Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ride Snowboards 2010

Hell's Yeah is right. This is the DH2 with Lowrize rocker technology. Ride will also be doing a mid season release of the DH2 with alternate graphics for the months of October,November and December. Graphics will remain a secret until the arrival dates in store. Pretty coool! Matching Hells yeah contraband Limited binder.
This is the New hottness from Ride. The new Machette snowboard with lowrize at a $429 pricepoint and it's a collab with Morning breath

Ride Crush with Lowrize rocker and color changing topsheet. In under 60 degree weather the topsheet has different drawings that pop out. Done in collab with a 3rd grade class in Seattle. True story. Beware of the Panda puss!

Ride kink in hot green and the Slackcountry backcountry board done in a schmidt beer collab. Ride looks SICK!

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