Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Patrick Melcher Joins Index Inc

Index Ink Welcomes Patrick Melcher to the Family
"Uniting Creative Minds!"
LAGUNA HILLS, CA - March 24, 2009 - The Index Ink brand has many personalities with no intentions of exhibiting the norm through their eclectic channels of influence. Index Ink proudly welcomes Patrick Melcher to the Family. Patrick fits the part, exemplifying his undeniable creative style of skate, which reflects who he is, not only as skateboarder, but as an artist.

"Working with Index is rad, it's refreshing to not feel held back by a thoroughfare bureaucracy and checks-and-balances. I feel like the central element of an art based company needs to remain creative and promote that same creativity out into the world. That's just what Index does." -Patrick Melcher
Patrick Melcher is originally from Rockford, Illinois and currently tears the streets of Los Angeles, California. Since discovering the likes of skateboarding in the late 80's, he has progressed into the ranks as one of the many influential Pro's in the game. Patrick's style is unique and fresh. He seeks out to find interesting obstacles and new ways to do old tricks, which highly represents his interests and passions. Combining timeless classics with refreshing innovations at a high-speed aggression!

" Joining up with Patrick is the perfect mashup. He skates the way I paint, out of the box. The Boundaries, Borders and Stereotypes get checked at the door with us. Our goal to unite creative minds around the world is well on it's way. Ink the world."
-Chad Carothers(Index Owner/Artsit)

About Index Ink-

Deeply rooted through Art, Skating, Music, Riding, Pop Culture and connected with those who see and share our vision. Most importantly, united by creativity for life. INK THE WORLD.

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