Sunday, January 25, 2009

k2 Skis 2010

Free love! That's what I'm talking about. K2's new lineup is simply amazing. Just when you think it can't get any better, it does. This new ladies model is 120/76/104.
The apache line gets a graphic update. As you can see, the names have remained the same. In this line, k2 is making the xplorer-recon and crossfire. then the next 3 skis inline, the interceptor,the raider, and the ranger are the same skis without the metal. New ladies line looks phenomenal. Look at how the skis go together.

Heres the new twin lineup. You might notice that one of the k2's (the Kung Fujas) has a marker jester binder on it. It is being offered 2 ways. Flat, or predrilled for the Marker Jester Schizo. It is way stronger, and the binding is able to be slid forward of backward on a track depending on where you are riding. A small tool can allow the binding to be slid forward or back 3 mm each, so no more trying to figure out the drilling location on your twins. This is offered in 4 models of k2. The Kung fujas,the Extreme, the obsethed, and the big boy Hellbent.

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Unknown said...

what are the specs on the kung fujas and obsethed?