Saturday, August 16, 2008

KRUX Kickflip challenge results!

It was a beautiful day for the Krux Kickflip challenge. This was the first time Alpine sponsored this event and it couldn't have gone off any smoother. Lot of people competed, but the strong winner was Stephen Jefferson with a whopping 107 kickflips. He had speed and style on each and every one. Here he is collecting his prize batch of 2 sets of Krux trucks, some t's, a free pair of Lakai shoes, and a DVD.
Dylan Anderson had a methodical approach and stunned everybody with 73 kickflips. We were very lucky to have Chris from Convoy skateboards in attendance. And need we mention our outstanding judge Jonny Burns? Perhaps you've heard of him. He's a big time blogger for and

After the kickflipping was over we decided to have a high ollie contest. Jonas Durney (Newest rider for Convoy), managed a sweet 6 deck ollie to capture the prize.
Alpine would like to thank everyone who came out, and especially Krux for helping out skateboarders everywhere with this fun comp.

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