Friday, February 27, 2009

Union force, 32 lashed, Arbor Del Ray Product review.

Damn right it was a good day. Any day on the hill for me is just GREAT. I just received an awesome pair of red union forces the other day from my friends over at C3 distribution. Purveyors of such fine products as union binders,capitaaaaah decks and Coal headware.
I slapped them on my new Arbor Del Ray and hit the slopes. As you can see, this is one DOPE set up. First impression of the binder was super comfortable, and my second impression was awesome. This binding made it feel as though my feet and the board were one. I can't get over how great this binding is. For the money, the union force can't be beat. It made me feel like a rock star.
Next was the del ray which held an amazing edge and turned effortlessly. This is a true twin, and not what I would usually ride, but I felt right at home riding this deck down the slope.
On my feet are next seasons 32 lashed boots. We are new to the 32 boot program, so I didn't know what the boot was all about. It is about superlight weight and super comfort. Every move I made was instantly transferred to my deck. All in all, good equipment makes for a much more enjoyable time on the mountain. Thanks to everyone who made my day on the slopes great!

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