Saturday, March 14, 2009

Snowshoe Demo Days

It's that time of year. Time to head out to beautiful west Virginia and ride on some of next years product. So Ty and Matt loaded up in the Nissan Murano and made the beautiful 4 hour trip up to Snowshoe Mountain. After the long trip,Ty sat down to what was his first large meal of the day. "You can't fully test a pair of skis on an empty stomach", Ty was overheard saying. He proceeded to slay this huge plate of grub.After a nap,The boots were put on. And the testing was about to begin.
The first person Matt met up with was everyones favorite C3 rep, Brad Bradley! And the crowd goes wild. He is showing off the Quiver Killer with the SUPER DOPE Green Forces. Hells to the Yeah

Ty is shown here jumping on the K2 Apache Recon. Nice and wide to push through the mashed potatoes.

Matt next tested the Arbor Del Ray. His favorite binding of the day was this pink and white Union Cadet. Nothing says hardcore like riding a pink binder.

Matt rode some Never summer love next. This turned out to be his favorite deck of the day.

Ty ran over to the guys at volkl and found an AC 30 that was much to his liking. He proceeded to carve some turns at mach speeds. Notice the sweet new Giro goggles adorning his face. SWEEEETTT!

Tiger Sharks!

Here's Matt's next assignment. The lib BTX TRS jibber jabber. One of the hottest decks on the mountain. Lib propelled the banana craze, and this is just the deck to be riding. A ripper that can hold an edge at high speeds but still kill it in the park.

Is that a Bern Elmer Fudd? Oh Yeah, Rock that with a ride Machette with low rize rocker, and you got yourself a good day. The Machette is ride's newest rocker creation. Super clean everywhere and easy to ride. Matt was also a skeptic of the Contraband binders, but after strapping in to them, he soon fell in love. Easy to use and comfortable.

After some strong riding Ty and Matt stopped for lunch.

Matt found himself a cold Bud light and represented with a 686 t'.

Then the pizza came.

Then the pizza was gone. It was that fast.

Snowshoe was looking good and had some great coverage considering the warm spell that hit the east coast.

Thanks for a great time. Good riding. Good Food, Good Company, and most of all---Great Beer!

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