Saturday, May 28, 2011

New Skis (well maybe not new), but new to us...

A Customer from the 80's (remember the 80's) stopped in and told me he was moving and wanted to donate his old skis. So I walked out to his car and helped him grab these relics. The K2 710 is probably one of my favorites. When i was a kid I always wanted these sweet rides. Maybe because the Mahre brothers were killing it on them, but probably because I loved the color scheme. The 810's were blue and the 610 were yellow if you remember. The super rare 910's were green and SUPER SICK.
The hart skis were a little before my time, but I love the fact that back then you could customize your binders and have look toes and marker heels. Those were the days.
The blue rossi's were from the later 80's. The color scheme says it all. Of course they have the 747 salomon binders. I must have sold at least 1000 of those back in high school.Everyone loved the red/white color combo. look for these to adorn the walls of alpine sometime soon.

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