Monday, May 23, 2011

Birthday Set up of the Minute

If you're ever interested in driving your Dad nuts, take a page from Cole's book. It involves coming into the store and finding a Dregs Paradox board (Rasta colorway) and deciding that's the board you need and must have for your birthday (since your folks asked). When Dad finds out, he'll have us set one aside when the next order comes in and then pick it up as a surprise.

Then, and only then, can you take it to the next level. Keep dragging your dad back into the store and alternate your desire for a different color, or on occasion, a completely different board until your dad's eyes are at risk of remaining in the rolled-back position every time he walks back through the door.

Please take caution, however...this plan can backfire when, on your birthday, your dad puts a fishing pole into the Dregs box as a "present".

The story has a happy ending as Cole finally got his Paradox and has been all smiles since then, as shown when he last stopped by.

Happy Birthday!

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