Thursday, May 8, 2014

Pat's Pick-The Vision Mini Completes

Pat's picks is quickly gaining steam Everyone loves Pat and his choices are generally Spot On! Today he has chosen to spotlight the Vision Mini Cruzer decks. These were initially brought into the store to take the place of plastic mini cruisers. But we found that these decks,although fun for adults,were also great for little kids to learn on .The bigger,softer wheels are more forgiving and the trucks on this deck are loose and very easy to turn. The deck is a solid 7 ply maple with concave and griptape. So don't just buy it because of the rad graphic throwback from the 80's! Buy it because of how much fun it is for the whole family to enjoy. Loads of different colors available in store and priced under $100. Summer is here. Get yourself a new skateboard.

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