Monday, June 23, 2008

Dew Tour Re Cap

It was a beautiful day to be in downtown Baltimore. The parking was only $20, the crowds were sweaty and large, and the smell of wendy's filled the air. Ahhhh. the allure of large skatepark venues. The skating that went down on the other hand was simply spectacular. You can't say that the Dew doesn't put out a great product. Amongst all the advertising thrown at you, you were still able to witness some incredible skating. Here is one of my favorite skaters showing off for the crowd. The amazing P-rod looks great. I think he's lost a bunch of weight and got all his hair cut off. His skating sure looked good.
The street course was overfilled with fans and they had to cut people off from being able to see it. I must thank Jonny from for getting me a press pass at the last moment, so I could take these great shots. Lutzka was showing some great style in his signature Fedora.
The camaraderie between these contestants was just great. Here you can see Sheckler and Lutzka sharing a laugh between runs. It looked as if everyone was loose and having a great time on the course.

The winner of the street course was the crowd favorite. Senor' Sheckler. I must say, he is pretty ridiculous at street. He most definitely won. P-Rod was 2nd and newcomer chad Ortiz was 3rd.

Leaving the street comp was slight debacle as the hordes all left at the same time through an extremely small gate into a vast wasteland of even more people.

But there was no reason to fret as there was always cold Mountain dew for sale at a moments

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