Saturday, April 11, 2009

Giro Ember 2010 Product Review

Kathleen wanted a cool new helmet that was super comfortable, and matched all of her outfits. We got her next years Giro Ember ladies helmet. It's the same as the world famous G9, just with some special features that make it a ladies model; IE - fuzzy ears that make it very warm.
Kath loved the fact that she could pop the vent covers out to make it cooler. It also has a dial on the back to make it fit perfectly on the head.
Giro also sent her the matching Eleanor goggle to test. Spherical mirrored lens helped her see the whole mountain with no problems. Giro goggles are fast becoming a staple in most shops, as they fit with all of the helmets well, and are super stylish.
One of the changes we will see going forward with giro, is the tune ups kits will not be full ear pieces anymore. The newer ear pieces will have slots that can accept a skull candy branded speaker system that slides right in. Less waste is involved with this new system, and it's even easier to install.

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