Friday, July 17, 2009

Dompierre Pro trucks from Thunder

Nick Dompierre has it figured out. He's sponsored by his local burrito shop, No Problemo, and has his very own signature hot sauce. I back that. And he's one of the gnarliest skaters ever (Transworld cover????).

Rumor has it that when Nick heard what the 'highest ollie' was at whatever competition a couple months ago, he set up that same height in his driveway and did it no problemo...bad joke? Just watch this.

After seeing this (DC welcome video) and this (Skateboard Mag Minute), I can't wait to see his part in the REAL video. I mean, if this was his throwaway footage??

Anyway, Nick's signature Thunder truck The Speedway is in stock and ready to ship! A lot of trucks came in earlier this week (purple hollow light, MJ Darkside, Cole White Tiger) and the attached availability is looking good!
One last video clip then I'm going to wrap this up. One of my favorite clips of the Gonz is the Coconut Records video for West Coast. He took some of the clips from Cheryl Duns video, Back World for Words, and made the video. Pretty awesome!

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