all I can say. You have to see these to believe them.

Deathwish set up of the minute with Kyle

FURBY! Nuff said. Kyle had a birthday and all he wanted was a dope new skateboard. Deathwish with Thunder trucks and green Bones 100 wheels. Also a sick new dome Piece from 888. Always a good choice. Tear it up.

Set up of the minute with Logan

Logan wanted, or should I say NEEDED a dope new Loaded longboard. His friend had a tan tien, but he wanted something different. After cruising around on all the models, he quickly fell in love with this Bhangra model. It has an awesome flex and tons of room to walk around. So have fun the rest of this summer with your new set up and good luck on the sliding.

Set up of the minute with Kyle

Kyle is leaving for school today, so he stopped in yesterday and grabbed himself a much needed longboard. He will be using tit to cruise around the VCU campus in style. He liked the idea of the drop thru and how it was lower to the ground and easier to push. He also like the color of this Dregs model. Have fun down at school.

Friday, August 19, 2011

LINE Skis Prophet 90 2012 Skis video edit

This is one of Alpine's favorite skis. The Line Prophet series really can do it all. Check it out.

Emerica Reynolds in Grey/Orange

New colorway from Reynolds. Grey with orange. Just a little sick. Full size run available today! Perfect kicks for back to school. Come check out the emerica selection on the skate shoe wall today!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New Es' Footwear In Stock today

3 Great new kicks arrived from Sole Tech today. The Holbrook Lo in Brown gum is a store fave. Also a grey/gum La brea, and a maroon slant are up on the wall. Plenty of great kicks available at alpine. So stop in and check these out, and other great shoes from Es'.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Grind Wheels From Eulogy

It's been years since we have had some "REAL" urethane grind wheels in the store. For those of you that know, these just slide better. Sure they weigh a little more, but they are way better and last a lot longer than cheap plastics. So come in and grab a set. These are fresh off the presses!

Slide Jam today "Thanefest"

The First Annual "Thanefest" went down today in Ashburn and it was great. For a first time event there plenty of good riders out there and the weather was perfect. Just a bunch of good people getting together and hard charging this rad street. The day wouldn't have felt complete if there wasn't a great wreck though.
So leave it to Alpine's own Nick Ketner to hard charge the hill on his pool board. Speed wobbles and oncoming cars on a steep hill don't mix. And there was a nice belly slide on some pavement. But he's used to it and we hope for a speedy recovery. All in all it was a great day and we look forward to seeing and helping out with more of these in the future!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Set up of the minute with Kara

Kara saw her first bout up in Baltimore and is hooked. So she stopped in today to find herself some skates to go and learn on. She liked the Riedell She Devil model and is now ready to go terrorize any bit of pavement she can find. So look for her to be showing up at any of the Nova derby girls open practices soon. Have fun and enjoy!

Burton 2012 Mens Arctic Jacket

Daniel is modeling the new Mens Burton Arctic jacket for the 2012 winter season. Old school style with 10,000 waterproofing. This colorway is black/gingham, and it looks awesome. It is lightly insulated and has xtra berber fleece in the hood and the armpits. Add some red pants to this kit and BOOM goes the dynamite.

Set up of the minute with Cameron

This is the smile of a man getting ready to get married here in a couple of months. He got his fiance' a pair of skis as a wedding gift. He then soon realized that his 12 year old snowboard set up would not do. So they both came in and he got this sweet new never summer set up. Complete with ride binders and Vans Encore boots. There is no stopping him now. So good luck in the wedding, and we hope you both have a great winter hitting all the slopes.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Set up of the minute with Kenneth

Kenneth knew what he wanted for his birthday, he just didn't know what brand he wanted. So he rode a bunch of longboards around and fell in love with this Never Summer Heist in a classic flex. We added some orangatangs and he is setfor the rest of the summer. So Happy birthday and enjoy!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Set up of the minute with Cass

Another NOVA rollerderby girl, Cass, Came in and got herself some new skates. She is doing the fresh meat camp with NOVA, and will be reffing this seasons bouts. So when asked about a name, she has said she is leaning towards Cass "Strater". Sounds scary to me! She got herself some Antik's! Boo Yow!

Front Flips Break Tails (Literally)

Yes, this is Alpine's own Brian Nero showing off his 2 custom Capita's. What's missing you ask? Why do they look so short? Well, when you miss a front flip, I have clearned, The tail has a tendency to fold. So Brian cut the tails and shaped them into cruiser style. Now he has some old school power to crush some pow.

Vans Encore Ladies 2012 Snowboard boot

It's back, and it looks better than ever. the encore is a staple in vans line for a reason. it's light, it's comfortable, it has boa, and it looks rad. It's always one of the boots we sell out of early. So stop in and check these out on your next visit...

Set up of the minute with Zac

Zac needed some new skates and wanted something light. So he chose the remz OS (Open Shell) model in the blue colorway. He was on his way to test them out at the Herndon park. So enjoy your new skates, and have a good rest of the summer.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New 686 Clothing for the kids...

Yes, that is called brotherly love. The hug that turns into a strangle. Those of you that are brothers or sisters know all about it. But what makes it all good is that both these kids are decked out in new 686 kids gear. Alpine's #1 selling kids line is back in stock and it looks amazing. Lot's of colors in all sizes are available now. So shop early so you can get your little guy or girl in the most fashionable outfit for the upcoming season. Alpine is also proud to offer anon goggles for the kids too. Super great styles that don't break the bank. See you soon.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Set up of the minute with Michelle

Michelle stopped in to check out some Quads. looks like she has been selected to ref some games for Nova Rollerderby. She's tough but fair, but she won't take any lip. So have fun and good luck picking out your derby name!