Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Arbor Snowboards 2010 Preview

Here is a quick view of 4 new models from Arbor's 2010 line. 1St thing you might see is that the element is coming with a graphic for next year. The 2 heads actually have skulls in them that can be seen when tilted in the light. We are seeing more graphics this season, but the canvas is still the wood backdrop that arbor is known for. Arbor is moving from the GST factory, and they are all being made in the Elan factory now. It seems as thought they were able to cut some costs while still maintaining the quality that you come to expect from this great brand.


Unknown said...

I was excited to see their new graphics but my first reaction was disappointment. I love my arbor board, and Im sure these will ride well too but the graphics totally conflict with the image of the company... I guess maybe they want to change their image. just my opinion but skulls and bombs and death images are lame and are used by every other maker out there.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking the change is dope. I like to see a little more excitement on their traditional wood backdrop. Makes their deck more appealing to a bigger audience of shredders. Adds a little excitement and flavour on the already dope board. keep it up, truly