Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mervin day and more....

Just another day in Vegas. I was lucky enough to get to meet the Famous Zach Leach. You might remember Zach from the Gnu snowboard called "Riders Choice". Yeah, that's what Zach Rides and Alpine carries it. Speaking of Gnu Mervin is looking strong and the booth was hopping. Lots of yellow and lots of banana traction. Front and center the Jamie Lynn sock puppet and blue girl return in next years board graphics.
As I walked out of my meeting I was lucky to run into everyone's favorite entrepreneur, Olympic Medalist, X Games champ, Fuel TV star and snowboarder: Danny Kass. He informed of his great line Grenade and implored me to go take a look.

So I snuck over to the booth to take a look. Looks like Grenade might be a staple in Alpine next season. Thank you brad decker, and Danny for getting us on board.

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