Friday, July 11, 2014

New Product In Store-Atlas Brand Longboard Trucks

Alpine is proud to announce the addition of Atlas longboard trucks to its ever expanding longboard section. Here are some of the reasons this truck is different than other brands on the market.
     The Atlas baseplate is made of A356/T6 forged aluminum. It’s designed with an extra thick mounting base and solid construction, no voids or gaps in the baseplate aluminum.The Atlas Kingpin is custom made to taper at a 1:20 ratio which allows it to fit snugly inside the precision tapered baseplate hole, which is the reason the kingpin head doesn’t sit flush. As the kingpin nut is tightened the kingpin is pulled up into the tapered bore hole to deliver a self-centering, zero tolerance fit.
     Also, the Atlas Massive Ball Pivot delivers a 50% increase in load-bearing surface area, providing more precise control than traditional pivots and offering unparalleled turning ability.
Stop in and see why these trucks are so sought after. Loads of great colors in stock today.

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